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model number 57714
model nameRTR M1025 Humvee
driveShaft Driven 4WD, front / rear geardiff
suspensionFour wheel independent double wishbone, coilover friction shocks
chassis desc.ABS Monocoque
bodyPS injection moulded
motorRS 540
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width205 mm
length396 mm
height162 mm
wheel base280 mm
tread front172 mm
tread rear172 mm
weight1880 g
front tire90x33 mm
rear tire90x33 mm
Along other XB models, the XB Hummer resembles much of the original kit with some features removed and other features added. Under the removed features falls the oil filled shocks and the rear ball diff. One interesting feature that has been added is the chassis cover, a very nice clean solution to prevent dust and moisture from intruding into the electronics too easy. It comes without saying that a prepainted body is included in the original XB box, a possible spare part will be unpainted.

Even if this model has been downgraded for the XB series, it is still an interesting ride, and no problem to give this model the goods it deserves, like oil filled shocks, ball bearings, etc.

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