Dyna Storm Rerelease
Model Number: 49190





4/19/2006 6:12:12 AM

The fact that there are more than 90 of these cars on the site is a testimony to how good of a car this really is. First off, the wheels actually have some travel and the Ackerman stays pretty straight durring said travel. The suspension reminds me of the RC-10, only it actually has more movement, but the design similarities are impossible to overlook. The FRP chassis is up to the usual standards and this buggy compares with any of the top of the line cars. It has fully adjustable suspension, decent shocks, good ground clearance and a host of other features that put this at the top of the Tamiya class. I think it compares with the likes of the Top Evo, Astute and even the Avante itself, but this car actually functions instead of just looking like it should. The only possible minus for it is the MDC or Multi Disc Clutch system. I know a couple of guys that have raced them and they are smooth and the traction control is great, but the clutch wears quickly and needs to be rebuilt nearly after every session. Since the motor would as well, if you were going to campaign this car a raft of spares would be a great help, but there are none to be had. This system was only in this and the Dyna Blaster as far as I know and I haven't personally seen that many parts for sale. The build is straight forward and there is no real challenge except getting all the clutch parts in the proper order, but the usual good instructions make even this task rather painless. It has a set of wheels and tires that I personally like, I have them on a couple of other cars that they did not come on, and they look the part. I cannot say how this car runs or performs because it has never had power to it and never will. I bought and built it because I like the style and consider it to be the last really good buggy that the company has come out with. I am going to get a DF02 nitro and try that chassis, so this statement could be a bit premature. The style, looks, quality are all things that Tamiya is famous for, and I for one am sorry that the caved in to the bean counters and started down the road of cheap to build cars without all the things we love about them like say mirrors for instance. It may not matter to someone that is going to bash them off anyway, but some of us like to try and build and photograph them in as real a setting as possible. I really like this car and wish I would have bought one when they were plentiful and inexpensive, now they are neither. Still, I would rather have one of these than 6 TL01's.