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  1. [ just updated my TXTSpeak-to-English convertor [] ]
  2. mmmm. maybe I should be thinking of a way to make it some sort of open source plug in architecture, that would allow people to code their own modules, that can then just plug in...a bit like Snitz...Keep the ideas coming, I'm taking notes.
  3. lol - yes its about time I did something there... (just hope my email goes back that far!)
  4. Bens right, I used to allow html in showroom descriptions but it made browing through the forums a nightmare, bold red text in capitals, millions of animated gifs and bad javascript etc. So in the end I turned it off. I'm always for pushing the site forward, spent last christmas implementing new skin and the whole movies section, which seems to have gone down well. And around October time is the time the majority of subscribers get their renewal reminders (as October is when subscriptions started) so it would be nice to introduce something new just a bit before then, just as an added incentive. In the past I've been very guilty of adding new features rather than tidying up or refining exisiting ones. Two reason, one is they are new features which people like and two they are generally more fun to do What I'd really like to do is work on a new killer feature, which makes people think 'how did i live without this for all these years' - so ideas are welcome. Tweaks to what we have are also welcome. I've been kicking an idea around for a while now, which might be interests to mainly the modellers and restorers on the site and thats a personal parts database. Might sound boring at first but here me out, I see it working like this. You decide you want to restore a Rough Rider, so create a new project associated to this model. First thing the system does is checks online to see if any one has already created that project, if it has it downloads all the required parts from there. If not you can create your own, making a list of the items you want (this is then uploaded for possibly others to use later) As you complete your model you tick off the items as you find them. Thats part 1. Part two is for people that just want to keep a DB of their parts, they can simple enter them into their own online area, each part they can add a picture and a price if they wish. Great way to keep track and much easier than entering every single nut and bolt you have in the showroom. Going back to the project man, when he has listed all the items he wants for his project it simple they cross references the gaps with those parts that people have listed for sale and tells him where he can find them, and also shows price options for each part. Club gets payback from the fact that both the sellers and project people are actually building a huge database of what parts go to what kit and where you can get them from. With possible pictures of the items. Visually I agree it wouldn't be the most exiciting thing, but I'm sure some people would find it useful, eg me (seem to remember saying that when I started setting up the club - lol)
  5. I did think of the different layouts but gave up on the text to the right but we are really pushed for width, thats why it appears on top. Putting it at the side pushing lots of content of the side for most 1024x 768 monitor users. Will look some different options though.
  6. NO probs - its great to constructive suggestions. what about my 'joining' idea - any legs
  7. wow - that given me food for thought! Some stuff there I like, I think... I guess though play devils adovocate you are basing your suggestions on common sense and order In light of experience I'm not sure thats how people work though, because in effect what you are expecting people to do is go off and find cars entered previously and then add the new pics to the appropriate section of that model. Bearing in mind some people still have difficulty even entering a car it sounds a bit much I love the idea of loverly well organised showrooms, but I'm thinking that of our userbase how many would use it? On top of that I think the people that get confused now might get even more confused and lead to even more mess??- just my knee jerk feeling, I'll give it some serious thought though, as I accept the whole area is in need of some overhaul. up to now I'd been toying with the simple ieda of just letting people 'join' showroom items into groups, so you look at one item and at the bottom it gives you links to other items the owner things are related. Chris
  8. lol - sounds fair enough, and I guess its only fair when I'm asking members to go to the effort of getting a shot I should do it myself... Bit late now maybe at the weekend...or maybe I'll just stay in and watch the TV instead
  9. Thing about ebay is you just never know all the facts about any transaction then you see there. You don't know 100% - details of what actually was on offer (maybe the buyer asked a question, that revealed some hidden treasure) - details of whether the transaction completed successfully - details of if shill bidding was involved - details of the buyers reasons - details of the buyers monetary situation. and many more. What you see on ebay, is like hearing a 10 sec bit of a 5 minute discussion - in most cases there is more you don't know than you do, no matter how obvious it looks. I spent a while trying to understand it but in the end gave up as there was just so little to go on and at the end of the day figured with a user base of millions I was never going to understand it. There will always be 'odd' things happening on ebay. Buying or selling I just worry about my transactions now, if I buy I make sure I only pay want I want and if I sell, as long as I get what I want for it (after all I know what I paid for it) then I'm happy, regardless of what is going on in other auctions Chris
  10. yep still got some, although my supplier has packed in so they are the last ones - drop me a mail with how many you want.
  11. Mad Zero, I really don't think any one as assumed you are anti club here, you have asked a question about the running of the club, in a public forum which i answered and its only natural that other members will comment on it. You asked where the money went and others have posted 'they personally don't care' - there is nothing wrong with either their post or yours. You are right though if you want to ask a question where you only one one reply then email is the best approach. Glad to hear you think we are value for money.
  12. Its about to be announced.... I'll tell you this though they were only 7 out on the correct answer! Just going to kick back and have a tea first, then I'll be right on it. Reckon I've driven best part of 750 miles today and spent 3 hrs on a ferry....
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