Jagdpanther ( full option kit )
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torsion bars

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Full Option kit

Follow up model from the Panther type G.

Simular chassis just like in real life 60 years ago.

The Jagdpanther was a feared WWII german 88mm antitank gun

This kit is full option, so with sound & light effects

The Maybach HL230-P30 engine sound is also heard on the speaker in the model



9/11/2011 7:59:37 PM

Very easy kit to assemble, for the most part good instructions.
However some parts were awkward to locate and they were not sensibly bagged within the kit, leading moments of panic thinking bits were missing when this was not the case.
Assembly starts with the suspension system, this is the same proven torsion bar system, there was noticably less slop when the the arms were fitted than on the king tiger and Tiger I kits. As usual though, it was a bit of a pig to fit the arms. Then the track tensioning system was assembled, this is very similar to the Tiger I and is very easy to operate and adjust once assembly is complete. I then fitted the rear engine cover and the front bits that hold on the upper hull when fitted. I then painted the lower hull and the wheel components. I ignored the instructions and painted the wheels before fitting the road wheel rubbers to save having to mask the rubbers afterwards. Once painting was complete I fitted the road wheels to the hull, and the idler wheels to the rear of the hull, again an easy operation. When fitting the gearboxes I had to file the hull in order for the axles to fit properly, which given the cost of the kit I thought was very poor. Also the slots in the front hull seemeed to be the product of lazy designers. Assembling the upper hull and gun mechanism was easy, as Stefan has already mentioned it would have been far better to operate the gun movement with servos, and there is a massive amount of slop in the mechanism. This causes the gun barrel to bounce up and down when driving over rough ground. The internal layout of the tank could have greatly improved witha little more thought, making it much easier to operate. Also I found very late in the day that the upper hull was warped when removed from the mould, again a sign of shoddy quality control. I will end having to make a brace for mine in order for it to sit flat on the hull.

With regard to driving the tank, it appears to have good off road performance, although I have not had a chance to give it a real beating yet. The sound system is excellent, with plenty of voulme.

To summarise, this has the potential to be an excellent tank, but I feel it is let down by the poor design of some components, and in my case, the warped upper hull. The road wheel design is much better than that of the king tiger and tiger I, and should be less prone to wear induced wobbling such as occurs on the KT.

I did like the fact that tamiya included detailed painting instructions of all 5 views of the tank, and for more than one tank as well. More of that please Mr T, but sort out the build quality first.


1/17/2008 8:33:23 AM

Building the Jagdpanther

The Jagdpanther was in the 2e world war a German tank hunter

The ’88 main gun was powerfull enough to take on any allied tank at that time

Due this, like the Tiger, not only a real life threat to the allied soldier but a tru

Fearfactor “ in the minds of the soldiers

Back to the 1/16 scale, short after the 2007 Panther G release, Tamiya surprised everybody

With a extra tank release, this Jagdpanther.

Based on the same chassis, and with the new 04 sound unit.

Building the kit is easy, due the missing rotating turret, way less parts to worry about

And no jamming of the mechanism, a little child illness with some of the Tamiya tanks.

The kit is very complete, photo etched parts and a aluminium barrel are included.

The barrel movement system itself is a little technological Tamiya miracle

You really have to see it to understand, but there must be countless hours of Autocad in
That part of the tank alone.

It is still driven by turret-motors, in truth, it would be nice if it was done with servo’s.

It is well worth doing some research on the Jagdpanther before building, as in real life

There where different versions, so can you do this with this kit.

So you have the option to build whatever version you want.

Do pay good attention to the manual, and research, as it is not clearly defined by Tamiya what-is-what

The torsion bar suspension and road wheels are similar to the Tiger’s and Panther

A little mission to build, but works perfect.

The drive-wheels are clearly the improved Panther G , as there no more track vs wheel trouble to be noticed

If you would like to upgrade the kit with ball bearings, you need 32x 5x8x2,5mm

As there is no way to grease or maintain them after the build, i would advice using rubber shielded one’s

It is not always sunshine, not even with a Tamiya kit.

When mounting the rear cover, pay close attention to the lower hull mounting nuts

It is very easy to jam the last tension bar and needs to be fitted very precise.

The lower hull has in the front plate 2 slots to make the motor units fit

A bit of a sloppy solution, and a decal is provided to cover this.

It would be better to replace that decal with a piece of sheet metal or poly-plate

I did not, and if you look real close, you can see the marks even after painting.

The top hull i got had some damage from the mould releasing, a detail part was seriously deformed and unusable

A little scratch building was a easy fix, but do check your body for damage before starting to
Glue parts on it.

The sound unit performs perfect, a little disappointing that they did not insert unique sounds for the barrel drive.

There is no sound for lowering/raising, and left/right makes the Tiger turret rotation sound

Long story short, good kit from Mr. Tamiya

Due missing turret rotation, i would dare to call this tank the new beginners tank

Proven suspension system and motor units.

Some new sounds in the new multi function unit would be nice.

Can’t be so hard to load some new sound in it for Tamiya.

Maybe a little short on details, but a very high quality piece of kit.