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  2. Yea that's a funny thing. If I am only going to add one more car to my fleet, the $100 receiver makes more sense than spending $70-$100 on a new radio system. If I plan on adding several more running cars then the new radio makes sense but then I would be opening the door to becoming the RC equivalent of crazy cat lady.
  3. It was £50 so depends on what you call expensive, for a Lunchbox probably but considering how far I am taking it, for me not really as I don’t build many cars in a year. For me they have to be a runner ( which this one will be ) I limit myself to 5 runners at any one time or a shelf queen of which I have 2 and room for 2 more.
  4. Glad you found a keeper @Saito2 and enjoyed your time on the rocks - as well as getting a holiday! A very nice looking truck.
  5. @Chewie75. Yeah, good call on going NIB if you don't want to mess with all the various parts you might need to gather for the restoration. It can take a long while if you can't find that one part you need to replace. Sorry, I do not know anyone who does painting, etc. but perhaps if you do an ad in the classified section of this forum asking for someone to paint (locally?) perhaps you might be able to hire someone. The Midnight Pumpkin looking car I have is actually not an authentic car. It was a RadioShack RTR I pulled the body from (thanks to insight from @Nikko85 who is a pro at building Radio Shack cars into awesome machines) and placed on a GF01 chassis. The driver (Willy*) barely fits in there with his big head, so I call this car "Pumpkin Head F100" *Billy is the one with a screw hole in the back of his head Willy is the one that comes with the M38/WW2 that has no screw hole.. (my wife just made this up but if you see my posts talking about Billy, it is the one with the screw hole in the back of his head. lol)
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  7. Well, I'm back (sorry everyone) from my first vacation in 20 or so years (excluding the odd day-trip to the beach) I took my family to the state of Maine for a week. My wife has always dearly wanted to visit the state. The weather forecast was...well,... it was really bad. She prodded me to take my CR01 Bronco and a Monster Beetle just in case. There were lots of trails to hike and when I hurriedly prepped the Bronco, I just ran an S3004 servo and Tamiya servo saver that's getting discussed in another thread, along with a locked rear and anti-wear-greased front diff. This worked acceptably on a local trail test made before the 9.5 hour trek to Maine. It rained pretty much everyday as evidenced by the first pic in which the CR01 got a little action between raindrops... You'll notice, that's no trail but rather rock. As it turned out, our daughter was not really in a cooperative mood for trail hiking. The beaches however had plenty of rocks! After the morning of the last day, the sun managed to muscle its way through the offending clouds for good and a short trip to see a light house brought us to another beach where, despite its poor prep/equipment, the old CR01 did pretty darn good on the rocks. I don't know if it was finally seeing Mr. Sunshine again or what, but I finally "got" rock crawling. It was peaceful, meticulous work, carefully picking lines and slowly working over the rocks. I think after two previous attempts at CR01 ownership, this is the one that clicked and should stay in the fleet. Looking out across the Atlantic... Both diffs need locked and better servos with 4WS would aid it tremendously, but all things considered, it worked great. Never once did I want for a better product despite its "dated" design. I'll retract an earlier statement about not recommending one, because for the right person and dedicated Tamiya-nut, its perfect. It felt perfectly suited to the day's task.
  8. It's about time someone releases a dedicated rally gravel tire/wheel combo. I suggest a tire/wheel combo of 1.55"/1.9"? The small outer diameter would produce a taller tire wall and 1.9" will make them fit existing tc/rally chassis. Outer tire diameter 65-70mm and width, say 24mm? Just a thought c'',)
  9. I have a bare bones GT2 FlySky that's been working out well for me. I'd suggest anicer GT3 with model memory, receivers are dirt cheap for them. Some of the fancier Flyskys have more expensive receivers, but they're definitely not $100 iirc.
  10. I only needed to use one under each nut. They basically take up any slack if the nut winds up bottoming out before the wheel is drawn up fully tight.
  11. My Top Force in action: It needed some tweaks to make it tough for astro turf, but now it performs excellent.
  12. Your SRX with the aluminum steering set, steering bridge and high torque servo saver should have similar steering and tracking as any other Tamiya with ball raced steering. I know this because I have four TT-02’s (all with upgraded steering) and they all track straight just like my TRF and other higher tier Tamiya touring cars. But then again, you did build your SRX wrong with the C hubs flipped, therefore having negative caster which directly influences high speed stability in a huge, negative way. Have you tried driving it with the C hubs in the correct position?
  13. I think another Gearbox will do it: https://www.rctech.net/forum/electric-road/1107644-tamiya-mb-01-a-6.html If it comes as a Hop-Up as Ball Diff also it would be great
  14. Considering that Tamiya is re-releasing the 1/24 Lancia Stratos Turbo in full Alitalia livery makes me hope that the RC 131 eventually will be released in the Alitalia livery too. The Olio Fiat livery is OK, but the Alitalia livery looks fantastic on virtually any car.
  15. Yes i was about to write it tonight but left it. If you are serious about you need to spend that kind off money on 1 receiver you should rather buy a decent FlySky transmitter and throw in 4 receivers, as receivers for FlySky is close to free you will not have this problem again. FlySky High end Transmitters are quite ok to i belive, Noble version to take 1 example, so you can also upgrade later also
  16. Love this so f… much, this Abarth is a must have for me as i always had a thing for Abarth versions in general. BUT im recently bought M-08R that will be my Summer Vacation build in July and this Body will probably fit, so the question is: is it so that Tamiya always give out spare lexan bodies for their kits?, hope drivers will be available as well.
  17. Another Hop-Up in the Garage for Top-Force today, after i changed to SS motor i bought Metal Motor Mount, Rear Metal Knuckles (already have in Front) & Metal hubs rear (already installed in front), Servo Saver & finished up with Titan Hex screws, as i was a noobie building this there was way to much threadlock on all screws on carbon deck (that go down in metal mounts ofc), so it was not a easy job. Someone told me on this Forum at the very start taking this Hobby up again (T-F was my second kit) that you got the most out off your money buying T-F standard kit (Only Evo in Stock now). Bought it from RCmart for 2100kr inkl shipping and it was not caught by custom either (with the kr value today its aroun 180£. You get carbon upper/lower deck & in general high performance out off the box, as good it handles SS i doubt Tamiya have a buggy that handles better, yes I am still a amateur/terrible Driver so that needs loads off improvement though
  18. Kind of a worry that the reproduction stickers not being of a good quality. The 4x4 Willy is sick 😉 The one I found is in running condition which I don’t need . It must be renovated sometime down the line. Would be preferable if it was a former shelf queen. So done the math a new one is probably the best solution for me Or a SWB that really need renovation. Found a runner for 300$ in reasonable condition. Do you know of anyone that will do a paint job on a couple of drivers ? And maybe someone that will do a restoration? It kind of scares me starting a process so elaborate. Is your Midnight Pumpkin Stock besides the colors? It’s also amazing Thank you for all your guidance and have a great weekend kim
  19. I've had a javalin on back order for a year and a half, while collectors sit on about 5 of them, stocked away in their precious closets.
  20. Oof, sorry to hear that. Doesn't your SRX have the Tamiya steering set and etc?
  21. The 131 would make an awesome box art m chassis Kit. Sadly I do not believe they will make one.
  22. If the cost of receivers is the determining factor in getting a new RC, maybe time to switch radio systems? Or at least get a lower end one for general use.
  23. @Mokei Kagaku I’m watching with great interest! Love the subject. Thank you for sharing.
  24. That's great to hear! I haven't gotten them yet, waiting for them to get in stock in about a week or so, but where did you use all the washers at?
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