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1/21/2008 5:18:22 PM

Tanking a closer look to the Tamiya Tiger 1 Full Option kit.

The Tiger tank was a feared enemy of the allied forces, most specially to the tank crews.

The M4 Sherman’s where just not a match to the superior firepower and armour of the Tiger.

A little “funny” fact, allied soldiers had so much fear for these tanks, every piece of armour on tracks, made by the Germans was called “ A Tiger” in the field.

The name alone was good enough to make a soldier sweat.

Actually encountering a Tiger was quite rear, due relative low numbers made.

When a Tiger got mad on the battlefield, it could take out a average of 5 Sherman’s before getting knocked out themselves.

Only trouble for the German tankers, there was always that 6the Sherman around the corner to finish the job.

Only later in the war, the allied forces could counter these massive tanks with the Sherman Firefly and Pershing.

The model.

In basic it is the old Tiger kit, pimped with full option gizmo’s.

Fairly easy to build, but, there are some things to keep a eye on.

First of all, about the suspension, beware that the cast metal swing arms are quite soft

The axle mounting screws are very easy to turn in the wrong way.

I found out it was helping, to first use a normal M3 screw to mount the axle, to wide up the thread in the swing arm

Also apply thread lock to the M2 nuts & bolts who fit the swing arm holders to the chassis tub

They will vibrate lose, and it is quite hard to recover those little M2 nuts when that happens.

It is mentioned in the manual already, just make certain you do it.

The turret rotation system is a other animal all together, in truth, it is not a great design

With the slightest obstruction or tight wire, it will jam.

The turret drive motor mechanism is made of a dodgy sheet metal, that gets flexible very easy.

To provide some extra power to the rotation drive, you could glue the slipping-wheel, and tighten up the drive system with a T-wrap around it.

This last one just to prevent the sprockets from forcing themselves out of the holders.

These are real combat repairs, it is better to make certain that the wires from the hull to the turret run very well.

After this, you hopefully have a working rotating turret.

Also, the manual is referring to using 2 battery’s, one for the sound & light unit, one for the drive unit

But, this manual was written before they had 3700mha or more battery’s.

So, you could easy do with one , but .. for a long runtimes, you still could use 2 if wanted.

The sound in the multi-function system is amazing and quite loud.

When closing your eyes just a little, it almost seems that Rommel himself is savaging your garden with his tank.

When firing the also loud main gun, not only the gun recoil works, also the entire tank shakes on his suspension.

As the Tiger is a very popular tank within the “rc tank scene” , there are zillions of options to buy for.

From a metal MG mount to full cast metal road wheels, for different versions during the war.

Like the normal rc cars, you can go from a basic 500 euro tank, to a 2500 euro costing tank very easy when going mad on hopups

The basic Tamiya kit is put together very well, but there are some options that could be put on the top of your list:

Ball bearings for the road wheels

Drive axle’s stabilisers, also easy to make on your lath

Alloy barrel, with alloy flame mouth

Cast metal MG & MG holder

When i would build another Tiger, these options would be mandatory to me.

In truth, it is very nice tank to drive, but.. is is a model of a WWII tank, so , noisy, slow, easy to damage and not quite suitable for general bashing around.

But, if you want that.. buy a TT01 , not such a expensive scale model kit that actually drives also

Because, after all, it is thát, a very nice scale model, with lots of building joy, that also makes noise and capable of tearing up your back garden.


10/6/2006 6:59:47 AM

The tiger one (like all tamiyas) is a very well detailed model. it has all of the characteristics of the real tier, from the sped of its movement to the sound of the engine. everything is replicated from a real tiger, if you have the battle system then it is even more realistic, because if you was to get hit a set number of rounds, the tank would be 'out of action' for a few seconds (15ish).
there are a lot of metal parts for the tank such as shackles, headlights, ropes and most of all tracks. the reason being a lot of these parts can break off.