Saint Dragon
Model Number: 58083




2WD rear


Double wishbone all 4 corners, coilover friction shocks

Chassis Description

ABS monocoque tub

Body Type

Lexan polycarbonate





Like the Madcap but have a strange adversion to separate rear wings? Well take the Saint Dragon then... complete with red "shockers". (To be fair, the "Dragons" were all part of a big japanese manga comic theme - see those little yellow round logos?) (Description by Willy Chang)



6/22/2004 8:24:28 AM

It seems that this is one of the few cars that either most people love or hate. There doesn't seem to be much middle ground. It is a 2 wheel drive chassis with about the only hop-up being a alloy motor mounting plate. It is a cartoon type car and has great lines in that context. The shocks and collars are colorful, and the stickers are straight out of Japanese comics. I am in the really like this car camp. Not because it is a great car to drive, it isn't. The build was as easy as anything you have ever done, paint is a single color, driver is an easy one, so why the fascination? The body is the answer. It shares all but a couple of colors with the Madcap, which I also built. I have run it on a hard wood floor, and it handles ok, some bump steer, no great speed demon, but it looks good, and when the younger folks come, they head straight for it. The stickers are a tough go on this body with all the compound curves. It takes patience and careful cutting of all the relief slots or they will not lay down correctly. I got this one off the bay for 30 dollars US, but the previous owner had botched the stickers and painted it silver. A new body, set her right, and a new set of tires made it right as new. The chassis is scratch free, and a good addition to the set. I don't think these sold well judging from the lack of people that have them in their showroom. I enjoyed this one and the Madcap. It is very similar to the Manta Ray. The dish wheels are super looking and the overall effect is good. They were trying to expand the market and get the younger, less performance oriented crowd with this series and I think they did a good job. I would buy another one if I didn't have this one. The funny thing about that is I bought the body first for less than 20 dollars, then found the car later that week. I hven't seen another one for sale since. I am working on getting all the cartoon set of cars, and will have them soon. I am voting for.