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model number 58061
model nameStriker
drive2WD rear, gear differential
suspensionSwingarm front , trailing arms rear , coilover friction shocks
chassis desc.Plastic bathtub,
bodyHardplastic injection molded
same chassis TBA
original price8800 yen
wheel base265mm
tread front190mm
tread rear196mm
ground clearance30mm
front tire20/74mm
rear tire37/80mm
This is an economically priced high performance off road racer that offers super styling and performance.
Ideal for anyone just stepping into this exciting field of radio control buggy racing.
The light and sturdy bathtub type frame/chassis is injection molded allowing easy access to your R/C unit.
The front independent suspension is a swing axle type while the rear independent suspension is a semi trailing type.
The sealed gearbox houses differential gearing for smooth cornering.
The sturdy injection molded body has a sharp wind cheating, Formula One type silhouette that stands out at the track.
Designed for rugged use, low maintenance and lots of enjoyment in the wilds!.
[taken from the Tamiya guide book]

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