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model number 58029
model name4x4 Blazing Blazer
suspensionLeaf springs
chassis desc.Ladder frame
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original price33000 Yen
wheel base287mm
tread front175mm
tread rear195mm
ground clearance35mm
weight4.7Kg with 6V-4000mAh battery
front tirediam/width 103/46
rear tirediam/width 103/46
Blazing Blazer is Toyota Hilux's sister. It was a cheaper way Tamiya gave to enter her fantastic world of 3 speed gearbox trucks! A less detailed body than Hilux and a standard speed control (not the sophisticated transistorized one that was available with Hilux) were able to drop list price a little. However it was not so popular as Hilux, infact it only appears in 2 catalogs. Today is one of the most collectable ladder frame trucks. Its racing scheme and aggressive look make it one of the most favourite. Running it will ask everyone to take care: every 3spd truck suffers from rollover, expecially in turns, and Blazing Blazer, althought wider tires, was the most delicate with its fragile roof and wing. Differences with Hilux are very few: body, speedcontrol, tires, speedcontrol plate inside radiobox, external half wheel. Everything else is the same.Description by Robysoldtamiya
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