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  1. Complete listing here https://www.tamiyaclub.com/awards_last.asp
  2. re - not being able to message me, I think that might have just been that I've never deleted anything so my inbox was over flowing. If someone could try again it would be much appreciated
  3. hi @Falcon#5 I've set you up on tcphotos.net, with the same email you have on the forum. If you go there and go through the reset password process you should be good to go. Chris
  4. I've reset this to a max of 15mb per photo now, so let me know if it now works for you.
  5. will look into that - in the meantime I've added you to tcphotos service with the same username and the email you have registered on this forum. visit tcphotos.net and go to log in then do the password reminder service and you should be good to go.
  6. Not sure why that is either ! Im getting messages some through as far as I can see. Can you talk me through the steps you are taking (screen shots would be ace) or if you've not got the time try sending me a message from the button on my profile on the main site. Chris
  7. Not intentionally. I did have to reinstall it the other day because of problems so its possible I reset something. Will take a look and rectify if that is the case
  8. Can you please update my avatar? Thanks, Lachlan.


  9. Struggling to get the competition on the site at the mo (working from a hotel after being part of recent flooding!) but I'll give you theme here now so you can start your prep. The theme is "Wrapping Paper" - that can be festive, or the type you use when shipping or receiving rc packages. Your image, as always, must have a strong and obvious RC connection. It can be something wrapped, being unwrapped, used as a background, models bursting through, inspired paint jobs, RC themed wrapping paper or you can choose your own idea. Entries will close at the end of December and voting will be the first couple of weeks inJan 2020. Only one photo allowed in entry. Subscribers only. Full rules on the actual competition page shortly. First Prize: NIB Top Force, Second:NIB Comical Hornet! - Many thanks to Stellamodels.com.hk for sponsoring !
  10. Look forward to seeing the finished pics BTW there is another competition to be announced in the next few days - two great prizes this time!
  11. Hi guys - lets cut out the 'testing the bad word filters' please. None of them are perfect, but there is a reason they are there and I'm happy to live with occasional false red flags. Cheers Chris
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