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model number 58042
model namePorsche 956
drive2WD rear
suspensionFloating rear pod, sliding trunnion front
chassis desc.RM5/6 - FRP pan
bodyLexan polycarbonate
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original priceN/A
wheel base203mm
tread front135mm
tread rear135mm
ground clearanceN/A
front tire25/48mm
rear tire35/53mm
The Porsche 956 was a Group C racer, carrying a 2.65 Liter twin-turbo flat-6 producing 620hp. The 956 brought about the retirement of the 936, which could no longer compete due to new FISA regulations. The 956 boasted Porsche's first monocoque structure, the body Kevlar-fiberglass. The 956s were taken to LeMans in 1982, competing in the Group C class. The #1 car (Ickx/Bell) won the race outright after covering a little over 3,000 miles; 2nd place was taken by the #2 956 (Schuppan/Barth) &third place was won by car #3 (Haywood/Holbert) for a record Porsche 1/2/3 placing. Tamiya's RM5/6 is again an all new design now featuring a stiffening top plate and a floating rear pod with a single spring. Lighting fast in the right hands, it also gained a reputation for being fragile & easily damaged in the wrong ones (Wonder why nobody invented foam bumpers back then...?). Oh, and the fiddly new-style wiper speed control too.
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