Tank-Trailer for Tamiya R/C Tractor Truck
Model Number: 56303





6/15/2004 9:43:44 PM

This is a quality piece of kit. Theres no doubt about it. When the parcel arrives the box is bland compared to normal Tamiya kits and you think theres not a lot to behold.

You open it up and then you see all the pieces and the realise my God they only want 300 quid for this thing. Thats what struck me most about this kit, the attention to details, the quality of the kit, the sheer number of parts and the stainless steel tube that forms the tanker.

Assembly is a joy, so much so I bought another so both my trucks pull these. The kit is a joy to build, and you build it from the inside out. When your half way through it looks so untidy, and then you turn it over and all the nuts and bolts are all hidden.

The suspension is a treat to build and the truck bed is superbly engineered. The retractable legs again look strange when building but when finihed off and attached to the truck, they look like they had grown there.

Its the attention to detail, the stainless steel tube covered in protective plastic, the special cloth supplied to clean the tanker, the little chocks to hold the trailer in place when reversing the rig onto it, the automatic leg retraction when you hook up the truck.

The chrome parts are in abundance and really set the tanker off, when your finished and theres only the stickers to put on. The stickers bring it alive. They complete the kit so much its incredible.

Overall, you look at the kit, you build it and admire it when its finished. You then realise Tamiya have wasted no effort in putting all of their knowledge and skill in producing this tanker.