Black Porsche 934 1/12 (TTG GT-01 Chassis)
Model Number: 84057





Chassis Description




The GT-01 chassis is semi assembled



6/25/2009 7:00:02 PM

There is much to say about the Black Porsche (Re-Tribute) kit. For starters, Thanks to Tamiya for taking the risk(?) and bringing this kit to the market. Looks like this Porsche, as well as the soon to be available SRB(s), have answered what vintage hobbyists thought would never happen. Tamiya will do special re-issues of their most popular vintage kits.
The 84057 Black Porsche 934 is a Serial Numbered, Limited Release tribute kit. Packaged in a similar box to the original 1978 Black Porsche 934, Tamiya appears to have been careful in keeping this kit similar to the original, but changing it just enough to preserve the Vintage collector market. This is true of the packaging; Very close to the original but the wording on the box has been changed. If you get a Japanese Market kit, it includes a bag that says 'Porsche 934'. An original bag says 'Black Porsche 934'. Opening the kit you will find a small plastic bag glued to the inner flap of the box, and it contains a distinguished looking etched metal tag with the serial number. Laid on top of the contents you first see the Porsche bag. The top cardboard insert contains that beautiful Black Polystyrene 934 body. Not seen since 1978, this is the part of the kit that is worth the price of admission. The body has been re-issued in it's original form with only the slightest of 'changes'. Tamiya has added wording inside the main body parts to identify this modern molding, and has redesigned the door mounting to eliminate the old style flat styrene sheet reinforcements. Additionally, the clear side windows have the window frames molded in, rather than the old style glue on frames. Tamiya engineered a new body mounting system that uses the old mounting holes in the vintage body. Per Tamiya's recommendations, this new Black hardbody is intended for 'Display Only', and the new body mounts for the GT-01 Tamtec Chassis are merely a clip on affair. The good news is that if you have a set of the old 934 metal body mounts, you can mount this new Black Porsche body on an old Pan Chassis. The remainder of the kit is pure 1/12 Tamtec Porsche 934. The instructions are identical to the current GT-01 Porsche, as well as the body, wheels, tires, ect. Although the instructions show placement of the Valiant decals, none are provided. The decals in this Black Porsche kit only have Gold roundels and numbers very similar to the original 1978 kit. There is an additional set of Porsche wheels included for use with the hard display body. Also included is a supplemental Black Porsche instruction book that deals with the assembly of the hard body.
Here is the beauty of this tribute kit, and I do not think it was accidental. Tamiya has successfully threaded the needle between the collector and hobbyist. They have re-issued part of the original kit that is compatible with vintage gear, but made it modern by adapting it to a Current Tamtec GT-01 Chassis. With one kit, Tamiya has given us something new, but has also satisfied the need for nostolgia. When the dust settles after this release, Tamiya fans can only ask, What's Next!