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  2. Certainly yes, but i think i will choose right from the middle: 225mm with the Alfa Romeo Giulia body. The body is nice, but not so low to the ground on the front and on the rear as well. The handling seems to have the best of both ends in terms of wheelbase.
  3. Track day! Been really looking forward getting some track time after making the changes listed above. Initial impressions weren't great! Rear end was very loose, with a lot of lift off oversteer, and although it was rotating really well in the slower corners, i was struggling to hold onto it everywhere else, and i was getting oversteer where i wasn't expecting. Not fun! I put the thinnest TA06 rear roll bar on, didn't help much. Added some rear camber, didn't help much. Moved the damper top mounts inboard to soften off the springs a little, didn't do much! It was all helping a bit, but ultimately the rear was just too lively and inconsistent for an average sticksman such as myself. And it was disappointing too, because the FF03 had gone from being my rock solid consistent runner to being a right handful. Given that i had time i started moving towards my old setup again. Using the adjustable block it was only a 5 min job to swap to the 1A position for 2 deg rear toe in. Although this did help a little more again, i was getting a bit demoralised at this point, so i went back out with my TB03. After running that for a bit i got over myself and had a read further up this thread to remind myself what changes i gad made. I had raised the rear roll centre by ditching the 1mm spacers under the inboard camber link balls. I went in my spacer bag and couldn't find 1mm, but found some spare 0.7mm shims, which was better than nothing. In those went (slightly fiddly as its a shock tower off job), and went straight out. BOOM! Back end was stuck down again and i could get some consistent lapping in. It was actually a bit too planted, so i came back in and put the yellow FF03 rear bar on (1.4mm vs 1.2 for the thin pink TA06), and that did the trick. The rear wasn't loose but turn in was crisp, and there was definitely better rotation in a couple of the corners. I was still getting that balanced throttle front axle bounce through the medium speed long sweeper at the end of the lap, but i think that's just something to live with as it did not go away when the rear end was hyper mobile. So, what i learned here is that roll centre adjustments are by far the most powerful adjustment you can make. Everything else is very fine tuning. Really to experience this and know about it. Also really glad i have gone through this process, but i am running the rear of the car a bit stiffer and with less toe in and it is better. Here's the rear end as it finished the session, when i ran lap after lap until the battery was done. Oh, one last thing. For a bit of cooling i put two holes in the grill of the shell, one each side of the centre badge. Worked brilliantly getting some air flowing directly onto the motor. It was running much cooler than previous track visits.
  4. That is another consideration - handling issues aside, there are more shells available in 210mm wheelbase, as there are several other M-class chassis from other manufacturers that use this standard, whereas the MWB and LWB settings are not as widely used on non-Tamiya cars.
  5. More body-options for me if it does not have to be from TAMIYA. L&L models TM935 Mini Porsche 935, 210mm or TM102 TOYOTA Mr2 210mm
  6. All very attractive choices, but in terms of handling, all else being equal, the longer the wheelbase, the more planted and predictable the car. Conversely, the shorter the wheelbase, the sharper the handling, but the more it shows up any inconsistencies in your driving. I suppose it depends on what you want from the car. A RWD M-chassis is quite a challenging car to drive irrespective of the wheelbase, so would you like to try to tame it a little with a longer wheelbase, or experience the car in its most challenging form by going for a short wheelbase?
