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model number 57701
model nameRTR Pajero Rally Sports (CC)
driveshaft drive full time 4WD, 2 geardiffs
suspensionDouble wishbone front, 4-link rigid rear axle, coilover friction shocks
chassis desc.XC, tub chassis with integrated main and front gearing
motorRS 540
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width195 mm
length428 mm
wheel base242 mm
tread front160 mm
tread rear160 mm
weight2150 g
front tire88x33 mm
rear tire88x33 mm
Tamiya came up with the RTR XB Pajero Rally Sports after the XC (CC) series has been discontinued. To accomodate costs for the included 27 MHz 2 channel radio, Tamiya chosed to downgrade the initial design of the cross country series. The oilfilled dampers from the kits have been replaced by simple friction type dampers, and the ABS hardbodies gave way to the rally type lexan body.

All in all the character of this class of vehicle remained mostly, and a XB Cross Country is easy to upgrade to the accustomed state of the art.

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