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  1. Hey Jonathon, Meeting up would be great. We arrive in Auckland the last Saturday in November and there for a few days before picking p our camper van and starting the road trip. I'll be in touch nearer the date and firm something up Thanks again Chris
  2. Hi All, It looks like I am going to be in New Zealand in dec 24, Jan & feb 25 and I thought it might be a nice idea to try and meet up if we have any New Zealand members around? I could do episode 3 in our (very) occasional interview series. see below. Anyway if you are around and have some spare time - let me know. Chris
  3. thats quite possible. Like I said I ran a series of updates on the codebase which may have resolved it between your visits.
  4. @kataplaz tcphotos is only available to Tamiyaclub subscribers and as far as I can see you are not currently one of them. How to become a subscriber
  5. I've released a new version of TCPhotos, so please let me know if anyone is still having upload problems. If you are be sure to click on the 'error report' link that is shown and copy and paste the message here. Chris
  6. I can't replicate the problem on my various test accounts. What do you get when you click on 'error report' link?
  7. Mmm not sure why that is- just message me through the main site.
  8. I’ve got an update to apply, which I’ll do this evening. It ‘might’ fix it or the only other alternative I can think of is if you send me a different email for me to use on tcphotos only
  9. Thanks for the support - apologies for that. The reminder service can get a little confused just depending on very specific set of timings of events. In that instance the message is sent in error but I've checked and everything is process ok One of the advantages of being a subscriber is you get free picture hosting on tcphotos.net which you can use for anything (inc making it much easier to add photos to this forum or another) Let me know if you would like me to activate it for you. Regards Chris
  10. The forum is a free feature of the site. Subscription covers the showrooms etc of the main site and it’s the proceeds from that that allow the site (inc the forums) to continue
  11. First and foremost I sad things didn’t work out for fusion, they were great people and a big asset to the uk rc scene. I wish them well in whatever they do next. with regard to impact on the site, financially it makes no difference, my deal with all the sponsors is just to supply occasional kits for prizes when needed. So it might be these competitions are fewer until I find a replacement. if anyone knows someone that wants a sponsor slot let me know. If anyone wants to support the club then subscription is the most important thing chris
  12. chris.alex 87lc2 mtbkym01 All these accounts are now setup. just visit the sign and do the password reset option with the email address you have registered here. PLEASE NOTE the password you set on tcphotos does not change anything on the forum or main site, its just for tcphotos
  13. The passwords are different - it's a completely external system. Just looking at the issue now.
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