TRF415MSXX Chassis Kit
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12/27/2009 8:29:28 PM

Although this was the last in the line of the 415 chassis, it is by far the best (I feel I can say this with justification having also raced an MSX and MSX MRE variation of the chassis). Although the MSX MRE was a very good car it did have a limited amount of rear end flex that did mean the back end of the car was very rigid making it a little prone to chassis tweak on outdoor tracks.

When I switched from the MSX MRE to the MSXX the difference was immediately apparent, the car responded to direction changes much better, partly helped by the new steering setup, but also the added flex in the rear end.

The only real downside I've discovered so far, is that a lipo battery (which has become the standard race battery now) won't fit in the battery slot since the rear bulkhead has designed to take NiCads. Although it is possible to grind the bulkhead down to allow a Lipo to fit this can be a pain (plus I didn't really want to start hacking lumps of alloy off of the chassis). Instead, I allowed the battery to hand out of the side of the chassis by approx 1/3 inch. Although not the ideal setup, the Lipo can be well secured through the use of glass tape and carefully placed lead weights. The weights also help to balance the chassis since the old NiCads weighted quite a bit more than todays Lipo packs.

I've been racing 415's since getting back into the sport in the last year or so (following a 10 year absence) and have found it to be an excellent chassis that really can hold it's own against more modern (and expensive) cars, many of which have a very similar chassis layout.

The MSXX also seems pretty resiliant to breaking, in the past year I have only bent a few hinge pins and a rear wishbone (due to being put back on the track in front of another car). The only part I have found that does wear quite quickly are the holes for the UJ's in the axles. There are two sets of holes in each axle that does help to prolong their life, but it is important to check these parts regularly if you race this car as I found out the hard way and had the pin that holds the UJ come loose in the middle of a race. Ever since I've kept a careful eye on these as I don't want to end up in the same situation again.

If anyone would like any setup help there is a very helpful website dedicated to the 415 series ( that also caters for the 416, and has provided me with many useful tips.