Lamborghini Countach LP500S
Model Number: 58005




2WD rear


Pan 1/12 chassis

Chassis Description

Aluminium plate

Body Type

ABS hardbody



Original Price

9800 Yen









First model in Tamiya's 2nd generation pan road chassis. Mid-mounted RS-380S motor powers this rudumentary setup upon which a detailed ABS body sits. (58005: Note classic Countach 'telephone dial' wheels shod with rubber tyres, painted rear wing.)(Description originally entered by Pandabear)



2/22/2009 5:23:25 PM

The 1/12th scale Tamiya Lamborghini Countach LP500S kit #58005 was released in June of 1978. It was the first RC kit of a roadgoing sports car from Tamiya, being preceeded by the Porsche 934 #58001 and 935 #58002 competition racers. I'm not sure of the actual number of total kits produced, but I do know that the kit was only in production for 3 months before the release of the Lamborghini LP500S (CS) Competition Special kit #58008. This may seem insignificant, but I believe this is the reason why there are so few NIB #58005 kits remaining. A quick review of TC Member showrooms bears out the fact that there are only 5 true NIB kits, making this the rarest of the early Tamiya kits.
When released, The 58005 Lamborghini LP500S sold for 9800 Yen. Designed out of the box for 4 dry cell or 4 Ni-cads, and a small RS380S short can motor, the car was on a performance level with the earlier Porsche 935. Three months later, Tamiya released the 58008 Lamborghini LP500S CS kit for 12000 Yen. The car looked the same, but had a thicker chassis, RS540 motor, and diplo front with wide sponge rear tires. Most importantly, Tamiya had dropped the dry cell battery boxes, and this car was designed exclusively for the new 6v Ni-Cad packs.
It is clear to see why there are so few original 58005 kits remaining. The kit was only in the market for 3 months before being totally obsolete. Which one would you have purchased 'back in the day', if the two kits were sitting side by side and you were ready to buy? That is why there are only 5 NIB kits in the TC showroom!
From a nostolgia point of view, The original LP500S kit is a classis. Scale appearing Lambo 'Phone Dial' wheels, Goodyear Rubber Slicks, and that fantastic Tamiya Hardbody. Stand one next to the Lexan cars of today and you really understand. Sure, it is a technical relic, but that is part of the draw for me. The 58005 kit shared it's chassis with the 58006 Porsche 936 kit, and all chassis parts are identical. Bodies swap with no modifications, but the Lamborghini accepts Hump Battery packs, and the Porsche 936 won't. One day in the very near future all these early hardbodies from Tamiya will be classified as 'Golden Age' kits..........


3/7/2003 6:33:47 PM

I saw this car and had to have it! Simply for its looks!

The chassis of the lp500 is pretty basic, as you would expect for the early Tamiya cars comprising of mainly brass and metal(type unknown). However it has a great nolstagic feel to it, and its simply design is beautifully rugged.

Its direct drive (if you so wish to have it that way) is great for instant (almost) top speed. I wouldnt know what its like to race, as i dont have the courage to do that! With a 380 motor its plods along at a sufficient rate, but with a 540 its almost uncontrollable which is no surprise as its so small (1/12th) and light.

The traditional "dial" type wheels are replicated superbly by tamiya and really give the car a great look. As for the body, well enough said, we all know how Tamiya produces great hard plastic bodies and it was relitively easy to build.

I found this car quite difficult to decal, maybe due to my inexperience, but i also feel its down to the curviness of the body. Also maybe the decals are a bit much for a so called "sex machine"

All in all, if you collect tamiya cars, you have to have one of the lamborghini's in your collection!