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  2. The only way i want my RC cars delivered, in plastic foil. I got my Agrios Kit wtihout and it had clearly been open many time becouse it was marks everywhere on body and some platic bags where half opened but notthing was missing, but hated it badly. For the body the marks went away when i removed protecting foil as i thought. That Tamico place have good prices for shipping kits to Norway, my next kit i believe will be from them.
  3. Are we allowed to vote for ourselves? I'm blown away by some of the insight and brilliant work @jonboy1 has come up with this year.
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  5. Today I made a purely aesthetic change to my TT-02 Type S, replacing the shiny silvered self-tapping JIS screws with black ones to match the colour of the machine screws already used on the shock towers. The other on-road cars in my fleet that are in a similar performance bracket, namely the mighty TB-03, M-07 and M-08 all use black screws. I thought it only fair that the TT-02 Type S should look similarly smart.
  6. In The Netherlands the TTG range had some succes for a few years. I remember the last stock was sold for 50 to 75 Euro per RTR-set. The range was not limited. Parts are still available for the GB01. The GB02 differs in the front trailing arms but is basically the same. The GB03 is a different chassis and finding parts is more difficult.
  7. It doesn't bother me for three reasons 1.its not my only buggy of this chassis 2.its just noisy which lessens in time 3. Because I love this chassis I have a few old gearsets from 30 years ago so I could swap them in the build, but I won't. Obviously I'd like Tamiya to sort it out because they are not upholding 'first in quality around the world' statement. If someone wants to create an online petition that we could sign and send to Tamiya regarding this, then I'll happily sign it. Otherwise my terra scorcher will continue to get onlookers to ask if it's a nitro! 😂
  8. Yeah I probably went for 4 coats instead of 3 and I backed it in silver JJ
  9. I’’ve no experience of the Bigwig, as it doesn’t excite me, so can’t comment further on that one. I have both a Buggy Champ and a Fighting Buggy/ Super Champ rere. On this last one, I like that it has some unique chassis design features which make it different to the Champ and Scorcher whilst still being one of the nostalgic SRB’s. As you already have a Scorcher, the Buggy Champ would not give you a different chassis build experience, just a different body to build and paint. In your situation, if I could only buy one, it would be the Fignting Buggy/Super Champ. Then stick a ball diff in it, and run it!
  10. Me too, but I'll end up buying a TT02 Type S when they're back in stock in spring. I can't think of anywhere smooth enough to run an F1 (Tyrrell P34) without having to drive into Falmouth or Truro and use a carpark, at least a touring car will roll over the odd bit of gravel and leaves. I don't really do any practice to be honest, I have maybe three or four goes at each track with both the Terra Scorcher and the Lunchie on different days then forget about it for a week or so. I'm at home most days, but I can't find the time to do anything but work on the never ending list of jobs... Right now I ought to be emailing my accountant and sorting out my tax affairs.
  11. Tamiya's Corsa Grey is also a nice vintage-looking pastel colour, although IMO it is far more blue than it is grey.
  12. I'm beginning to wish I'd paid more attention to them when they came out. Do you think they didn't sell very well or where only just a limited production run?
  13. Thank you guys.. Let's see what I will finally do.. I just want a more classic color for the beetle, so if I can find some other pastel tone that is canned I will go for it..
