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  1. Is that the same -200 error or a new one?
  2. Think I might have fixed this - please try again.
  3. Sorry is the warning only popping up when you post pictures or whenever you make any post?
  4. To protect the server all out traffic goes through Cloudflare servers. It has done for years and generally works really well. (If you are using services which don't use cloud flare you should really be asking what they do to protect your data) I have recently switched some of the settings that should have improved things even further but it looks like it might not have if you are repeatidly getting this 'challenge' screen popping up. I thought you might get it once but then it would be ok. Is the problem still persisting? Regards Chris
  5. Ive sent an email to the address register on this forum and tcphotos.net Not quite sure how long the reminders take to come through, although I've not had any complaints in the the past about the time.
  6. Done - http://www.tcphotos.net/GToddC5 go here and go through the password reminder service for the email you have registered in the forum
  7. TCPhotos, like the showrooms and trade areas, is a service which is only available to subscribers I'm afraid.
  8. Always glad to hear from members that are passionate about the club, so feedback is always welcome. Im still around and the process for things 'only I can do' is ACPRC takes it as far as he can and then contacts me direct if it requires my level of access. I've tried to open more of this up so other admins can do more but it hasn't worked so far. Will look into it again now and have another go at giving the admins the full keys to the drinks cabinet. BTW it was never about my faith in the other admins more the fact that because of the way the main site integrates with the forum and the fact the main site code is all written by me and the forum is a third party solution, some of the admin features don't really have a nice interface so changes involve jumping into the actual code or database, which brings ample opportunity to accidentally do pretty major things (as I have done myself several times!) Like I said I'll have another go to open up more but you have my attention now, so if there is anything anyone in specific needs doing just post it here and I'll see what I can do. Regards Chris
  9. Hi All. I will do my best to resolve this today. Have to be clear - Adam has pushed this as far as he could, its me that has failed to deliver. Will update shortly. Regards Chris
  10. Hi All Sorry, it's a fair cop. To be clear the problem is me and not any of the the forum admins who do everything they possibly can to resolve forum issues.Im going to talk to them today to see what we can do to resolve this going forward. Im on the main site every day doing admin stuff but, has as been pointed out, Im not so frequent in the forum. Can't guarantee that will change but Im hoping I can at least stop being a blocker to the admins that really run this place. Chris
  11. No. It’s intentionally completely independent of anything tc system related. You just have to upload them again to your showroom if you had that requirement
  12. Tamico has 'found' some more if you missed out of the last lot. Full details here... https://www.tamiyaclub.com/tamico.asp
  13. The emails should have all been sent out now to those that applied. If you've not received your please get message me and let me know and I'll look into it for you.
  14. sorry forgot to mention I did that a few days ago.
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