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model number 58059
model namePorsche 959 4WD
drive4WD shaftdrive
suspensionDouble Wishbone all round
chassis desc.ABS monocoque
motorRX-540VZ Technigold
same chassis Click here for car list
original priceN/A
wheel base211mm
tread front136mm
tread rear136mm
ground clearance25mm
front tire26/70mm
rear tire26/70mm
The Paris-Dakar winning 959 is Tamiya's pinnacle of RC minaturisation! 1/12th scale (its close to "mini 1/10" these days) yet packing 4WD, modular chassis, reservoir'd shocks and F\R diffs. Kit's Technigold motor propelled it to crazy speeds right out of the box; the small size made it seem only quicker. Firsts for this car include high-intensity working headlights, new dimension wheels/tyres and a "blow molded" (reverse mold) bodyshell which gave the lexan super detailing complete with 'rounded over' bottom edges. (However 959 shell is known for its fragility; some plastic components are not UV stable and will degrade with age/exposure. The 'stock' speed of these things also don't assist used models' longetivity.) Full ballbearings are a must for runners... unfortunately in the 1980s the required full set of tiny 850 bearings would have cost a mint!! (note: catalog pix above is missing the MSC's rubber bag)
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