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  2. unixphreak

    The Day eBay Killed RC

    example one, way high price, really crappy condition and not very popular for said price. second one, person did not know what the model was until I discussed that he research and drop the price was 384.00. btw, I bought two of theses for 110.00 with radios and other extras.the the guy is a gold digger and the price keeps falling, was 284 yesterday.
  3. Hibernaculum

    The Day eBay Killed RC

    I thought of this thread recently, as I watched a nice, used Fox project with period radio, parts, manual and original box... sell for an absolute steal under bidding on eBay, for just AU$117. A Fox empty box alone is normally worth $70! I also thought of this thread recently, when I saw a nice Frog set (with cut but unpainted body), undergo a strong bidding war and sell for a strong AU$454. That’s almost exactly 4 times the price of the Fox. .:. Both of these examples kinda dispute this thread. The first because every person only has themselves to blame if they are not paying attention when things sell for ridiculous low bargain prices under bidding sometimes. (14 bids on Fox by 5 bidders) The second, because it shows how there is also plenty of genuine demand under bidding, to drive prices high, when people are actually awake and paying attention. (43 bids on Frog by 8 bidders)
  4. nbTMM

    WR-02CB straight steering

    I actually find that some amount of slop/flex in the steering is required to track perfectly straight without having to constantly re-trim the steering servo. This is because no matter how good your steering servo and servo saver are, they will never return to exactly perfectly centred after performing a turn. The trick seems to be to make sure that the slop is only in the steering axis (toe). Slop that can cause significant changes to caster, camber, offset, or shift the entire wheel forwards and backwards in the chassis, seems to hurt stability. The rear wheels obviously should not have any slop in the toe axis. A little slop/flex in the steering, when combined with positive caster will allow the wheels to self centre even if the servo/servo-saver are doing their best to steer slightly off centre. More caster = more straight line stability. After removing unwanted slop from all four wheels, it's the single most important thing to tweak for straight line stability on a flat road. Note that increasing positive caster increases oversteer when turning due to jacking forces which unload one of the rear wheels - when you turn the wheels with a lot of caster one wheel literally gets lifted up and the other forced into the road, which changes the weight distribution across all four wheels. I'm not familiar with the WR chassis but on the other tamiya chassis I've used the bump steer was far from optimised. As far as I know, in a double wish bone suspension you want the the tie rod to be as close as possible to the geometry of either the upper or lower arm to minimise bump steer. Looks like they are drooping down on an angle with respect to the wishbones in the above picture - that will probably give more bump steer than if they are parallel with the wishbones. Are the tie rod ball ends supposed to be on the top side of your knuckles? You can space the ball joints up/down as required to improve the bump steer with washers, or if they need to be spaced a lot I use brass standoffs (below photo). If you increase caster, you will need to space the ball higher off the knuckle end to correct bump steer. Note the tie rod and upper wishbone/arm being parallel. Personally I've never noticed any improvement in straight line stability by toeing in the front. Slight toe out produces sharper corner turn in so I usually adjust the front to either 0 toe or slightly toe out. Toeing in the rear wheels produces a noticeable improvement in straight line stability on my cars - just don't go too crazy (>3deg) with it or you'll scrub speed and wear out tyres.
  5. bjmulford

    xr311 body colour?

    Thanks Aerobert, i do apologise if its in the manual, i must have missed that!!! BW Barry
  6. Nicadraus

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Beautiful build!
  7. Today
  8. graemevw

    Lunchbox wheel wobble

    If i had any to hand id also use it, but i havent. Ill find something in the garage with no stretch that will do the job. Might try platerboard scrim tape, thats glass fibre, flexible and has no stretch. Just need to glue it on well. I have some tyre glue, lots of rubbery adhesives, silicones, polyurethanes etc. Ill test a few and see what looks like it will work well. I know some people use duct tape but i couldnt get it neat, or to stick well. I think the tyres need a good internal clean and a scuff up.
  9. DK308

    Lunchbox wheel wobble

    What I use to belt tyres is actually not cloth tape. I use actual kevlar aramid fabric. Much lighter, stronger and softer. This is what I use. You could use an even lighter weave. I just used 220 as I had it on hand. 165 will be plenty for what you're doing.
  10. graemevw

