Mud Blaster
Model Number: 58077




2WD rear, gear differential


Front double wishbones, rear trailing arms, coilover friction shocks

Chassis Description

ORV, Plastic spaceframe design

Body Type

Highly Detailed ABS Plastic





With this model Tamiya basically took the old Subaru Brat body and dropped it onto a Blackfoot chassis with Monster Beetle tires! (Original description by Stulec52)



12/20/2003 7:31:12 AM

The comment about this being a Brat body dropped onto a Blackfoot chassis is pretty accurate. I has a red chassis, which is unique to it. It has a cover for the radio and speed control. Great, huge tires. The rest is just like the Brat with all of it's shortcomings. I bought mine as a chassis sans body off of the bay. The seller was calling it a Brat and it only got my bid of 49.99. It was not used enough to even mark the speed control or the nubs on the tires. I found a NIB Mudblaster body kit and painted it to match my real Brat, an '82. It had some scratches on the front bumper, which I can't stand, so it sports a new one now. It is in about as good of condition as it can be without being new. I stripped it completly, ball raced it, and replaced everything with the slightest defect. I love the look and it handles better with the bigger tires taking some of the bounce out of the ride. You don't tend to see too many of these, so I am glad I have one. I have duplicated these decals as well as the regular Subaru Brat's and it is a habit I am going to continue. I have a 6 color printer and a copy of Photoshop 7. I know a printer that will print one or 100 for a real decent price and have been using 600 DPI scans for the art work. This is the best way to go with a lot of white in the scan. I have been experimenting with mirror copies and interior installation and would love to work on this with other interested parties. Some of the sets are getting very hard to come by. I am glad I found one of these, I don't know how rare it will be or desireable, but I like it and that is really the only reason to collect anything. I am biased but it is a 9 for looks and a 5 for a car.