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model number 58040
model nameLancia Rally
driveDirect drive gearbox - no differential.
suspensionTrailing link rear, Front double wishbone.
chassis desc.Space frame.
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The second of the space framed car series - the Lancia Rally is perhaps the hardest to find NIB or new built.

Many people unkindly suggest that this car is Tamiya's third truck - because the body shell sits so high on the chassis !!

The car itself is almost exactly the same as its older brother the Brat - except for the body, wheels and tyres.

Suspension is very basic - just coil over shocks on the trailing arm rear suspension and spring supported double wishbone front suspension, no dampers in sight here folks! This led to the car being quite "bouncy" when driving.

The drivetrain was very basic - power going from the standard RS-380S motor - through the pinion - onto the spur gear - then onto the final gear which had no differential at all - straight out to the wheels. Simple - however very effective - it was certainly more durable than the later Frog's differential system - which was fraught with durability problems.

All in all - a classic car - awesome detailing on the body with the 4 big rally spotlights and superb decals (these are also one of the hardest decal sets to apply successfully).

If you can find one - grab it - the car is a very nice display peice because of its real car look.

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