M4 Sherman 105mm Howitzer
Model Number: 56014



56005 upgraded with MF gear , new gearboxes & better detailing



8/8/2003 5:16:01 PM

Tamiyas second full option tank kit was the M4 sherman.
Again packed in a large box with all parts displayed under as lift up lid with small clear windows and lots of photos of the finished model.Unlike the Tiger and pershing kits, this is really a revamp of the older tamiya kit,and the parts still have 1974 stamped on them.One of the exceptions being the new sprue for the headlights and the turret mounted machine gun.This on its own is really a mini kit.
Construction starts with the metal chassis, idler wheels and suspesion parts.This is the second most time consuming task.Twin gearboxes with 380 motors are fitted along with resin tracks.Turning etc is controlled by the dmd unit.
This tank is also fitted with the full sound effects from the multi function unit.You do however loose the cannon recoil,although the tank still jerks backwards.It has gun elevation ,turret rotation, machine gun fire, but this one also has front and rear lights, turned on and off from the transmitter!
The engine sound ,when you switch on , is that of a continental r975 9 cylinder radial engine,also found in aircraft.It sounds great as it splutters into life.
The final parts of assembly are the loads of detail and accesory parts.Things such as ammo boxes, ration boxes, helmets and jerry cans all needing to be assembled.These take ages.You could leave them off if you decided though.
The Sherman goes very well, and is not so easy to damage as the king tiger and tiger tanks, but is lioghter and the tracks are narrower so cant climb quite as well. It is fairly small so fits into a holdall well.
The Sherman can be run from either a 2ch or 4ch radio.If you decide to fit the 2ch , you will have to have the tank standing still to use the cannon, machine gun etc.
Once again it is a bit expensive but worth every penny.A great little tank