Toyota Tundra High Lift
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11/6/2008 10:39:21 PM

Tundra are running in the road now, and here my humble thinking about the latest Tamiya highlift.
Basically is a Highlift chassis with some modifications, larger chassis rails to allow the wheelbase of the new body fit correctly and offering two positions for the mechanical parts if you want to raise the truck.
Quality is amazing and here pros and cons:

If you are going to install the MFC02, beware, some parts need to be studied carefully, the W1, cross member of the chassis replaces the old one and have a high position to avoid the vibration unit interferes with the battery.

A bad point is the decision to raise the battery with regard to the rails, a semi-oval cut is visible in both rails, if you place the body correctly then you will have to remove the body cab to replace the battery….what for the quick battery holder????, and detached bed????

Other bad point is the lack of information about the MFC02, some parts are not clear at all and just if you placed one before you will be able to understand what need to be done.

The fixed position of the front bumper is not a good idea if you want to change the relative position between the body and chassis which most of us have done with the Hilux, more when there are room enough to lower the body giving a better scale appearance. Also the placement of this part must be done in the beginning, which is not a good idea. I have tried to place the bumper after the chassis is done, can be done but with a lot of work to screw the bolts.

The good point is that you will be able to raise the model for about 1cm just reposition the parts in the spare holes, the support point of the leafsprings, shock mounts and gear box, this will give plenty of clearance.

The rear window frame of the cab NEED to be reinforced a is very fragile, I suggest a square plastic rod glued inside.

The body details are amazing, good point the rearview mirrors made of flexible PVC??? ABS???, as well as other parts.

Still Tamiya insist with dark windows, this would allow a interior at least vacuformed.

The wheels are not nice in my book, sorry guy at Tamiya, this is not a Traxxas we don’t need all that spokes but a realistic wheel, or true bedlock ones. I would made a choice pointing in something to scale, the people could add what they want, definitively not.

The overall is good and although the bad points I found I’m very happy with the product and it’s worth the money invested.