Model Number: 58347




2WD rear







3/28/2009 7:29:59 PM

All hale to the fishlord . . . as he is 100% correct. I race all kinds of tamiya's and the most FUN one is the lunchbox. I was given a pumpkin with no body by a mate and as i started in tamiya with a hornet i'm use to fun cars to drive. After running it at kiddy TC meet i was hooked and hopped it up to see how much better it could be. I fitted shocks and ballraced it put a tamiya black can in and had more fun then i fitted some proper truck wheels and BOO it got much better. Then came the gold one and so i had that for the bling. Fitting shocks helps with grip and makes wheelys easyer to keep up and also put truck foam insurts in to the tires before glueing them for a long running wheely. Ballrace it from new as this is the best way to get and hour out of a standard 4600. Don't use LiPo as they don't have the weight to keep it from tipping over on bends. Don't try and upgrade the steering servo saver as everything that is non standard snaps so just live with the fact that it don't corner. The only upgrade for the steering is in a 'how to' in my showroom. I have had 4 mates buy the gold box after having a go with mine so go forth and give your mates a go . . . . .


3/25/2009 4:13:44 PM

What can you say about the re release lunchbox that is different to the reviews of the original?It is still an amazingly fun and easy car to build, being almost identical to the original with the exceptions of much better steering arms and ball ends/ balls, these are vastly superior to the spindly originals being considerably more capable of a good thrash about without popping off at the first sign of an impact!The other major improvement is the ESC supplied with the kit instead of the original models MSC, this not only saves weight because now you only have one servo, it also is in theory at least, more reliable and more efficient at getting the power from the battery to the wheels giving longer run times and a little more speed.
To drive the lunchbox is hilarious with undamped suspension, balloon tyres and a high centre of gravity all adding to the excitement of trying to keep this little dodge van the correct way up, thats not even considering the fact that only the rear wheels are on the ground the majority of the time! It is possible with some 'upgrades' to at least improve the lunchbox's handling, but it is not really necessary as its a fun car not a racer, and fun it certainly is.