TNX 5.2R 4X4 Custom Monster Truck
Model Number: 43530






Ball pivot double wishbone

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67800 Yen











Since its introduction in June 2004, the TNX has dominated the U.S. R/C racing truck scene with a series of impressive wins, including Monster Madness and the Pro-Line Nitro Maxx Challenge. We now proudly announce our next generation Ready-to-Run nitro monster truck: the TNX 5.2R which is designed to continue this victorious trend with even greater top speeds and performance.
The new TNX engine features a rear exhaust pipe for bursts of power, pushing this R/C Monster truck to the front of the pack with explosive acceleration and extreme top speeds. The high performance 5.2cc .32 (cubic inch) engine features a slide valve carburetor for optimum response. The New TGM-04 chassis features a 2-speed transmission for reliable shifting and ball pivot suspension equipped with 4 large capacity oil dampers for excellent handling and stability. The Ultra tough chassis frame features reinforced and heavy-duty parts built to take on all kinds of terrain. Steel drive shafts provide improved durability and excellent performance, without adding unnecessary weight. Fully-equipped weight of the new TNX is drastically reduced, weighing in at 4,300g. This is a full 100g lighter than the original TNX, and compares favorably with most 1/10 scale monster trucks.



6/23/2008 3:16:57 PM

Awesome in a 1/8 scale package. This truck rocks and will put other names to shame. Not much to say about built quality only the engine mounting screws rattle out very fast so put some thread lock in there before your engine goes flying. I will advice that the extra shocks be added if yoy plan to do a lot of big jumps but for normally bashing this car is perfect in std trim. It gets out of control when you tune it to far off factory settings. I have tried keeping it on 4 wheels when the carb is leaned out but have been caught 'with my pants down' on numerous occasions. This is a stunning truck and are far happier with this than friend of mine who opted for T-maxx or Savage.


11/27/2007 2:44:23 PM

If you like your r/c noisey & smelly you cant go far wrong with a TNX 5.2R, it has some bad points like the standard clutch which doesnt last long even more so if you like your wheelies, the cylinder head can easily be damaged/broken through lack of protection in rollovers and last but not least the dreaded retail price £££ ............................................ but hey!! should this put you off getting your grubby little mits on one? NO! is the answer your looking for, what you do get is an absolute missile of an r/c with more than enough power to keep you entertained and which will put a huge grin on your face everything time you take it out, in true tamiya style they seemed to have taken good/proven ideas from other manufacturers and twisted it with the tamiya magic as only they can do and what you end up with is one hell an awesome nitro truck, yes theres the usual engine break-in probs coughing / spluttering and cutting out and general frustration you get with nitros but stick with it and you will reap the rewards, if you really struggle with getting setup right, pay a visit to your local model shop and for a small charge i'm sure they will set it up for you, then get your fuel in and go have some BIG fun. theres plenty of hop-up & bling parts available for the TNX although the standard tamiya plastics are more than upto the job of keeping it running even under heavy ab/use, another plus point for me is the tamiya electrics included which are more than capable of leaving the truck firmly under your control, so what you waiting for! with the recent nitrage release they're now going for alot less than the hefty original retail, so go find one and let the FUN begin, you wont be dissapointed! Thanks for reading!