Willy's Wheeler
Model Number: 58039




2WD rear, gear differential


Independent swingarm front, liveaxle rear

Chassis Description

Wild Willy

Body Type

ABS white hardbody






approx. 340mm


approx. 165mm (adjustable)

Wheel Base


Tread Front


Tread Rear


Ground Clearance





front:Semipneumatic rubber semislicks
Rear:Semi pneumatic rubber semislicks

Willy's got a new ride! Same identical chassis & drivetrain as Wild Willy except for higher gearing to suit the smaller tyres. Honda City Turbo body is modelled after the Honda HyperTurbo racers built for a ladies' demonstration race as support to a Suzuka GP. 5 cars were built, numbered 1-5 and each have a different coloured side stripe; #4 is red. (Description by Willy Chang)



9/10/2004 5:22:36 PM

As soon as I saw the this model I knew I had to have it.

First impressions; The Body is great just as good as all the latest Tamiya master pieces. However, this body being ABS plastic is bit heavier but high detailing is the order of the day for this model and you or i wouldn't except anything less. The Wild Willy chassis is very nice piece of thinking especially with Wheeling aspect of the car in general, by placing the single heaviest object on the car over the rear wheels to wheelie... Eureka! problem solved. I also like the sealed radio box. However, I am putting Tamiyas' own CRP unit in it so don't know how hot it is going get and there ...the jury is still out on that one. I also noticed not much ground clearance to the front bumper about 1.5 cm worth... which is about the same as the front suspension travel. Very very light off roading or just on road i thought after all it is a stunt/fun vehicle.

Driving test at the swing park; Once the machine was fully radioed, oiled and charged it time for its first driving test. I decided to take her up to the swing park as that wasn't too bumpy. Upon my arrival i made my way to highest place (the 'bus' slide) so I could get the best view of the whole park. Off she went! I was very careful it first this was my Wheeler's first drive. I the handling is very sharp, i was very consuous of that battery over back wheels so I slowed for corners (with that high centre of gravity on my mind ) at first but them soon realised that the car is very stable and don't have to worry. It also become evident that my second hand ebay Wheeler was having it first drive anywhere! The tyres haven't been scrubbed in yet.... the Wheeler wasn't wheeling (just wheel spinning) and the fronts were starting to wear around on the outside edge. Thus the model i purchased was a shelf queen! No worries with heat build up in the radio box either... god knows why. As the test wore on the wheeler started to wheelie... what a nasty sound! No wonder Tamiya put a wheel on the LunchBox chassis wheelie bar. Also I was expecting a bettter turn of speed from Willy, I think it is much the same as the standard Monster beetle. That low ground clearance was bit of a problem as that low bumper was contantly scraping the ground coupled with bouncey front suspension and making a hump backed battery too was the only downers.

Conclusion; On the whole a model which is tough, sealed up, wheelies and comes with a great body far out ways the low ground clearance and iffy centre of gravity... the speed can be fixed with a Sport Tuned. 7.5/10 :-D

Mods; I built a 7.2v battery pack out of 2300mah AA cells to stop excessive Wheeling. Fits like a glove.