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  1. I've no problem with anyone asking questions at all, its good to bring this stuff up as it makes me re-evaluate. First, to clarify: your max upload limit is only 0.83mb because you've already uploaded 49.17mb. The figure you have is the remainder from your 50mb limit. The reason for the limit was mainly a financial one, in that the server instance I have and storage in the cloud has a limit and potentially we have 10s of thousands of people uploading. That said it wasn't because of costs alone, it was the fact that as cameras got better and higher resolution, the images as they come straight off the camera could be 10's of mb big, even though they are never displayed at that resolution, when in reality compress and resized they probably only need to be 100k - in which case your 50mb storage space would go a long way. I wanted to encourage people to take that approach rather than running up extra costs for the club. That said I've just added another 25mb to everyone limit to see how it goes. TCphotos for subscribers wasn't really to solve this problem or to 'sell' more subscriptions. That really came about to give people a better place to post pictures of family, friends, babies, holidays, puppies and cats rather than in their showroom. The fact they can also use it for hosting pictures required on any forum was just an unintentional benefit. Cheers Chris
  2. Think we have to be a bit careful with saying things like "encourage to focus more on quality rather than quantity" - there has certainly been nothing to show that buly uploads are 'worse' than single uploads. Its generally just new user coming on board and uploading their collections on a new service they have just subscribed to. Once people have got over that initial stage and using the use of the site is generally just a case of 'you get a model, build it and post it' which is fine. I think what I really need to do is improve the onboarding flow for new users, that and the switching methods approach I think will be fine. (Like I said before the previous approach was not without its problems, with some great uploads just generally being missed because someone had uploaded 2 models in one period - and Im not saying that people in this thread did not click the red number indicators, they obviously did, but the vast majority of people didn't)
  3. I've implemented my auto switch mechanism, it basically switches between approaches depending on numbers of models uploaded by a single user. So will leave that for a while and see how it goes. Chris
  4. Don't worry about it, its not a rule or anything thats even written as a suggestion somewhere. You are not the first to upload a lot in one go given a shiney new empty showroom to fill Im working on an automatic way that handles the home page automatically when someone does though, so it should just become a none issue. Cheers Chris
  5. Hey no disrespect taken All feedback is always welcome. I completely understand where you are coming from BTW and don't disagree in that ideally I like to see lots of update by lots of users and at the same time I don't care who posts them I just like to see new models, for me its the picture that makes me decide if to look or not, not the builder - but thats personal preference Now I've been able to test it for a while now I'm able to see how people are using it compared to the way they used it before. The bottom line is the new system produces nearly 40% more click throughs than the old system and that is shared more evenly across posted models. Thats means on average more models are being looked at, which leads to more likes, favourites and comments for those posting. Thats data not personal opinion and there is no denying thats a generally positive result. The trade-off is occasionally models will drop off the page quicker than the poster would have liked - i understand that. Previous approach had its own 'unfairness' in that one model could be on the home page for 2 weeks, at the same time I could post two great models but because they were grouped one might only be on the homes page for 1 minute. The red indicator was my first attempt to fix that but its just not used in any meaningful numbers. All that said I've just about got a refined test ready to go, which will look at what is has been posted over a time frame and then automatically switch between the old and new way when required. ie if some has more than three items in one go it will group them, so lets see how that goes. Im not really a fan of personalisation options, I've built in lots of these before but ultimately very few ever got used and then are just a pain in the code that I have to maintain going forward, so I'd rather not add more if possible. Please bear with me, we'll get something that feels better soon. Cheers Chris
  6. As re-bugged said there is a cap for everyone on the size total size of images you can upload to forum software. you can get around this limit by hosting your images elsewhere and linking to them. For subscribers I provide that 'elsewhere' in the form of tcphotos.net which I can set up for Subscribers upon request. Its a completely separate site so I have to do everything manually rather than it just being automatic when subscribing - and yes thinking about it that option is not made clear enough to new subscribers which I'll correct. I'll set you up an account there shortly and send you the details Cheers Chris
  7. When you say upload content to the site do you mean your showroom or the forum? It’s different for each
  8. ha! You forgot optional uploadable decals, so you can drop them on and position. Based on this one taking 18year to produce then I'll get at least one of those features done by 2038.
  9. Made it a bit easier to share your designs now https://www.tamiyaclub.com/wildwillyhelmet.asp?tb=00b4fb&mb=ffac00&bb=00b4e9&sk=ffa48d&ey=0089e7 Heres my Le Mans Gulf version
  10. Im afraid it doesn't look like any one has donated to you yet @bugged - last gift was from Nobbi1977 ---> ChrisRx718 - S: 4/12/2020. Who/when do you think someone gifted you a subscription?
  11. there are still subscribers out there with free subscriptions to give away. Best place to ask is here on our facebook page Chris
  12. you may need to log out and back in again. If there is a problem just post a link to your profile page and I'll take a look
  13. Fixed this for everyone now - left some code in before that meant only I could see it. Ooops. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/wildwillyhelmet.asp?rt=f
  14. For no particular reason I had this idea bouncing around in my head for ages, so today I decided to build it. Ultimately I think its pretty pointless in its current state but it might lead to better things and possible body paint jobs? No promises Ever wanted to 'try out' Willy helmets? This might keep you entertained for a few mins https://www.tamiyaclub.com/wildwillyhelmet.asp?rt=f
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