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  2. A little more done on the VW Rally Beetle.
  3. I’ve never found M2.6 self-tapping screws either, but when I have fresh plastic I try to use M2.5 machine screws. Works fine.
  4. Seems unlikely, I’m not really sure what Tamiya will do, but I guess there market research will decide, if they are not racing in off road so investment in technical racing off road vehicles makes no sense. We are all getting older now eventually the re release bubble will pop so in the short term it makes more sense to keep doing re re releases while the particular type of customers are still middle aged and somewhat cashed up. for the future though I’m not certain what they should be doing really. With horizon hobby basically slowly vaccuming up all American based hobby businesses with huge access to manufacturing in Asia, I don’t know where Tamiya will be in the distant future of rc.
  5. I love when new builds come in the mail!
  6. That is correct. The Yeah Racing set includes the whole rack assembly, bridge and all. It looks a little different but does exactly the same thing. It also includes the screws and bearings required for installation.
  7. This is the direction I'm gonna go. The Yeah Racing steering set includes/replaces the steering bridge correct? I'm looking at the entire tree Tamiya hop up steering set and it includes the steering bridge. But I'm assuming the Yeah Racing one includes that, just looks different?
  8. Yes, I had that very same issue but with the sport tuned motor until I switched to a lipo battery, however I didn't have the regular stock motor in for long before I could notice if that was affected as well.
  9. svenb

    TB evo IV MS

    Using tamiya components through out the build including all electrics, receiver is a TRU-02, a TEU302BK ESC, Super stock type RR motor, and double Zapped battery. Decided on a aluminium servo horn, no servo saver,ccheaper than a 51000.
  10. Hi, I'm after a rough rider/buggy champ body UK based. Any condition is fine, looking for cheap as possible to test out an idea. I know they're not exactly expensive or hard to find but save a few quid here and there adds up. Cheers!
  11. svenb

    TB evo IV MS

    Don't know where I got this servo from but I must be a lucky sausage because the correct part is broken allowing me to trim it and fit👍
  12. Yesterday
  13. Look closely on rear axle in picture I posted - rear damper is mounted directly to hinge pin. It is hinge pin with ball end, optional part for M06. I'm not sure what exactly it does, but it has some function, my guess is, that it makes damper action more linear with short M06 arms. M06 suspension is derived from TL01, so that ball-ended hinge pin should fit to TL01. Bolt could work, but you need one with long shack, otherwise it could damage hub.
  14. I bought the motor and esc from banzaihobby. Parcelforce did me for customs though, so another 18 quid was lumped on top! What style lipos fit? Ie shorty (like used for racing) or regular size?
  15. I was tempted by that to keep mine all Tamiya since RCMart have it for USD20 vs USD10 for the Yeah Racing motor mount, and about USD27 for the Tamiya motor mount on its own. How bad is the Manta Ray shaft that they have discounted the hopup so much? I decided it against it since the Tamiya wheel hexes are 3x the price of Yeah Racing and then I'd need Tamiya turnbuckles as well so mine is a mix, would probably have added $50 to the build to stay all Tamiya with no difference in performance
  16. Yes that should work, but why do you want to do it? 🤔
  17. yeah I think the proper screws are M2.6 or thereabout; they're an odd size I've never found anywhere other than T screw bags so that's all that can be used
  18. Its the obvious gap in Tamiya's lineup that was filled by the DB01 and the DN01 which are very long in the tooth now. The onroad side is nicely complete with various levels of F1 and Touring Car and it would be nice to see the offroad equivalent to the TA and TB series cars. Tamiya have stopped racing offroad now so its unlikely I think even though I would buy one in a heartbeat. As @ThunderDragonCy pointed out earlier, the TB05 type setup with different motor positions would be perfect to adapt to a buggy.
  19. Really nicely composed build photos & I love the ‘natural’ look, refreshing change to box art.
  20. I meant right out to the hinge pin on the c hub....so the star head screw in this pic. Puts the shock about a 45 degree angle. Thought a long M3 cap head bolt, a spacer and maybe a 5mm suspension ball that the bolt can go through and then a nut. Have CVA shocks, will a 5mm suspension ball fit?
  21. I'm definitely in the 'HotRodder' section..............
  22. Pulls up a chair and sips tea
  23. Is this what you mean? It's part 51436 or 54296. It should work with TL01, too.
  24. I would change the diffs to ball differentials from the TA03 chassis. They are working perfect with less resistance internally. Have done it on mine, that's a huge improvement in terms of handling as well.
  25. @Hobgoblin thats your old Blitzer body!!
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