Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934
Model Number: 49400






TRF aluminium dampers

Chassis Description

TA05MS (shortened)

Body Type



None included

Original Price

76,800 yen







Wheel Base





front:51023 Medium-narrow racing radial
Rear:51023 Medium-narrow racing radial

2006 marked the 30th Anniversary of Tamiya's first RC car, the Porsche RSR 934. As a commemoration this limited edition kit was produced and released in limited numbers.

Now in 1/10th scale, the 934 body is moulded from polycarbonate and mated to a TRF spec chassis based on the TA05MS. The main difference is a shorter wheelbase (230mm vs 257mm) but there are many other, smaller changes:

• Shorter chassis plates

• Motor mount has 'Tamiya' engraving not 'TRF'

• Standard front diff (same as the rear) where the TA05MS has front one-way

• No stabilisers are included

• The diff joints are different

• Rear bulkheads have 3x2mm spacers under the turnbuckle ball joints

• Upper arms mount to different holes on bulkhead

• Steering bridge has 3x2mm spacers

• Suspension mounts are different widths (1XD, 1XD, 1XD, 1C vs 1B, 1A, 1XB, 1D)

• Front inner suspension mount is a standard type flipped with 3x3mm spacers underneath

• Grub screws for steering bridge are 12mm on 49400, 10mm on TA05MS

• Steering post mount the other way up on 49400 and have different spacers

• Top deck has one additional screw which is countersunk with a washer

• Uses shorter front and rear arms (53928) with no 0.5mm spacers in inner shafts

• Rear uprights have a thicker spacer under upper arm mount (3mm vs 0.5mm)

• Rear upper arms mount to different hole on uprights

• Rear upper arms are set longer (20.5mm vs 17.5mm)

• Front swing shafts are shorter (46mm vs 48mm)

• Pulleys are standard teeth, not wide pitch like TA05MS

• Front springs are hard (white/blue) rather than medium (white/yellow)

• Shock preload is 2mm front and 2.5mm rear rather than 1mm and 1.5mm



6/1/2007 10:45:45 PM

I know most of these will never be built and those that are may be shelf queens but I was really interested in this as I would be any other Tamiya kit I have bought and built. My initial impression is the wow factor, the box itself is beautiful and has nice pictures on it. That might have been enough and I would have been happy to leave it nib, but a few days later I opened it. Wow again the parts are very neatly organized and certain parts are on display in clear plastic. There is a nice letter from Tamiya as well. Well I now read the manual from cover to cover, deciding to order LED unit and extra orange Leds before starting the build. I also ordered the TA-05 Stabilizers, alloy servo posts, Tamiya super Stock TZ motor, Futaba 2pl radio, S31010 Servo, MC230cr ESC and a Itellect 4200mah battery pack. The seller I bought the kit from provided the PS-54 Cobalt green free with the kit so I did not need to look for the paint. I started the build as I always do by building the body first. I carefully cut the body out as per directions. Window masks are included as are masking for the tail and driving lights. I painted the body with 4-5 coats of the green then undercoated with white and then black for a clean interior look. Now to remove the film and wash it prior to appling decals. The decals are very tedious and slow to apply as with any touring car. This is where I found the only error in the book decal 40 and 41 are reversed but most any builder will notice this as it would be hard to put them on incorrectly. The rest of the decals were applied for a few hours at a time over about a week of evenings. Now for the chassis. The kit has many more blue parts than are on display in the plastic, anyone who has built a TRF kit will be happy to find bags of high quality parts, screws, and very few parts sprues. The build is very straightforward and the kit just falls together. I took the time to follow the wheel tutorial and painted the wheel covers with tamiya gold spray, and the inside of the chrome dish with matte black. I fitted all the electrics and gave it a bench test, very smooth and quiet, and also very fast given the motor I chose was only 23t, gotta love simple belt drive. The next day I took the car out my local campus which has nice flat areas to run it. After some quick steering adjustments and throttle check I slowly applied throttle and away she went almost whisper quiet, after some low speed circles to get used to it I began to go full speed in straight lines. After a few speed runs at considerable speed I dialed out the throttle to only 30% which makes it about the same speed as a stock touring car this is where I drove it. I am not really a speed freak I am more into the handling and this car does that well, the shortwheelbase makes it a joy to corner and go through a course. I am in love with this car, it looks great but underneath all the scale beauty is a real TRF race chassis of the highest quality. This is a wonderful kit and I look forward to many years of careful running with her.