  7. Sharing the hobby with my 11-year-old nephew has given me a few insights which might be useful. The first is that the type of model is no where near as important to my nephew as the opportunity to use it with others. He is 11 now but has been "playing cars" with his father, brother and myself for a few years now. We started him with a Rising Fighter - a good solid vehicle that is easy to build and maintain, and this he enjoyed driving around the garden and taking it to the track. However his enthusiasm for the hobby swelled dramatically when we got him a M-03 for his birthday. Now the M-03 is not as rugged, not as offroad-capable, not as easy to work on as the Rising Fighter, so in theory should be a terrible choice in comparison, but he drives it far more, simply because the rest of us are more into on-road M-class racing than we are into 2WD buggies, so he gets to race with us in the same class. The second is that the chassis build, while potentially educational and a good way for the user to bond with his/her car, isn't as important to my nephew as painting the bodyshell. My nephew has a passing interest in chassis design, setup and modification thanks to his father's interest in full-size car restoration, but the bodyshell is where he actively initiates things, coming up with his own ideas, colour schemes, liveries, even seeking out alternative shells to put on his chassis. This may just be because he is more of an artist than an engineer in terms of mindset, but it may be relevant to other kids too? The third is that there seems to be an optimum level of performance that suits him. At the moment he has a fleet of 5 cars - the Rising Fighter, the M-03, a WR-01 truck, a TL-01 touring car and another TL-01 set up for rally. The M-03 and rally car get a lot of use, the Rising Fighter and WR-01 are a bit slow for his tastes, and the touring car is a bit too fast. And by "too fast", I don't mean that he drives it to destruction and we think it is too much for him. He himself has said that he doesn't like it as much because he is worried about crashing and breaking it, whereas he feels more confident with the slightly slower M-03 and rally TL-01.
  8. @TurnipJF Good question, because im thinking of a body(or two) wich i'd like to put on the car for each wheelbase setting: for 210mm: Nissan Silvia S15 OR for 225mm: Alfa Romeo Giulia for 239mm: VW Karmann-Ghia (just like yours ) the most gorgeous body(perhaps too gorgeous for me to mess it up... i would not put it on a runner) for an M-chassis there is. OR Nissan Silvia S13 I CAN'T DECIDE Wich wheelbase do you prefer if it comes to handling?
  9. My first suggestion is to not give any children a smart phone, tablet, or personal laptop. My daughter didn't get a smartphone and a laptop until she was 18 and leaving for college. During high school she had a prepaid flip phone for emergency calling and texting. We had a common laptop placed in the kitchen where the entire family circulated. She hated the arrangement, but we were acutely aware how much time her peers were wasting on social media. In the end, her moving away from home with these gadgets still addicted her and her moral compass shifted thanks to peers and Reddit. We put the same deal in place for our son, but he continued living at home with us while going to the local community college for his training. He has a smartphone and personal computer, but he's retained a lot of his best qualities. I think there are several differences:. He's a boy not a girl, doesn't care about his peers as much, is surrounded by his parents moreso than his peers, and is working on practical hands-on skills. I read somewhere even certain people in Silicon Valley don't allow their children to use social media or have a smartphone. That tells me everything right there.
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  11. Can tell you by experience Terra Scorcher re-re (2020) rims won't dye either. Didn't read much further than 'how to dye with RIT' and just wasted 4 RIT Dye packages, made a mess of the kitchen (overboiled) and totally destroyed 4 good rims without even a trace of the color intended on them. Aaargggghhhh...
  12. ok i'm ordering a test Transmission better known from here on out as the Trani Deep Pond Experiment i am going to fuse this trani- with a a thin sheet 0.5mm Carbon Fiber woven sheet (around the black thin edge), more for looks, strength time can only tell.
  13. ordered them about a month ago. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=Hot Racing TTDR3728H and this gear ratio https://hot-racing.com/?partnumber=TTDR3827H;c=1289 https://www.rcmart.com/gpm-racing-aluminum-39t-12t-rear-main-gear-black-for-tamiya-t3-01-t31239t-bk-00087528 https://www.rcmart.com/hot-racing-aluminum-spur-gear-39t-12t-for-tamiya-t3-01-dancing-rider-ttdr3912h-00080100 https://www.asiatees.com/display?Tamiya-T3-01-Dancing-Rider-Parts-Hop-Ups-Upgrades&brand=Tamiya&model=T3-01+Dancing+Rider&id=161757&pid=1 this is all could find as of right now (intermediate gear?) when i shop for a model i always scour for their hop ups and purchase every thing weather it's needed or not. too many times in the past i have looked into purchasing after the fact and all i get is crickets. it's the inherent risk of supply and demand, and i demand them all right now their has been a few times where i'll get a couple of the same part just in case but then that cuts into some other builds needed parts, it's hit or miss. i bid you luck Tamiya Fan 1.
