Enzo Ferrari
Model Number: 58302




4WD shaft driven


Four wheel independent double wishbone, friction dampers

Chassis Description

Molded composite tub

Body Type

Lexan polycarbonate









Wheel Base


Tread Front


Tread Rear


Ground Clearance



1490g (fully equipped)


1/10 Touring Car


front:27mm Racing Radial
Rear:27mm Racing Radial

About the Enzo Ferrari

In September 2002, Ferrari officially introduced the all new Enzo Ferrari at the Paris Auto Show. The revolutionary all-carbon fiber body of this sports car, that has the same name as Ferrari's founder uses design elements from the Ferrari F1 cars with an elongated nose sprouting vertical blades that integrate with large air intakes. Drive-by-wire electronic speed control is capable of shifting in 0.15 seconds. The car features 6-liter V12 engine (called the type F140) capable of delivering over 650 horsepower, reaching 67kgm of torque, and propelling the car to speeds of over 350kph. The Enzo Ferrari was made with not only speed, but also with superior down force aerodynamics in mind, hence the addition of a retractable rear-wing that affords 775kg of down force at 300km. And as for speed control, this stable stallion is the first road car to be equipped with state-of-the-art carbon-ceramic brake discs. Deserving of the name of Ferrari's founder, and setting a new vision for the future is the Enzo Ferrari.

TT-01 Chassis

The easy to assemble shaft-driven 4WD TT-01 chassis: The longitudinally placed motor allows reliable power transmission through a shaft-driven 4WD transmission. Mechanism and battery are loaded in the bathtub chassis in a flat position for greater stability. Low center of gravity and 4-wheel double wishbone suspension insure top control. The tightly sealed gearboxes feature differential gears that provide smooth cornering.

Turn your model into a pure racer: Many seperately available option parts can be mounted on the Enzo Ferrari TT-01 chassis such as full ball bearings and CVA Mini Shock Unit Cylinder. These parts will enhance the performance of your R/C car. Try your own original setting.

[from Tamiya]



9/18/2003 10:25:05 PM

hello fellow funsters !! Where to start ? i bought this kit with a friend to see what they were like, at the time i was running an TRFM2 and he a TB EVO3. My car got put together with full ballrace set, TRF blue dampers and the blue alloy pro shaft (the only option at the time) with a 360 modena body (i didn't like the enzo and tiff osay wanted it) The first thing about it is its simplicity as its a joy to build. There are not many parts and they all go together like a tamiya's should. In running the car i was very surprised to find it handled well and was very quick if geared right. There are only two things that i found fault with on the car and they were 1: The steering ass'y is very loose and 2: The motor mount moves as the car warms up and the noise the car makes changes pitch as you run it. The first thing my mate overcame buy fitting in a TA-04 steering ass'y i had lying around and the second will be sorted if tamiya bring out an alloy motor mount. All in all the best and most fun to drive touring car i have ever run and it still beats any other car that is put against it and at that price you would be mad to miss it