Model Number: 58395




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The Durga, offroad belt drive buggy


super gripper

6/22/2008 8:04:02 PM

I had high expectations of the Durga after reading the oople review, having run a Dark Impact for a long time now I had got it to just about it's limit performance wise. So what next.........well it just had to be the Durga! Come on just look at it! Having all the suspension the same as the TRF501X is a bonus, same drive train too! It just gets better, until you come to building the thing with those nasty screws and hard plastic.......yes plastic again. You can get grafite reinforced parts and they are not that much more price wise. So Tamiya has gone to all the bother of coming up with this car and go and ruin it with nasty plastic and naff screws. Well you can't have everything I suppose, so realy wanting to race this car like I did the Impact some choice Hop-Ups had to be done.
Being in buggy racing central (the west midlands) the Durga was going to be raced and thats that!...............continuing of the waving of the Tamiya flag track side by myself and Evoman had to be done.
Having 3 Racing shocks, the front one-way, front & rear CVD's, slipper clutch, some GRP reinforced parts (shock towers) and proper tyres - schumacher mini spikes to the track we go at the Oswestry regional.
Once the car was set up and my electrics stopped messing me around I started to get used to the car. It was just so much more able to contend with the bumps and jumps than the Impact. It's composure was just so much better, this car belongs on the track. Not just going up and down the street!
If you are going to the bother of buying this chassis then race it!
Using a 10 double the Durga is just balistic.....the Durga needs tweeking abit more and I get the chance next weekend at the Border Counties League at Dudley.
I can't wait, the Impact had me wanting to race but the Durga just has me itching to get out there!
With more track time I am positive the Durga will just keep getting better, I will get it put in my showroom soon. Next week probably when I rebuild the shocks now I have some AE green slime.
Keep an eye on my showroom and I will be doing a 'how to' with the 3 Racing shocks soon so look out for that one.