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  2. I've been thinking about @Saito2's question throughout the day, and the one data point I can offer is my wife spoke with our local mail carrier the other day, and he indicated our moderate-size post office has been doing well. No one is sick even though they handle tens of thousands of letters and packages daily; everyone is still coming to work. There are some prudently cautious new procedures at the front desk (red tape line, stand behind until allowed to approach, social distancing, gloves, etc.), but I was actually happy to hear they were ok so far. Now, I live in a blended rural/suburban part of a small town, so our situation is by no means indicative of New York City. I think if I lived in Raleigh or Charlotte I'd curtail my online buying even more than I have, and if they declare martial law or something else really serious you can be sure I won't be doing anything other than hanging out in the house. But since our local post office is healthy, and people are mostly working from home and respecting stay-at-home orders, I don't have any problem ordering just some small items to keep projects going or a single limited-run kit. I was searching on Google for any documented cases of USA truck drivers infected with COVID-19, but there's nothing particularly prominent showing up. Either package carriers and truck drivers are hiding their illness, or the reporters haven't probed this topic much, or they're reasonable healthy and continuing to move goods all over the country. There was an article in the New York times about a month ago, but nothing recent that I can find. It's probably wise if each person assesses his own situation (how sick is your community, what is its demographics, are your carriers overloaded and sick too?) and buy online accordingly.
  3. Not put oil in them.. I messed with them for a long time, gave up and bought the HG update shocks. Those are a work of art
  4. https://www.amazon.com/Tamiya-DB01-Durga-Buggy-Vehicle/dp/B000X1A8QC/ref=sr_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=tamiya+db-01+durga&qid=1585964065&sr=8-13
  5. Designed and printed some LED bezels for the King Yellow body... Going to print some light pipes/LED holders tomorrow.
  6. Just in the name of science I took the RC10B6D out for a run around and no issues at all with the tx (I didn't expect any, but have to check. That TX is worth about what I've put into the Top Force so I was really hoping there wasn't nothing wrong with it!). It was horrible, having such a well sorted car running laps for 20mins in our backyard track, its amazing what we do in the name of science. Thanks for the detailed explanation of the brushes, haven't tried yet. My son watched tv all day yesterday (its week 2 of lockdown, he literally went from his bed to a blow-up bed in the lounge and lay on that all day watching tv, only got up for lunch and dinner) and so today is no tv day, which means its hard to find 5mins to do anything. I should also swap a silvercan in to rule out motors, and also that removes any kind of stress on the ESC.
  7. What are you wanting to do with it? If its a runner and you are talking TRF/DB01R(R)(R) then I think you'll be disappointed by any of the current modern buggies, but if you just want something for the backyard (and just mentioned the top shelf stuff) then the DT03 or TT02B could fit the bill. They run fine and have plenty of hop ups available. Bear in mind you'll spend a fortune and it still won't perform that well, but it'll be fun to do and for many thats more satisfying than buying the latest and greatest anyway. I have a mix of Tamiya and modern race kits and there is no comparison between a TT02B or DT03 and a RC10B6, HB D413/8 or Kyosho Lazer ZX6 etc. In my opinion the Top Force is the closest you'll get of the currently available offering, and that has plenty of hop ups available. Maybe the Super Astute too, but mine is sitting in its box waiting to be built so I can't say, other than it looks heaps better than a modern 2wd. If you want high performance and Tamiya then you need to look at their onroad cars - the TA07 or TB05 are great club racers, or the TRF419/420 or TA07MS will keep up with the best from the competitors. Its a shame there is no buggy equivalent, especially to the TA and TB cars as they are great bang for buck performance. Or as @Juggular suggested, the XV01 looks like an interesting build and is a bit of a crossover being a rally car. There is a truck version of the XV01 I think, that could be worth a look?
  8. Today
  9. I'd grab a TXT or SMT, myself. The upgraded SMT is pretty viable now. You might want to add hardened ring and pinions, aluminum c-hubs, knuckles, and lockouts, and, if you're going to put any power to it, the optional link stiffeners and upper links. They drive surprisingly well, and there are plenty of option parts for AR60 axles, because they are very popular over here for U4 rigs. Probably wouldn't put Clod tires on it, though. The TXT is a beast. Still haven't had seen one in person though, but I've sold a few kits. I'd rather have one than a SMT. The stock wheels and tires have got to go; I can live with the body with a different scheme. As for the Clod, I just don't like 'em. I've had the opportunity to wheel a bunch of them, and while they're all awesome to look at, even the highly modified ones just weren't that much fun. Honestly, Redcat Groundpounders are more fun to me when they aren't broken, which is never. Stock Clods are disappointing and rickety.
