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  2. glad that helped you out, other members here did that already and im getting ready to do the same when my TD comes in 1-2 weeks.
  3. It was definitely interested in the BC for a while and got very close at times but eventually flew off, probably just trying to make sense of what it was seeing I think @markbt73
  4. So that's why mine was clicking, I just finished it and ran it today. I probably should have taken a closer look at the gears!
  5. Finished my 2021 Thunder Dragon today! I just added bearings and a torque tuned for now. Its a very fun buggy, I drove on grass and can't wait to take it out to some dirt
  6. So your Buggy Champ was attacked by a Keen Hawk?
  7. Hmm, sold a few days ago, bidding pushed it up higher than I expected in the end. https://www.ebay.com/itm/265195034565?hash=item3dbedb17c5:g:yFAAAOSwJVtgxjAN
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  9. that hawk needs to order some ACME items to catch the champ...
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  11. While I was out attempting some Round 12 Postal Racing on the beach, a Hawk come by looking for something to eat and took a keen interest in the Buggy Champ. Caught on camera by Mrs Re-Bugged. It was quite an extraordinary experience and one I’d say would never happen again.
  12. Yeah I was to busy roosting and enjoying being out totally forgot about that turn 😂. In truth I even lost count of of the laps anyway. But will hopefully have a more accurate attempt today. After all it’s all for the fun of it really 👍🏻
  13. Here's the update. Original rear shock tower installed as well as new motor guard. Also, the tires are Tamiya. To me, they look more like the original Kyosho sand supers. For the body, I actually painted the rear louvers. The body set comes with black decals for those. I didn't use them.
  14. Been acquiring vintage slot car accessories that have been around since the 60's, 70's & 80's, this is from the late 60's early 70's this kit did not come with the pipes or the hump piece of track, so i only paid $11 for them, Yes i could have made them, but i'm hooked on having some nostalgic pieces., brings back the Good Ol' days. I used Gray PVC electrical conduit ripped down to fit and UHU'd it. a lil' gray paint for touch up.................................................................. The marble color of the bridge sides is original and is the molded color as is. wait to you say the creek bed i have to fabricate for this...................................
  15. Looks like a lot of fun and quite fast too! That top right marker though is a left turn, not a right turn
  16. That's how it's supposed to be, if you build it vanilla (without doing anything special). I try hard to make the diffs like what @Superluminal said. That's called "Limited Slip Differential." I like mine to turn the same way, but when I put it on the ground and pivot on the center axis, they turn the opposite way. To achieve that, I use differential clay, a million weight silicone grease, etc. But if you didn't use any of those special grease or clay in your diff? It should turn just like the Grasshopper. If it doesn't, you should pop the rear and check the diff.
  17. Do we get a build thread? Not sure we've had one of these. I've got one in the loft to build 'for a rainy day'. I keep meaning to buy some hop-ups for it before they disappear.
  18. A bit of yesterday’s footage of some beach laps, I only realized (because of having to much fun!!) that I wasn’t doing the course probably 🙄. Felt like a bit of a banana and the batteries we’re almost done and cut off before I could finish a final correct session. I might be able to squeeze in another attempt today with a bit of luck 😉
  19. Hi @dannymulder I’ll take this stuff.
  20. MUST NOT LOOK AT THIS! the body looks great from the promo. i got enough that will arrive on my plate as it is... Tamiya Grumpycat?? LOL
  21. Just finished building my rere Top Force Evo - and painstakingly cut all the decals out - but I’m really not so sure on the yellow and orange against the anthracite/metallic gunmetal shell….. I’m usually a big fan of box art (and lack imagination!) - but there are a couple of mirror-finished decals - and I wondered whether anyone’s managed to get a full set of decals made in the mirrored finish with black lettering to set it all off? Has anyone got a different colour scheme for their decals on the standard anthracite shell they could share some photos of? Many thanks!
  22. got some sticker size examples from yogi-bear yesterday to see how they fit on the Manta and Lunchbox. printed out the images to normal printer paper and test fit them on he bodies. a few small adjustments to a few are needed but the 2 kits look rocking with the mocked up images .
  23. i dont know if thats amazing or gut wrenching... its a cool mod but sending it down a set of stairs is asking for trouble... im not the biggest fan of the yellow lunchbox rims but i got no wheel to roll on either. my TD Sprinter buggy tires are going to be mounted on florescent yellow rims. the supplied cactus spike tires will still be used but they arent good for pavement.
  24. I've been on a bit of an RC hiatus of the last few months. Free time dwindled and with it the RC interest. Of late though the fires started burning again, with my Kyosho Beetle getting me running a car. With that, a fresh untouched TB05 kit has been tempting me from the shelf. Tonight was the night, seals cracked and bag A started: A few hop ups to be used too. Not sure of the direction I'm going yet, but it's good to be back building again
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