Ferrari F40
Model Number: 58098




2WD rear


T-pod rear, sprung sliding kingpin front

Chassis Description

GrpC tub

Body Type

Lexan polycarbonate, ABS rear wing & side mirrors


RS-540 Sport Tuned

Ferrari's 40th Birthday tribute... a pure thoroughbred with little concession to practicality, an unforgettable styling and the last true "Enzo" Ferrari. Twin-turbo V8 capable of over 200mph in road trim, some were even raced at LeMans. Tamiya's model is no slouch either - direct drive & lightweight chassis (both borrowed from the F1s) will see off many modern 4WD touring cars given a skillful driver.



1/2/2004 12:01:01 AM

If you have access to a large, very flat space such as a car park or a race track you have got to try one of these group C chassis. They are extemely quick even with a standard 540. I fitted an 11x3 which was insane but settled on a 17x1 motor. The chassis is as basic as you can get, easy to work on and whole thing can be stripped in minutes. These cars were built for one thing and that is speed. They can easily match any modern touring car or even surpass them. There is no gearbox or drivetrain to create drag, the motor drives the back axle directly. Steering is quick and precise. Virtually no rolling resistance gives longer run times and high speeds. Spares are getting difficult to find now as is the original shell. I have fitted an alternative touring car shell to my chassis. Ground clearance is almost none existant so don't be running on even slightly rough or dirty ground. I fitted some F1 type B compound racing slicks and these give good traction even on polished wood floor but I normally run the larger diameter original foams to give better ground clearance on tarmac. Highly recommended if you have the area to run it. I have fitted new ball bearings all around, new damper, new wheels/tyres, Novak rooster ESC and Team Orion modified 17t motor and heatsink and I can get 15 minutes run time with a 3000NiMH pack at incredible speeds. One great chassis!!