Tiger 1 Early Production ( DMD/MF )
Model Number: 56009





8/21/2003 8:29:21 PM

Well my Tiger was a purchase that will enable me to battle my Pershing in the garden battlegrounds. Its taken a while to get it finished as there are so many details parts to put on. It does however look superb. Not much will stop it when running and touch wood I haven't had a track come off yet. You get spare links in the kit so shouldn't be a problem. I would advise anybody building the kit to ensure all the metal parts for the suspension have the threads cut properly as one of mine wasn't and i had to strip it down again to fit a replacement. The etched brass grill set is a must as well as it adds extra realism. I just need to get some 1/16 scale verlinden add ons not to complete the model. It seems to be weathering itself very nicely. A lot of money but nice to have in the collection.


8/8/2003 4:42:00 PM

Tamiyas first full option tank was the superb and completely new moulded Tiger 1. My first impression of this kit was "how am i gonna get that massive box on my motorbike?!" .The full option version comes with a black sleeve around the box.On opening the box you are greeted with Tamiyas usual great packaging.You could almost display the box on its own!
The tank has a metal chassis with torsion bar suspension and a plastic outer hull into which the metal chassis fits allowing you to paint and glue directly onto plastic.Better than the chassis on the older tanks where you had to glue the parts directly onto metal! Twin gearboxes with 380 motors sit right up front in the nose,these are controlled by the DMD unit,which gives excellent turning and slow crawls.
The tank features a Full sound effects package which starts when you switch it on.You get a wonderful whining sound of the inertia starter followed by the Maybach V12 engine kicking in and roaring into life.You also get a Strobe light for the cannon flash accompanied by a loud Boom from the speaker and the cannon recoil and the whole tank jerks backwards.Very realistic!
Other features include cannon elevation with motor sound,turret rotation with motor sounds and another excellent effect ,the front machine gun! This has a fibre optic down the centre and flashes when fired accompanied by machine gun sound.Just what you need to scare the dog! All of the sound effects etc are controlled by the mf01 unit.
The tank will need a 4ch radio and 2,yes 2 ,7.2 racing packs.
So how does it go? well its not exactly speedy but then niether is the real thing.It can handle most obsticals but can shed a track if you get a stone lodged in the them.Moving along while trying to control the turret and gun takes practice but looks great.
The only downside to this kit,for some people will be the detail parts that need to be added,but dont let that put you off
YES they are expensive but you get alot of stuff for your money! iThese tanks need need to be seen to be believed and i would recommend them.