Model Number: 58067




4WD shaftdrive, gear differential front and rear


Double wishbone all 4 corners, monoshock front

Chassis Description

ABS monocoque tub

Body Type

Lexan polycarbonate





Tamiya's attempt at redesigning the popular Boomerang resulted in this monster... although only the blue suspension arms look new, indeed no chassis part is interchangeable with the Boomerang/Hotshot 4WD predecessors. Not the most successful Tamiya 4WD (heck, its peer the Optima Mid just whupped everything on track); with hindsight, it appears that most of the redesigning was for production cost reasons. (Description by Willy Chang)



12/7/2003 10:01:55 PM

A fine little buggy that was designed to be quick and easy to repair. Astonishing number of suspension geometry settings, some 20 different rear and 8 front configurations and that isn't including adjustable shocks. hop-ups available to include adjustable upper links and adjustable castor angles. A good range of pinions allows insane motors to be run with relative ease. I have run mine with 12x3 (use 13pinion) and 14x2(use 14 pinion) and for a good balance between runtime and awsome acceleration use a Kyosho mad science mayhem motor with the 16 or 17 pinions) or a technigold. Handling is better with the suspension lowered slightly and stiffer shocks fitted. I have converted mine to 8.4v power as the 7cell pack fits easily into the stock cradle (file the oval battery slots square). Although quick in stock form I have achieved 35mph+ speeds from my modified TS's. Parts are still available thru ebay and some parts are common with cars currently sold by Tamiya such as drive axles/cups from TL01. The triangular wheel hubs can be scrapped and normal hex ones fitted to allow all standard modern buggy wheels to be used. Only weakness on this car is the front C hubs and uprights which are prone to crack in front offset collisions. Easily replaced though. Probably the last decent buggy Tamiya made that sold in large quantities and so provide ongoing supply of spare parts. Avante and siblings are undoubtedly superior technically but sold in small numbers and are rare. The thundershot shares parts with thunderdragon, terra scorcher and fire dragon. The TS is my favourite Tamiya chassis for its great flexibility of use. The car can run on serious off road tracks where it performs best or race on tarmac and still keep up with a touring car. The bathtub frame can be splashproofed quite easily to allow running in all conditions and this buggy jumps very well. I have taken mine off 2 foot high ramps and with full power lands flat on 4 tyres with no damage. Highly recommended.


1/11/2003 2:14:40 AM

It's amazing how a car keeps it's followers. The sound of the shaft driven 4wd is very memorable. I had two cars before the Thundershot (Hornet and Boomerang) and this car is definitely better. My car still has the original 540 motor, but I switched it for a Twister motor, which really helped in the speed department.

I remember my car only lasting 3-5 minutes on a 800mah battery. Nowadays you can find 3000mah batteries and this car lasts forever Fun car!


11/7/2002 5:44:05 PM

I dont know alot about this car except nobody likes it.........i do! i find it a pleasure to drive, its not really fast but it does shift even with a 540. Its a heavy car to but this makes it all the more fun when steering i feel. It gives the whole car a rugged sort of feel to it. the 4wd system isnt the best but does the job and applies the power to where its suppose to be. The one thing i would say about this car is the front suspension, a bit pointless haveing one shock i think! all in all, not a must have but if your like me, a nice car to own as the feel is nice.