Jaguar XJR-12 Daytona Winner
Model Number: 58352



2WD rear

Chassis Description

Gr. C

Body Type

lexan (factorypainted)





3/28/2008 11:06:09 AM

Thanks to Tamiya for the re-release of this car and best is that it comes with a pre-painted body. I could not resist and bought two! I could not afford one back then and somehow find them a bit stupid. It looks like a plastic version of their F101 / F102? But the appeal is the LeMans body. So beautiful.

Building the kit is very straight forward and fast due to the pre-painted shell. I completed mine in 2 hours. While building it came to my understand that this car has a multitude of adjustment like ride height, wheelbase length, adjustable ball diff and T-bar, not as 'plastic / toy' like I first believe.

Driving it?
Very planted, I like it very much and actually prefered it over my F103GT. Very fast and stable and good at the corners. I can hold my line much better than my TA04s or TB Evos and can punch out of corner yet so far did not suffer from any spin out. Maybe the sponge tire and my local track surface is a good match. Only weakness is the wear rate of the foam tires. I hope Tamiya continue producing them if not it will be shelf queen duties for the Jaguar.

Problems and suggested hop-ups:
Alloy motor mount will be great as it gets very hot there and mine suffered cracks after like 2 months of continues weekend driving. BTW, F103GT alloy motor mount from GPM or 3 racing fits but do watch out on the shaft left and right spacing as the F103 uses a offset T-bar. Heat sink for the motor will be a great cooling aid. Spare body is a must as my Jaguar totally destroyed after a month. Its my horrible driving skill. Geat spare arms and gearbox and a T-bar and that is all. See, nothing much to spend. A very economical car to run.

There is a part on this car that I do not yet understand. There is two little plastic protrusion that you screwed at the bottom of the chassis near the front of the tub. Still very puzzled to as what is its purpose. Anyone got any idea?