Model Number: 58063




2WD rear

Chassis Description

ABS monocoque tub

Body Type

ABS hardbody & chrome details



Dodge van on a 'fun' chassis, option of wheelie or flat-running configurations. Handling is 'adequate' and top-heavy ABS shell does no favours. Big fat chevron'd balloon tyres wear well. Usual high quality bodyshell detail, however body mounts are known to be fragile.



12/9/2002 12:22:02 AM

Oh, how we loved the Lunch Box when it was first released. A monster van with a detailed hard plastic body at a very competitive price! But is the Lunch Box any good?

The Lunch Box is based on Grasshopper parts with a modified Pajero chassis. This makes the model very easy to build, but the handling isn't really so good. Why? The combined rigid rear axle/gearbox with large wheels and tires makes for high unsprung weight. The simple front suspension results in wild wheel angles. The center of gravity is also very high, no wonder with that high thick hard plastic body.

The body is great by the way. 1/12 scale and quite small, but sturdily made with good detail. A # 50320 light set can be mounted, and the chromed bumpers look just right. Unfortunately the body mounts snap easily and are part of the chrome tree for the body, so they were always hard to get without buying a complete body set.

The worst part of the Lunch Box are the steering tie rods. They are 2mm wire with "2mm" ball cups, and bend and snap off much too easily, and the steep angle between the uprights and the direct mounted servo saver adds to the problem.

The Lunch Box is a cute model and truely a classic, but that great body deserves a better chassis, and I'm planning to put my new Lunch Box body on a 2-motor/2-gearbox (thus 4WD) M01/02 modified chassis. I still haven't decided whether to use small or large tires though.