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  2. Great to see someone working on these.
  3. Thanks for the info,will get a set of the for mentioned tyres, will keep standard wheels /tyres for show.
  4. But i digress, Saito2 and Gtodd are by far the most clueless people in this forum.
  5. ...and for once I'm not talking about Tamiya. Today I took apart the dashboard of my old Chevrolet truck to install an FM modulator/aux input on the stereo. I had forgotten just how much of the interior of it is made of plastic. And it's all held together by self-tapping screws, with an uneasy mix of Torx, Philips, and 7mm hex heads. And naturally, half of the parts are broken. So I, following in the footsteps of previous owners (the small slotted screws holding in the headlight switch were there when I got it), do whatever I need to do to hold the bits of hard, brittle, 30 year old plastic together. Luckily, I've got a lot of experience doing it.
  6. Right you are. Mine should be ready sometime in mid-2044.
  7. Not really, just keep it sensible, needs to look like a car/ buggy / mad max rig etc 😏
  8. Cheers! I appreciate the comment👍 I was very unsure (for about a couple of decades) weather to build it but the seed was planted when I watched the guy that does rc kicks on YouTube and I think the way he does his videos it all about just build them don't hide them away in bits and he's actually right! And comments on this forum grew that seed (so to speak) And like I say it was good to build one with a manual speed controller and the chrome is really brilliantly done and you get a little microfibre cloth to polish it with!
  9. Today
  10. today I started to build my rere hotshot, when I came to the point of mounting the rear suspension arms I noticed there was a lot of play between the arms and the gearbox I think almost 1mm in the lower and upper arms, I filled the gaps with small washers. Are al the hotshot kits like this where they drunk when they made the hotshot, I know it is not a high end race kit but I never have seen so much play in a kit.
  11. Hello, I have Nikko f-150 with fried motor, which I would like to replace. Maybe I am a noob in rc cars but my problem is I can't get inside to compartment where motor with gears are. When I undo all screws (which is really hard because wheels block access to them) i can't take left and right parts apart because wheels hold them together, I can only get 2mm of gap between them. I've been looking over internet to find something but I couldn't. I would be very grateful for any help
  12. yes sir i live in Athens Greece and the dealer here is very expensive and there is no products in his shop for a long time.
  13. Hey, haven't posted in a long while and looking to getting into a 4WD off road buggy, because i have never had a 4WD RC before. I checked out top end TRF stuff, but nah.... I'm looking at good, budget ones, especially Tamiya TT02B chassis, specifically Plasma Edge(because the body is real attractive to me) Price is great, seems hop ups are plentiful, but I am wondering what Tamiya has for other budget, 4WD buggy options. I checked out DF-02, DF-03 stuff, found a Durga for sale NIB and a Gravel hound would be cool, but seems those are hard to find now, discontinued ect ect. So other than the TT02B chassis, what Is Tamiyas other, budget oriented 4WD buggy that is easy to get and fairly new? I'm just afraid I may miss one of them and regret gettint the TT02B if a better one exsist. My budget is 150 to 220....around there. Currently finishing my blackfoot xtreme from a year ago....I tend to be a slow builder, hahahha....thanks, everyone.
  14. Added hot racing aluminum steering knuckles to my txt 2. Had to add tamiya spacers for the heavy duty rod to clear the servo
  15. Even though GTodd gets triggered easily like a snowflake, he is right about the chassis bottoming out before the front shocks on the Super Astute. I have no idea who's car that is in the pic, but it is built wrong. If i feel up to it tomorrow, i'll swap out my setup for the stock setup and post a pic, the chassis should always bottom out first.
  16. That's just another Molex commodity connector, nearly as famous as the 7.2V plug. The plugs are around... usually chargers BiTD would have 2 output leads for each voltage, you wouldn't do an adaptor cable. If you just wanted to temporarily hook it up to a 7.2V charger plug... think I used to just use 2 metal nails - red to red, black to black. At your own risk!
  17. Good evening fellow Tamiya racers I have just started indoor racing again after a break of about 15 years and as the title suggests, I have a Top Force (2017) and a TT-02B. My first two race meetings have been with the TF, and apart from the kit motor being a bit slow it hasn't been too bad on the flat bits bit the jumps have been a bit more challenging set up wise. If I keep on trying with the TF what's the best set up to cope with jumps and still give grip on the carpet? I have hicaps with 40wt oil and two hole pistons on the front with three on the back together with Tamiya block spike tyres. I'd like to try the TT-02B but the stock steering isn't enough, I've seen extreme steering angle arms for the TT-02 drifters but I think they might be too extreme for the buggy, plus it still seems a little under damped with 40wt oil in the kit shocks. I'm interested to know what you all think. Mark
  18. If you suspect that there's thread lock used heat the screw with a soldering iron until the threadlock melts
  19. I've aquired a few more models since these posts . You're right there are lots of nods to Tamiya cars / buggies . The Bandit has the Nissan King Cab shell . The Jet Hopper / Turbo style buggies are very similar to Super Champ shells and the Jet fighters are near Boomerang / Bigwig hybrid clones . There is something about these little Taiyo / Tyco models that is infectious . to learn about the different series of models in the ranges ( which is massively extensive ) is a whole new schooling
  20. Big shout out from another former slot car racer! I used to race 1/32 slot cars on the purpose-built track at my local club (Heron Model Car Racing Club) back in the 80s when I was a kid. If anyone here thinks RC cars can achieve some incredible scale speeds, a properly sorted 1/32 slot car was made of hinged brass plates and could reach a genuine 70mph on the downhill back straight at the HMCRC circuit. They were phenomenally quick.
  21. I like how they use miniature copies of Tamiya oval block or Monster Beetle tyres.
  22. I will post the price with pics pretty soon.
  23. Yep. This was before touring cars, so it was all done on buggy chassis.
  24. Good to see - i did fancy a few but didn’t want to pester you!
  25. Arrived today: 1 x 53200 4WD Front One-way Diff Unit Adding this to the TB-01 will now be added to the list of things I have not done yet and may never get the time to do.
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