Hotshot II
Model Number: 58062




4WD shaftdrive


Double Wishbone all round

Chassis Description

ABS monocoque

Body Type

Lexan polycarbonate



Original Price








Wheel Base


Tread Front


Tread Rear


Ground Clearance








Essentially a rehash of the classic Hotshot, improvements are largely simplications which include simpler/better CVA long-travel shocks with twin shocks at rear and a modified chassis with an access hatch to the RX xtal. Bodyshell gains some fussy detailing and is not interchangeable with the original.



4/6/2012 8:59:07 PM

This is my First Tamiya RC - 'Hotshot II', came in 3rd in school to have mom bought it for me. Didn't had much toys to begin with, this was awesome!! Seeing many friends of my same age already had one or few Remote Control.

Had a friends over just to build it at the age of 12, so we figure out the manual and assigned tasks lol. Divide and conquer. The built was easy for us as 12 years old, that shows how amazing the Manual is written and easy to follow!

finally built it, and we play RC every chance we got, in the rain, mud, sunshine.. no matter the weather. we really had fun! I remember we had play 10 minutes or so and when and run back for a quick 3~4 hours of quick charge just to play another 10 minutes, only had 1 battery till much later.

Ran it on the roads, dirt, mud... even chase after female riding bicycle!! lol..
my friends had super sprint - my impression of it was awesome, metal parts and was it chain drive? a porsche 959, this little thing is very quick~! would always catch up and make circles around i think it was because of the motor and weight?? how much do i know for a kid?

I still have this kit in my old box, now i have two! this kit is almost Indestructible!

Hope mr. Tamiya would help to bring back this amazing kit, it has some of my wonderful memories of my younger years!



12/13/2009 10:02:35 PM

I was obsessed with the Hotshot as a young lad and so when i caught wind that the second generation was to be released my letter was immediately written out and posted to Santa! I absolutely love this buggy and it was so sturdy that i never had any problems running it and it was run, hard! I upgraded the motor to a Dynatech 02H and paired this with the 8.4V Gold Power battery. It was quick and reliable, the twin c.v.a's at the rear and single shock at the front took the bumps and the inclusion of the underguard was a great move by Tamiya. The gloss Black body with it's distinctive Orange and Yellow stripes stood out a mile and imo makes this one of the best looking kits Tamiya have released. The subtle mechanical changes improved the kit somewhat and certain parts were interchangable with the Bigwig, Super Sabre and Boomerang. This has become a rare kit to find imo and certainly one in mint condition. I don't think it was in production that long and definitely wasn't as popular as the original. It took me a long time to find a mint nib example and that wasn't due to the condition of those that remained but because they just never turn up. Add to this the Silver box, the only kit made by Tamiya to have such and you have a highly sort after buggy. I have all three of the original shots nib and this one was by far the hardest to source, a definite classic imo and one that will only grow ever more popular in time.


12/8/2002 8:24:26 PM

I built the Hot Shot II when it was released the summer of 1987, and raced it once in the Norwegian Buggy Championship in the stock class. I consider it to be the best model in the Hot Shot series, the others being flawed by either bad / fragile technical solutions (Hot Shot), weight (Big Wig and Super Shot) and the sticking steering mechanism (Bommerang and Super Sabre). For its time it was quite a good car, although for instance Kyosho were lightyears ahead with the Optima-series. I consider the Hot Shot II to be the bestlooking car in the series, and it didn't have any real flaws except for the unbelievable bumpsteer, which it shared with the Hot Shot and Super Shot. Also, the quickly wearing balls and ballcups on the uprights is technically a bad solution compared to the now normal upright / hub carrier setup. If you keep the balls and cups ungreased and clean, they last much longer!