  10. Ease off the negative camber by increasing the length of the turnbuckles. Place the chassis on a flat surface so the arms are horizontal and adjust the camber to neutral with the wheel axles also horizontal. use o'rings or neoprene bushes (1 each side) inside each drive cup. The driveshaft should be able to move end to end a tiny bit in horizontal. Neutral camber is the best start point and only very little negative camber if any for this car. The rear arms will move freely too.
  11. I have this on my work bench. I have been hesitant to start due to the cost and I am not real confident in my ability to build it well.
  12. This week, help a mate build a shed: and painted and stickered by Mad Bull finally. I used left over Hornet stickers. Not the best paint job (its pretty rough close up) and I'll probably add a bit more to the rear wing, but it'll get bashed around when its driven so I am not too concerned. I'll have to find a driver for it too at some point, but for now I'll consider this done.
  13. The stickers will "silver" on the clear edges if they are applied over a matte finish. I'd apply them over the gloss color coat, then apply flat clear over them. Of course, very light on the first few coats. Clearing over them will also improve their durability.
  14. DB01 Durga will satisfy..... best build experience and best performing plastic Tamiya buggy ever !
  15. Before leaping into the world of lipos, have a read through :- https://rogershobbycenter.com/lipoguide/ Also, if it's a 540 size motor, a 7800kv will need closer to a 120A esc.
  16. I'm working on a 1/48 Hobbyboss A-7. I do 1/48 American Cold War stuff from time to time.
  17. Lovely car! Are those the stock shock springs ? The ones that came with my dt03 black edition are stifffffff
  18. I’m still waiting on my nova fox from @Tamico Admin . I’m in the USA and the tracking has gone silent the last 5 days. It’s now been 2 weeks since order was placed
  19. Instead of a buggy, how about a rally car? XV01 is modern, a bit of a challenge to build, and a superb runner. Smaller in wheel diameter, but comparable to DB01 perhaps. It just got re-issued (even though it's not such an old vehicle).
  20. Under pressure how? Not arguing just under what business model? fulfilled by Amazon or Amazon market place? I don’t read social media or watch investigative journalism so maybe I’m missing something but I don’t see what amazon have to gain from exploiting sellers that can just go to eBay and sell. tbh there is naff all tamiya stuff on there so I mainly use pantry (which is mostly from Morrison’s) JJ
  21. Can’t you call or email them and get them to pull an order together? it would be remiss of model shops not to take orders by phone and work a way of getting them to the customer - like drop off or a collection station. people need to think a bit differently or they will go under JJ
  22. Yesterday
  23. I've been debating this very much lately. The only good thing about this lockdown is I have had much more time for RC. The problem is that I have a bunch of kits but not enough servos to complete them. I buy everything I can from an excellent LHS and know he could really use the business in May when he is allowed to reopen. For that reason I'm going to try to hold off any big purchases until he can get reopened. I will order a few things elsewhere, but just to move projects forward for the most part.
  24. Don't forget the first GF01, Willy and his flatbed Toyota FJ
  25. Which Amazon (putting it very politely because I'll get wrong for very very bad language) put under enormous pressure.......nah Amazon is not for me and I've never felt worse off for it!
  26. Anyone got any good links to Futaba ones? lots of fakes out there I got 3 for £10 second hand last year and I’m looking for similar again JJ
  27. To go further, there were more variants on the WR02 chassis. The Suzuki Jimny and VW Type 2 both came on the basic WR02 chassis. There was a WR02 "G" types which were tractors: the Farm King, Tumbling Bull and the weird "bear driving a tractor" Kumamon version. Technically, the new comical range of buggies "WR02CB" are variants as well, though in addition to different wheels and tires, these variants also feature slightly longer suspension arms as well.
  28. While still a strong club level competitor, the DB-01 and it's R variants are very hard to get hold of these days. They are also overkill for bashing IMO.
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