M26 Pershing ( DMD/MF )
Model Number: 56016



Bundled in Japan with radio gear and batteries.



4/19/2005 12:02:17 PM

Always wanted a Tamiya tank, just something about them that seems fascinating.
Anyway got me the Pershing full option kit from Hong Kong, as usual!

The first thing that strikes you about the kit is the quality of it. The box art work, the packaging, the carrying handle on the box, all make an exciting piece of kit. The attention to detail is incredible, even if you never build it, its a great kit to own.

I'd had the kit ages, then I got the second one to keep, MIB. I got the instructions for the kit out, once it had been read a few times, I was very hesitant to start the kit. It seems so much more complicated than the trucks, even the Knight Hauler, Full Option. You would have to paint the parts prior to assembly, but one weekend I decided to give it a go.

I was taken aback at how easy the kit was, all I had to do was partially assemble things and then paint them up, either spray paint or brush for the smaller parts, wait for them to dry and assemble.

After completing the kit, I have to admit that this was a true joy to build. The quality of the fitiing, the clear instructions etc make the kit truly a superb piece of engineering and manufacture. The scale precision is at time breathtaking, and the true Tamiya quality shines through all the time.

Running it is superb, have the sound loud and its great fun, the firing is excellent, and oyt on the grass etc it looks fantastic. Off on to the Leopard A6 !


8/8/2003 7:04:24 PM

The Pershing is Tamiyas latest Full option tank
As with the tiger it is a completely new model and features aluminium gun barrel.It has all of the sound effects, such as v8 engine, gunfire, engine idle, gear engage, turret and gun motor sounds, and finally track clanking!
It still has the gun flash,machine gun flash, and lights, including brake light.Aluminium chassis is surrounded by a plastic tub.Suspension is very sophisticated on the front allowing track tension to be kept.Lots of detail parts finish the tank off.
How does it go?
I owned a pershing but became bored with it very quick.I think its just that i didnt appreciate it fully.It was definately the best off road tank.I liked the fact that it could be revved up on the spot before the gear was selected.
There was one major drawback......Lack of space in the hull.If you watch the videos on this site of mine, you will noticed that i never turned the turret!

Saying all of that, it was still a great tank.Oh no i think i might have to get another one!!!!