  14. Arrived from the USA yesterday, a very old and rare Team CRP 1650 A-Arm Stabiliser from the late 1980’s, for the Hotshot and others. I bought this off eBay a few weeks ago, very rare to see these come up. A tatty pack, but parts are A1. This is for my Super Hotshot build. Extract from the 1987 Team CRP catalogue listing this part is also pictured.
  15. I know the feeling. I am almost at the point where I can do shells to a standard that I am happy to display myself. I wouldn't want the pressure of trying to do the same for someone else!
  16. I am deeply sorry to anyone who I may have offended with the previous title of this thread. I intended it in the sense of trying a different way of doing things, as one might say "going digital" or "going old-school" for example. I will try to be more careful with my thread titles in future.
  17. It IS!! 😂😄 I just never thought he meant it that way. I'm also a Yank, and my Wife used to be a Postal Employee. SHE just brought that up!
  18. @Daniel.S15 Which shell do you have planned for your M-06? Different shells require different wheelbase settings, and wheelbase has quite an effect on the car's handling.
  19. Post 40th blues weekend bump.. May trade, what you got? ideally trf Tb evo items of interest.
  20. I helped a friend remove the gearbox from his old Vauxhall viva.. it was above blocks and unbolted apparently waiting to drop out.. but couldn’t be freed from the car.. so whilst I was upfront giving it a wiggle, said friend was doing the same inside the car to the gear stick end.. he then found one last bolt he’d not undone and promptly removed it without notice, at which point the whole thing dropped like boulder sandwiching one of my fingers between it and something on the engine.. after extracting myself I ran about 20 laps of the workshop shedding colourful language.. about a day later I needed to push a hot needle through my now black finger nail as it felt like it was going to burst.. This is why I leave all car maintenance to the professionals, well, this and my total lack of practical car knowledge and skills...
  21. I finished the documentary up last night. ****htening stuff. It left me with little hope honestly. The whole thing is a vicious cycle and since profit and monetary gain is involved (with some over the biggest companies on the planet), I don't quite see how it can be broken. Most people are oblivious to it and even if they were alerted, I don't feel they could break the addiction. Legislation is about the only way but I feel its so far behind the curve (especially with the pace of tech) that its hopeless. It did shred some light on the current state of affairs. I surmised for years that groups like the flat earthers had sprung up thanks to the internet bringing them together. What I didn't know was just how expertly social media did that process for them. It created customized echo chambers, reinforcing beliefs rather than questioning or challenging them. Critical analysis and thinking disappear and people are left thinking they're right about everything while subtly be guided to other conspiracy theories. The ramifications of possible mass behavior modifications are staggering when you think about it. It explains how some people could come to the conclusion that an opposing political party is part of some larger "new world order" preparing the world for the coming of the devil and that wearing mask and social distancing is somehow intertwined with the secret microchips that will supposedly be implanted with any Covid vaccine to control us (I know actual people that wholeheartedly believe this with utter conviction). If one gets sucked into that loop (and the "ai" has deemed them "vulnerable" to that type of thought pattern) how could those people ever see through all that? People like to be right about things and this tech is just reinforcing these fictions for them. Truly disturbing. Anybody have suggestions on possible solutions?
  22. Just been out with a different car - 4WD this time. Blew my previous efforts out of the water! Going to have to practice more with them 2WDs...
  23. I have three, the eldest who left home a few years back went through so many boyfriends that I could never remember their names and I kept using the wrong names when talking to them.....didn't go down too well ;-)
  24. It’s coming up as a regular recommendation and I have one in my cupboard waiting to be built 💥 I already have a few wheelies so that would be a nice way of rehoming it 👍
  25. With 4 daughters that’s a lot of boyfriends 😳 I’ll never remember their names 😂 Anyhow my 13 YO said she’d like to build the comical GH with me last night 🥰
  26. A great suggestion this too, I only see my nephew a 2-3 times a year and a dust collector is not any use to him. A few simple tips, tools, spares and FaceTime is the way forward 👍
  27. Got a multi-meter? You can check the resistor.
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