    Lunchbox wheel wobble

    No, nothing in the tyres. Brand new, never been run. This is ok at half throttle, starts to vibrate after that, then gets so bad i think it will snap the gearbox (no exaggeration). The axle holes in the wheels are a bit of a loose fit. I think im going to make a jig to hold the wheel square and fill the gap around the axle so the wheel is forced to stay square, then machine the locating lugs perfectly true. That, along with cnc adapters and some tyre balancing may get it under control. I think the wheel itself may be reasonably ok, just a combination of plastic adapters and slack in the axle hole means the wheel never bolts up true to the axle.
  11. graemevw

    Lunchbox wheel wobble

    Thats them. I searched but couldnt find them. Thanks.
  12. Kamikuza

    The Day eBay Killed RC

    Oh, Amazon Japan is great for price weirdness: I started a wee FB page to log the doozies. Pretty sure it's a money laundering scam...
  13. ThunderDragonCy

    Brushless Motor & ESC recommendations

    I really rate the hobbywing 10bl120 ESC. If you don't want to solder then buy from a shop that offers the service. Modelsport offer a soldering service for about 5 pounds, for example. Get a DT03 17t steel pinion and that will sort gearing and durability. See what 10.5 motors your chosen shop has.
  14. svenb

    TB Evo 3 Surikarn build

    I think your right about the dampers being re anodized, the red trf damper set hop up has grey anodizing on the threaded section. Either the damper parts have been replaced with 49313 and 49314 or they've had the blue stripped off and done in red. Looking smart anyway 👍
  15. Timr100

    Gear ratio

    Hi all is there is there a formula to work out gear ratios to get the approx top speed of my tt02,
  16. Dirt-540

    Brushless Motor & ESC recommendations

    Rules are very relaxed as its open. Dont think i need programmable. Unsure what blinky, FDR and mod are? I think 10.5t is what im after. I checked out the Surpass rocket v4s motor and skyrc esc, both only available in hong kong. Am I right in saying im looking at about £100 if i buy both? Would i be better off buying a Hobbywing combo that retail for about 75-80?
  17. Hi everyone I have for sale my lowered mystery machine lunchbox for sale comes with instructions ,battery ,transmitter which is not tested ,all radio gear in vehicle works nicely also have a set of monster wheels which I can include for a fee. I am looking for £80 OBO + £10 postage If you need more pictures and info please ask.
  18. Picked up a DF01 wreck to fix up. To get the gearing for a 13.5 i need one of the spurs from the speed tuned gearset, but either would work for the gearing i want. Has anyone got the set and has either the 66t or 69t spur going spare? Like i say, doesn't matter which one.
  19. ThunderDragonCy

    FS brand new wheels from GF01 Toyota

    Sent you a PM. definitely interested
  20. graemevw

    Super astute rebuild

    Pink isnt a fave of mine either, but works on this. I have a driver, just not fitted it yet. The window tint was a bit dark, if i can find a lighter one id do it again.
  21. graemevw

    Vanquish rebuild

    I like the bronze, but no idea what car id put them on!
  22. Aerobert

    xr311 body colour?

    According to the manual it should be TS-28 for the Body and XF-1, XF-10, X-11 and X-6 for the attaching parts.
  23. Hi everyone I am selling my holiday buggy it comes with battery and instructions and esc/receiver as well. it is a bit battered and has a crack in one wing I am looking for £60 or near offer + £10 postage. I don't know how well the battery works. if you want more info please get in touch.
  24. 78Triumph

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Drove my rwd MF-01x Beetle again. I love this car, it's so much fun drifting the back end around, especially on damp tarmac. Untitled by Joe, on Flickr
  25. nowinaminute

    Lunchbox wheel wobble

    This is a good idea to try out, I've done the same with 2 and 3 piece wheels too, a little "corrective reassembly" to balance out warping a little. If I had to guess I would say your wheel rims will be the toughest thing to overcome without buying new ones. There's a little wobble on my brushless lunchbox but it smooths out as the revs increase. One thing, and not to insult your intelligence but is there any dirt inside the tyres? I run mine at a beach a lot and sand gets inside the tyres and then ooo boy the thing shakes like a washing machine with one towel inside! I ended up punching little holes in the middle of the tyres so it can spin back out again, otherwise it get's stuck in there. Especially with the rims glued because it get's in through the air holes and can't get back out again.
  26. Grumpy pants

    Vintage Sand Scorcher Manual

    On eBay now and photo added at long last. I have photos of each page if anyone is interested 😊
  27. Grumpy pants

    WTD SRB Rear Wheel Screws & Nuts

    Bump still needed please.
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