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  1. netsmithUK

    New site design just went live!

    @SHY69 this should now be resolved. There was a bug I've fixed. There is one caveat though, and thats because the platform runs a server side cache it can take some time before the new thumbnail shows up.
  2. netsmithUK

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Real spur of the moment thing. I've had probably over 20 Sand scorchers over the years but never actually built one from NIB. OK its only a rerelease but still far more excited than I should be. Funnily enough, got it through ebay, found it decided it was the one to get, and then realised it was from one of the first 50 people to sign up from Tamiyaclub back in 2002!
  3. netsmithUK The Documentary

    @Tizer remote contributions are definitely something I want to explore - I'll be in touch.
  4. netsmithUK The Documentary

    And to clarify on the email I sent out to subscribers - the next competition will be for one of these but more about that in a separate thread
  5. netsmithUK The Documentary

    I've put a map together of places I've been invited. Its just based on those people that have completed the form, so if you want to be part of it be sure to complete it (Sorry to keep banging on about the form, but I won't have time to trawl through all the comments looking for people that have volunteered that way)
  6. netsmithUK The Documentary

    @Grastens Don't even go there, last time I talked/april fooled about rereleases it got me in lot of trouble. I think I meant to say Super Astute, but I've asked modelsport to clarify Chris
  7. netsmithUK The Documentary

    Got to say loving all the forms submitted so far. Got enough already to easily beat my 5 min lower estimate All of the responses so far have been exactly the sort of thing I was after. Cheers Chris
  8. netsmithUK The Documentary

    @yogi-bear get your name down on the list!
  9. netsmithUK The Documentary

    @Stefan hoping all those topics will be covered in the discussions with people that know a lot more about it than me! Would love to have some people on board doing this fancy new stuff. Chris
  10. netsmithUK The Documentary

    @JennyMo thanks for the feedback. I'm owed a holiday or two, so I'm looking at least a couple of international trips if enough people are interested are in a given area then at this point no where is 'too far'. So, if you are interested, then fill in the form and encourage others near you to do the same please I really want to make the best job of this I can, so the more people involved the better. Cheers Chris
  11. netsmithUK The Documentary

    I’m certainly up for another event but they get complicated once they pass a certain size. Let’s let take it into another thread so we can keep the two discussions distinct
  12. netsmithUK The Documentary

    @Mad Ax Thats great - You are the first. I was beginning to think it would only be me. Your definitely in the catchment area and sounds like an ideal setup to come and film. Will be in touch.
  13. netsmithUK The Documentary

    Because I've not got enough to do already, thought nows a great time to kick off this idea... After years of trying to keep a low profile I decided it was time to step in front of the camera. Hope its not as painful to watch as it felt like doing it, but I thought if I was going to ask you to do the same then I should be prepared to do it myself. I'll post this to the main site and the forums tonight and if you watch it and think "I'd like to be part of that" then please complete this google form Lots of details to work out, so just really trying to gauge interest at this point. Let me know what you think of the project (not my rabbits/headlights presentation style) Click the image to play ( if that doesn't work you can see it at )
  14. netsmithUK

    New site design just went live!

    Will take a look and get back to you
  15. netsmithUK

    Car list updating ( need help guys )

    Database updated thanks.