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  2. My TD finally shipped! Interestingly, got an email from Jadlam saying it was everyone's "last chance" to get the Thunder Dragon 2021. When was the first chance?
  3. Got a very good feedback from Kyosho today by mail. They are sending me replacement parts... For the defective shock, they are asking me to send them for analysis, but as it is mounted now, I'm just keeping the way it is as with the sanding done on the piston side, it seems to work the same way as the other side (and I actually don't know on which side the defective shock is :-D). I also mentioned the screws which seemed to be longer than the hole they should go in within the U shaped support to fix the front under guard (I had the same issue with the Javelin), but I had to precise further as it seems they don't have the same instruction manual in front of them. I sent pictures to be more precise. And it seems the OTW126 will be back in inventory very soon so I may finally have a runner rather than a wheelie car :-)
  4. Your rc10talk gallery keeps me awake nights
  5. Easily 30+...and that is after thinning the collection down by 30 or 40 over the last few years.
  6. I'd say that everything that is 'expensive' shouldn't necessarily be considered as 'for competition'. If it's as nice to put together as my M-07 it should be ace.
  7. Today
  8. same here mine was the zx 48+ that my parents brought me for a christmas present but luckly they had offers on at the time so mine came complete with tape for loading games and a games package plus for me the best part was the flat screen tv oh and a joystick plus interface and i still have it all to this day i did have to replace the keyboard membrain a couple of years back plus the foot springs all due to age related i was thinking of doing a rf conversion but it will work on a led/lcd tv all you have to do is select anologue tv instead if digital tv. when they come up for sale the zx81 and the zx80 fetch silly money mind saying that if they come complete with original packagein any specky will comand good money
  9. As a FYI you want to run the black steel ones in the front. (51092).
  10. Totally agree, it's even worse when you look at your to do list and see way too many to build. A certain limit to a comfy backlog is fine but anything else makes it stressful and compels you to bring number to a comfy level. It's project FOMO to an extent. You are comforted you have something to work on when you bother to take the spare time for it but know that if all kits are built then you will get irked that you don't have anything to look forward to.
  11. This is it really. It's always more tempting to buy something new rather than finish something old, even if the new thing becomes the old thing, when a new new thing turns up. It's cool to have a few projects, but I find that having too much on a to do list is more stressful than relaxing.
  12. 4 tt02 body shells, one given free to me, 2 slash body shell. (1 shell each from tt02 and slash included in kit). The other 4 kits only have 1 shell: lunch box, Manta TD and super sabre. 6 total but a hornet looks tempting if I linger to long on the thought. Would need more storage solutions for a 7th kit as older hobby collection stands at 27 and taking up any potential RC storage space.
  13. I count a little over 100 cars in my rc10talk gallery which I know isn’t close to what I really have which is way too many. I need to start getting rid of the one that no longer interest me.
  14. Hope you make it look very nice, evo 7 are the best looking of the lancer series. The yellow version is my fav for the model car. I have more than enough body shells for tt02 but I'm still missing an EVO7...
  15. 7 cars - 6 runners, 1 shelf queen 4 helis - 1 450size 3D, 1 300size, 2 100size
  16. I did very light coats until the can was done. The paint with run if sprayed too thick. Paint the hard corners and creases first. Leave the big flat parts for last
  17. Was really excited when I first seen this announced. But the more I have seen of it the more disappointed I am. And don't get me started on the price point. It's in the realm of competition buggys but yet no where near as capable. They have Def aimed this at current Tamiya owners / fans and hope that they jump at it no matter the price. A shame as if it was around the £200 bracket they Def would have gotten more outside interest imo. If I was an outsider looking at Tamiya cars, a Hotshot or Super Astute would be a far better choice. Which confuses me as to where the TD4 stands in the line up? Is it a replacement for the DB02? Yet around £100 more expensive. James.
  18. Way too many. Not quite sure what to do about it anymore. Some of them I know will probably never be run so currently considering building for the experience and then selling. May be the way to satisfy my desire to build but clear space at the same time?
  19. Over 40, though many are still in the box waiting for me to build. I just wish I had more time
  20. Just 3 for now, 2 in rtr condition, 1 in "unable to decide what im going to do" restoration project. Still waiting for thunder dragon, but some vqs 2020, terra scorcher and mantaray 2018 showed up in local emarket. For 1 vqs, i could get both terra and manta. Or wait for the new TD4 NotAvante. Lucky my wallet is empty for now or else........XD
  21. How many coats of the Translucent Red did you use?
  22. The TT Red Bull stickers from MCI turned up today, looks like Nathaneal has done a great job as usual. These were put together on request and the dimensions are spot on, so I'm really grateful
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