DB01R Chassis Kit
Model Number: 84100


Chassis Description



super gripper

7/3/2010 11:22:06 AM

The DB01R has everything in the kit to make the car very competative straight from the box. I have been racing what started life as a Durga kit which has had many Hop Ups along the way but still I wanted an R.
The R is very easy to build if you have experience of ball diffs, belt drive and slipper clutches etc.
The only real let down of the kit is the horrible screws. Before you build the car I seriously recommend you get a titanium screw set. But still you must pre tap everything.
The car develops quickly through the build and the instructions are clear as usual but watching to turn the diffs over during building them.
The chassis has plenty of room for the electrics and my Losi Brushless system is not the smallest so fits snugly in the car.
I have put a front oneway in my R and it improves the car but it all depends how you like your car to drive. I would recommend one though.
The car is easy to set up, the shocks are the aeration type and are some of Tamiya's finest buggy shocks to date.
The suspension geometry as we all know is from the 501, this then means a reasonably priced race chassis has anti squat adjustment. About time Tamiya!
The car comes without body shell or tyres, this then allows the buyer to choose either the Durga or Baldre body.
The Baldre is by far the better race shell, fitting the chassis better and providing better motor cooling. The scoops when cut out are bigger and much more efficient at keeping the motor cool. Fitting the chassis better also keeps the crap out.
On to the wheel fitment which many a thread on the forum has been dominated by. The wheel fitment on the front is of the small/thin hex type and the rear a pin drive.
This is industry standard fit for 4wd cars and Tamiya has very wisely adopted this. This then allows you to run other manufactures wheels.
So people get a grip and stop bitching and moaning that Tamiya have actually done the smart thing for a change........!
On to tyres then, all top spec kits from all manufactures do not come with tyres. Why?....well a race chassis will be raced, obvious ! no...well yes it is. Tamiya tyres are designed for the tracks in Japan and are about as much use as a chocolate tea pot in every other country.
The most common tyres used in the UK are schumacher yellow mini spikes.
Ok so your car is built and ready for the track. Straight off the instructions the car will only need a few minor adjustment to go quickly but more racing knowledge will allow you to fine tune this chassis to be very quick on the track.
I have been racing mine now for sometime at my local club and i regularly beat cars that cost twice as much as the R if not more.
With the right tyres, shock oil weights and camber angles you are 90% there.
The R is a car worth every penny in my book, I enjoy racing this car everytime its wheels hit the track.
It might be a limited edition being a 4 8 but the DB01 chassis is one of Tamiya's best selling chassis to date! I doubt very much they will just suddenly stop preduction of something thats sells so well !
The Tamiya stigma track side is on its way out. Get yours and thrash those other makes !