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model number 58050
model nameWild One
drive2 wheel drive, rear
suspension4 independant coil spring shocks
chassis desc.Plastic Bathtub Design
bodyHighly Detailed lexan
same chassis Click here for car list
original priceN/A
wheel base225mm
tread front192mm
tread rear186mm
ground clearance33mm
front tire23/83mm
rear tire34/83mm
This was Tamiyas last true Baja Buggy style car that began with the Rough Rider. It is a well engineered car, although not the best handling! very good car on smooth grass or tarmac. [stulec] The WildOne is in essence a FAV with oil shocks and larger "Fox"-size tyres, giving it better top speed and handling. Parts interchangeability is limited to drivetrain & hardware only however, as the FAV used mainly beige plastic parts & ABS shell. WildOnes are pretty bulletproof, only weak points needing care being the diff (needs proper shimming or else the gears will skip & self-mutilate) and hex-drives (prone to wear). [added by PandaBear!]
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