Toyota Hilux High Lift
Model Number: 58397





Leaf Springs

Chassis Description

Ladder frame

Body Type






The new Hilux

Fitted with 3 speed gearbox

Can be build with the MFC-02 multifunction kit

This car does need at least 3 channels on your TX to operate.

With MFC-02 unit, at least 4 channels needed.



11/13/2010 6:12:04 AM

Up until about 3 and a half weeks ago, I never thought I'd own a Tamiya 3speed. I've always liked the Bruiser, and well dreams are free. The Hi-Lux I own turned up on a local auction website, and I thought 'Go for it' Needless to say I won the auction, and it's the 'best' Tamiya I've ever had the joy of driving. I love the detail on this kit (as with many other Tamiyas) but this one just has something about it. Just wish Mr Tamiya had included an interior, with driver. next on my 'wanted list'.
I've always loved the 'real' Hi-Lux, had a double cab a few years ago. Now that would be great if Tamiya did a double cab body for this chassis.

Dispite the issues I'm having with the transmission, the Hi-Lux is an amazing piece of Tamiya engineering. With so many 'hop-up' option parts available, the Hi-Lux could be a master of any terrain.

I absolutely love driving my 'Lux' and have put a fair amount of effort into it, and there's so much more I want to do. I've been converted to the 3speeds now.

I always make sure (when I'm not personalizing it) that it's in the back of my car, just incase I find 'that spot'. This is the pride of my collection. In-fact I'm thinking of getting another Hi-Lux for my girlfriend.

If you're looking for something that can handle almost anything, and has 'the detail and the look' of a real 4x4, and 'countless options', then I would recommend Tamiyas Hi-Lux, or F350 high-lift.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review, and go and get yourself a High-lift.


7/24/2008 11:07:06 AM

I have had my Hilux now for 2 months or so, and was that impressed that I am currently building my second.

This Kit harks back to the glory days of tamiya, with the detailed engineering and almost perfect realism of the hard plastic body. Lately we have seen to much of the 'let's stick another lexan shell on that chassis !! and call it something new'
This is a properly engineered and complex model, with many many metal components. Having said that though, the build is fairly straightforward, the tamiya instructions are up to their usual excellent standard, and the build is a real pleasure and something to take time and care over.

The bodyshell is a work of art in its own right, with such attention to detail. It has all the predrilled holes for the MFU kit, but these are in no way intrusive if , like me, you choose not to go that route !!

The kit also comes with manty spare and left over parts on the sprue including windscreen wipers and various types of side step / exhaust and spotlight combinations to allow you to customise this truck straight from the build.

The Black Chrome parts are not to everyones taste, but these can be transformed into bright, shiny chrome, with a little nail polish remover. The wheels are another story. Not to everyones taste and there has been a lot of debate at to whether they are too small, in my opinion, yes, but this just gives you another starting point for customisation!!

There are only two complaints I have about this kit, and these are: 1 the abscense of ballraces. for a kit of this standard and cost, these really should be included. 2. the ammount of extra screws and metal parts left over. Must have about 2Kg of extra screws in the box, and whilst they may come in handy, surely they could save money by keeping them in the factory.

All in all though, a great car, buy one and join the fun!!


12/4/2007 1:59:07 PM

I received my two Hilux trucks today from our partner HobbyLink Japan, huge box and a lot of tax as we have import duties. Anyway studying the sprues I realized there are lot of good spares, the 350 old exhaust and wipers, as well as the foot steps....etc. A nice Tamiya touch leaving them.
I'm a lot involved with static plastic modelling, sometimes I would like people from that division could be so smart as RC are. I guess that people working at Tamiya America have a lot to do with this. Well done men!

One piece that brought my attention was the front grille, having restored many Bruiser/Hilux, I used some bad copies distributed in eBay (I don't recommend them at all) You have to be a master working with those resin parts just in order they have a decent look. Now this new front grille is the state of the art of moulding, perfect is the only word coming to my mind.

Other interesting point is the rearview... Tamiya guy realized that they become broken with the minimal shock, now the kit provides a movable support.

The body is perfect, of course I love all those improvements and sure were realized in order the MFU be placed, but now the best ABS Tamiya body ever realized is better yet. I have bought in eBay too few vacu windshield (Kamtec) which work perfectly in Mountaineer, they are cheap and good enough and I think will work perfectly here, replacing the dark windows.

I like the black chrome, and guess that many people think like me, but if you think about to remove it will have to remove the whole chrome layer. I don't recommend this, the only way to get a hard chrome chrome parts again and Alclad just will chrome the parts for a static kit, is very weak, believe me.

Congratulation to Tamiya again for other terrific piece, I don't know if the new Hilux is the faster or whatever others claim for their products, but I really think this is the finest electric RC model kit ever produced.