Nissan Fairlady Z Ver Nismo
Model Number: 58402





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Tamiya’s first model with the improved TT-01 chassis, the TT01E

New developed TT-01 , type E chassis features new A Parts and D Parts.

Damper Stay and Gear Case parts are from fiberglass-reinforced resin

These parts are now separately molded to enable easier maintenance

As the regular TT-01 had his damper stays and gear cases molded in one piece

New front and rear uprights are made from fiberglass-reinforced resin.

New steering linkage design features TA05 steering posts for better response.

New design upper deck to improve chassis stiffness.

The new top deck aslo features a transponder mount for circuit use

The kit includes the TEU-101BK ESC


The Furry Critter

7/9/2009 9:48:46 PM

This is a great car, especially on the enhanced TT-01E chassis. It is not just a TT-01, but it is the 'E' model of the chassis. There are a few noticable modifications such as the shock towers, which are now molded separately from the gear case covers. The steering is also inspired by the high performance TA-05 chassis. A transponder mount is also included in the kit, which means it is ready for track racing. The shell is good looking and the kit comes with the TLU-01 light kit. Additional lights, such as orange for signals or an additional set of rear lights are available to fit in the car. A great point about the car is that the light mounts that attach to the chassis look authentic and the rear light mounts 'split' the single LED into what seems like three mini ones. The wheels that come with the car don't look too sporty in my opinion, so I invested in some Carson 'bling' rims, which are slightly bigger than the standard type. The car is great for anyone and it is easily customizable, both in terms of the chassis and the shell. A full ball bearing set up and motor upgrade is recommended and the chassis is stable enough to handle the extra speed.

A great buy for beginners and those that are experienced in the hobby. Like the original TT-01, the TT-01E is also really easy to build and there are a few nice improvements with the 'E' which make it more suitable for high performance racing.