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model number 58089
model nameBullhead
drive4 Wheel Drive & 4 Wheel Steer
suspension8 Coilover Shocks (without function)
chassis desc.Plastic Bathtub Design
bodyHighly Detailed ABS Plastic
motorTwin 540 motors
same chassis Click here for car list
original price26800 Yen
tread front270mm
tread rear270mm
ground clearance55mm
front tire165/110mm
rear tire165/110mm
Based on the Clodbuster, this truck has virtually identical running gear to the Clod except for aluminium reinforcement plates on strategical places in the chassis tub, and most plastic parts are moulded in different colours. It is also topped off by a 'love it or hate it' USA type big rig truck body. These trucks come with American flags, an amazing decal set, and look even better with the hop up option light set fitted. Watch you don't roll it though, all that lovely chrome might get damaged!! (Description originally entered by stulec52)
updated: 6/19/2003 9:46:37 PM by Jimbo


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