The Boomerang
Model Number: 58055




4 Wheel Drive


3 coilover shocks, 2 in the rear and a mono shock up front

Chassis Description

Plastic Bathtub Design

Body Type

Highly Detailed lexan



Original Price








Wheel Base


Tread Front


Tread Rear


Ground Clearance








This car was a development of the Hot Shot. It was also quite a succesful club racer and many youngsters got into 4wd buggy racing thanks to this car.



1/30/2008 8:37:37 PM

The Boomerang was my childhood`s dream and it came true when I was about 12. It was my first RC Car ever and very fascinating. A solid body, very durable parts and an awesome look. The only problem I had was a transmitter with sticks instead of a wheel. At this time this was usual and so not a real problem. The speed was enough and the battery (1700maH) with the Mabuchi motor 540 a good combination. Now I am looking for my second Tamiya BOOMERANG and build it with memories of the past.


9/24/2006 9:41:51 PM

I race the boomerang at local club to the amusement of some club members , and its a great car robust , i personally found by putting soft oil in the shocks helps the bends . The car has a rack type steering assembly which when racing off road can clog up , with dirt etc . As said in other reviews the bumper is strong and protects the front wishbones etc. If you are thinking of buying one then i would you wont be disapointed.


11/25/2005 12:41:19 AM

The boomerang is i think the best out of this series of cars that use the same drive train (gears an gearboxes) , an ive had a few in this series its not the fastest (hotshot been the lightest) an not the best handling (bigwig been the heaviest) , its probably the most competative car in this series , my only gripe is the front arms (f parts) are almost impossible to get an if you do there expensive nip , my solution was to fit bigwig front arms and shock towers also makes it handle better but saying that standard is pretty good . its closest brother is the super sabre an that lacked suspension travel , these are getting less in numbers as they are fun to drive my advice is to get 1 sooner rather than later if buggies are your thing you wont regret it , as long as the car is ballraced the gearboxes seem to be strong , With modern motors you can get agreat speed out of these , and the standard oval block as long as not used on tarmac seem to last forever in comparision to modern tyres although the rears are hard to get an will cost you . all in all i thing tamiya should of stopped this series here cause this is as good as it gets so in conclusion if your gonna buy 1 rear tyres and front arms are quite a important thing to be good


10/16/2005 10:00:53 AM

I think that this car was an attempt to fix the problems of the Hotshot 1 and not be as darned expensive to make or maintain. It is a farily simple affair and plastic is the material of the day. It is not really what I would call a contender for best built, designed or executed, but it was afterall, an entry level car, That said, it is fun to drive and with a hot motor and a proper pinion, respectable speed can be had from it. I too noticed that due to the suspension geometry, it wanted to eat cups. I solved it by opening up the chamfer in the end of the cup and placing an O-ring in the cup to keep the bone from moving. While I do love my Hotshot, it is one of the stupidist layouts in Tamita history. It is nearly impossible to service without dismanteling the car, and this makes it not nearly as fun as some of the others. This car on the other hand is a snap with all components easily available. It doesn't seem to turn up as often as many others, so I wonder about the numbers of them made. It shares parts and trees with several of its counterparts, but the shells and some of the other parts are getting more and more difficult to get a hold of. I traded for mine and think I got the better of the deals. Old Guy thinks he did, so it worked out fine. He did an excellent job of putting her right and it is painted box art. He also threw in a set of new tires and made it a fine shelf queen. The one time I did run her on my standard test course, it handeled it a lot better than several more expensive cars including my Avante. Of all the cars I have, I love the looks of the Avante as much as any and maybe more, but it is a severe dissappointment performance wise, still I am awful glad to have one and it would be one of the last to go should that happen. If you can find one of these in excellent to new shape, you should be able to get it pretty reasonably, but this will change as time goes on. Notice how cars we would have passed on or bought for parts are becomming the ones we get because there are not any more? Over here we call it supply and demand, and the supply is drying up.


12/15/2002 6:26:40 AM

The car was cheap but good. It needed absolutelly of ball bearings. Front and rear suspension work very well and the big bumper save the car from giant crashes (I experimented). The car is really funny but the battery cover go to broke very quickly. Another problem was the shafts. They eat the joint cup very fast. The worse error is add grease on them, like Tamiya suggest and I did.