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  1. Hi All Sorry, it's a fair cop. To be clear the problem is me and not any of the the forum admins who do everything they possibly can to resolve forum issues.Im going to talk to them today to see what we can do to resolve this going forward. Im on the main site every day doing admin stuff but, has as been pointed out, Im not so frequent in the forum. Can't guarantee that will change but Im hoping I can at least stop being a blocker to the admins that really run this place. Chris
  2. No. It’s intentionally completely independent of anything tc system related. You just have to upload them again to your showroom if you had that requirement
  3. Tamico has 'found' some more if you missed out of the last lot. Full details here... https://www.tamiyaclub.com/tamico.asp
  4. The emails should have all been sent out now to those that applied. If you've not received your please get message me and let me know and I'll look into it for you.
  5. sorry forgot to mention I did that a few days ago.
  6. Its a one time thing I'm afraid, otherwise it obviously means double the amount of uploaders (and tcphoto users) for no extra income, which is just not viable on an ongoing basis I'm afraid. I am looking at if there is a way to allow some other sort of discounted offer. regards Chris
  7. If you are a logged in subscriber you should see the option when you view anyone else's profile page (unless you've done it in the past already) Chris
  8. Foxshot, Duntmatterreally, Tamiyastef and Stulec52 have all been added - go to tcphotos.net and run through the password reset feature there (that sets it up just for that site) Tamiya_Cars_4_Life - you don't appear to be a subscriber, so afraid I can't help you out. cheers Chris
  9. Apologie - I've got a batch of these to do. Will aim to get up to date by tomorrow. Cheers Chris
  10. I’ll find out for you. I’ve spoken to them and they’ve seen the orders coming through but I know they’ve had holidays. When did you order?
  11. There was definitely an issue over the weekend which the hosting company say is now sorted (and it appears to be as far as my testing shows) Any more problems let me know. Chris
  12. Should be resolved now although you may need to clear your cache
  13. Full details announced! https://www.tamiyaclub.com/awards.asp 5 chances of winning, and the highest number of entries for recent competitions is just 40. Those are good odds.
  14. Prize number 3. The bery first Wild Wendy by our own ToyMKR73 Matt Hicks. She's been sitting in a box since 2004 waiting to find a new home - now you can win her.... more details later
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