  14. Will be supplied with standard dog bone shafts.
  15. That finished paint looks way more redderer than you'd think being translucent pink. Lovely deep colour, tho
  16. I recently acquired two tins of Core RC Shark Grey, although I've yet to use them. The colour on Modelsport's website is a bit darker than the swatch on top of the can, but as I haven't used them yet I can't say how light or dark the colour will be. At a guess, I would say slightly darker than the first car in the OP. Definitely more of a grey than a beige, though. Actually I had this exact problem recently, I was looking for a more classic / vintage colour for my LC45. In the end I gave up looking and mix half a tin of Tamiya white with a fair amount of Tamiya black to get a mid-grey, then added a little bit of Tamiya green to get a bit of life and tone, which came out a lot more green than I anticipated, but ultimately looks OK, I think. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/96310-mst-cfx-w-j45c/&do=findComment&comment=833602 I did have to use an airbrush for this, though. Realistically, I think you will either have to get an airbrush, or use general automotive paint and follow the advice on how to prep the surface for it, and accept that it might not be as hard-wearing as polycarbonate paint. Airbrushing a single solid colour isn't difficult (it's exactly the same as using a spray can although depending on the brush, the flow rate may be slower so it will take longer), and it doesn't have to be expensive - there are cheap kits that come with a can of propellant. These cans last way longer than I expected, you'll easily do one body on a can. I've heard of some that work from air in a car tyre, too, which might be cheaper still? I only use a cheap and basic brush which is way past its best and desperate for a rebuild, and I feed it from a Clarke workshop compressor with an inline pressure regulator and moisture trap, which isn't really recommended but serves me OK for my spit-and-run paint jobs.
  17. I want all of them. 😃 Just ideas where to start.
  18. Oh... this Poster you mean... I quote myself and vote for Saito San.
  19. Oddly enough, as a slightly-related tangential anecdote, I booked an eye test yesterday and as part of the general eye health questionnaire, I had to type in my hobbies. I'm now an 8-hr desk jokey for work, so I felt it pertinent to list my first two hobbies as writing fiction and producing music, as these also add several hours daily to my screen time. Then I figured my RC hobby is also relevant to eye health - both for close-up work when making small parts, and accurate distance vision when racing. I don't know about anyone else but I find it quite hard to judge the orientation of a 1:10 tourer down the back straight of a large outdoor track. I wasn't sure exactly what to list, so I put "model engineering / racing." Like most questionnaires it will probably get filed away in a computer system and never read.
  20. You actually need the buggy in hand. The line does not need to stick out as far as it does also the system is no different than the Super Champ same concept updated hardware. A loop will help contain the bubbles that could be created if the buggy was upside-down and the empty space at the top of the reservoir decided to move a bubble, it does not need to be there if enough length was maintained for the side to side movement. Feel free to look at the Super Champ in my showroom, it may not have the "loop" but in Stock form with an unaltered hose front the reservoir to the shock there is plenty of length to not proceed the side to side torsion you describe so you point is moot. The only reason the Super Champ leaked is the nipple that is fitted to the reservior needed to be sealed and the shock itself leaked at the shaft insertion point not where the hose was connected unless broken at that point. Also the Fighting Buggy never needed to have the o-rings replaced in the rear shock, almost 7 years and the rear shock has never seeped once. I really advise that you first need to own a buggy to be able to postulate on this subject. You are cause more and more confusion the longer you speak.
  21. Hi, I'm currently converting an Avante 2001 to an Egress. I'm looking for the black Egress wheels. I can't find any supplier that has these in stock. Anyone on this forum that could sell me a set ? Tires are already ordered so not needed. Thanks !
  22. If you're not sure what to buy, hold on to your money until you are. If you can't decide between those three, then you probably don't want any of them especially.
  23. That is a very good point. If one considers the wide range of skills and activities involved in the building, modding and using of model cars, they are very broad indeed, so perhaps it would be more accurate to think of "RC cars" as an umbrella term covering group of associated hobbies rather than a single hobby? There are many activities that are worthy of the title of "hobby" that do not involve making your own equipment, ranging from chess to archery. Likewise, there are many hobbies that involve the creation of things that one does not necessarily then end up using, ranging from whittling to painting. There are even some which generally involve the acquisition of items that one does not modify or use, such as stamp collecting, which is still considered a hobby by many. By the same logic then, whether your interest is in acquiring NIB kits to put on a shelf, driving RTR cars, building kits or crafting custom masterpieces, you still ought to be able to claim that that "RC cars" is one of your hobbies.
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