Model Number: 58300




4WD (2 belts, mid motor)


Four wheel independant double wishbone

Chassis Description

TA04 (ABS molded tub)

Body Type

Lexan polycarbonate, lexan wing (2 bodysets provided!)







Wheel Base


Tread Front


Tread Rear





1/10 Touring Car


front:26mm Slicks, sponge inserts
Rear:26mm Slicks, sponge inserts

The popular ABT Audi now replicated as an R/C car. This model is based on the short wheelbase TA04-SS chassis. The TA04-SS chassis has been developed from the TA04-S chassis and features a shortened wheel base with specially designed suspension arms. The wheel base has been shortened 10mm to provide sharper turn capability. The agility of the TA04-SS will provide you with true R/C excitement.

[from Tamiya]


The second TA04SS with the short wheelbase. Toyota MR-S bodyshell (also short wheelbase) available as an alternative.

Tamiya supplies TWO full bodysets with stickers in this kit. One is standard weight and the other is "lightweight"; both are unpainted.

[by WillyChang]



3/24/2004 7:41:31 AM

I bought this model used from Richard and it came with only the Audi body. It has a very short wheel base. He had sent along a stabilizer set, and after installing it, I know why he did. It was a real pain to get in correctly and both gear boxes had to have there covers removed. It came without motor or electronics, so I put a Jaguar no limit ESC in it and a Futaba AM receiver I had laying around. It got a 15 turn Trinity Speed Gem motor and a 24 tooth pinion which was supposed to be in the kit. It comes stock with a 83 tooth module 06 spur gear. I didn't have a module 06 pinion, so it was a week or so before I got to run it. I set the suspension up on my board, and to be honest, these days if you don't use one, you are guessing. A quarter of a turn on any of the many turnbuckle screws can make a good bit of difference to how the car will handle. I set it up with a fair amount of rear castor for a little better grip in the turns and left the front pretty neutral. I also tried the Tamiya race team recommended set-up numbers. The car is quick like a TA04 should be and comes all ball raced. The handeling leaves quite a bit to be desired. It is very unforgiving. Twitchy down a long straight and super touchy on the curves. Takes a real steady hand to get it through the corners. I moved the steering arms so they had less throw, and this helped it a bit. I set it up to factory spec, and it was about the same. Just not a comfortable driver. I leveled up the rear wheels some and it got even worse. Mind, I was driving on a perfectly smooth wood floor in a gymnasium. The kit has actual oil dampers, albeit plastic, and the chassis and plastic parts are pretty heavy. I bought this kit to build a TA04 Pro/ 414 out of and really didn't care about the shortness or the Audi body, which is up to the usual Tamiya standards. It is being converted as we speak, and I would hesitate to recommend this car to all but a very few that may be able to take advantage of its quirks. It is a lot of kit for the money however, and there are a whole universe of hop-up parts available. For another hundred US you could be into a TA04S pro that already has most of them and if you are inclined that way, I would recommend that. The more I do this, the more I am beginning to see that the TRF kits are really quite the bargain. When the cost of individual hop-up parts and shipping gets figured in, it becomes apparent pretty quick that buying the factory set-up will get you more than half way there. On the other hand, those on a budget can add as they go, if you don't mind taking the car apart everytime you want to add a part. I totally changed almost every part that came in this kit. All but the gear boxes. To fit the Corvette CR5 body, I had to turn the rear arms opposite of the way the instructions say to get the wheels to line up with the wheel wells. However, that is another car and another review. All and all, it seems like a bargain with two bodies, and ready to roll, but the handeling traits it has make it an idea that will pass rather quickly. I notice the 415 is a long wheel based car and has gone back somewhat to this configuration, ought to tell you something.


7/31/2003 5:42:12 PM

Oh I love this car sooo much. I am a rookie racer and I started with a TL01. Graduated and moved up to a HPI Sprint and got this NIB from tower and I haven't looked back at my Sprint ever. What a sweet deal. Bearings thru-out, stock motor and isn't bad for a silver can, and such a shell and to give me a second one, I love tamiya. I raced her and I gained 4 laps. Something is so right about this car.