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  1. Thats is truly tragic news. Shodog had been around the club since literally month one, nearly 20 years ago. Undeniably passionate about his collection and had a real eye for quality. He will be missed for sure. He'd just started rebuilding his TC show room https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom.asp?id=34 but sadly had only started to scratch the surface.
  2. Sorry - need to work out a quicker way of doing this. In the meantime if someone can provide the definitive list of what I need to add, being sure to include the chassis types against each model I'll get them added. Cheers Chris
  3. Just to explain why this is so complicated is from the start of the forum (and demonstrable in most other forums you can visit) what a percentage of users think is appropriate/funny for an image on a family site is very 'varied' Even now, knowing that they are checked I still get things sent through that I know could cause offence to visitors. I didn't want the forum to become a mess with this type of content so thats why we have avatar moderation. Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this other than set the upload size to 1kb for images. That isn't because we are expecting anyone to send an image that small, its basically to turn the avatar upload feature off while still allowing me to display user avatars in the forum. Regards Chris
  4. Hi Goudar I got you email and avatar request. I batch these requests up and process them at the same time, so there can be a lag before you see the results. Regards Chris
  5. I really meant context in relation to this old 'comments' thread. I've regenerated one of you thumbnails and it looks to be showing now - the other is not showing because there is no image for it to base it off. It looks like you deleted the first image on the model or didn't upload one into slot one, which is what the thumbnail is based on. Just upload an image to this slot and it will be used. The old photos recovery page is still there https://www.tamiyaclub.com/recoverpictures.asp
  6. This needs a little context please. This is an old conversation about comments that I think was resolved? Not aware of any lost photos problems for years, which were as a result of major issues with the server and having to restore what I could from backups. Chris
  7. Is this the list? 58699 M08 Concept Chassis Kit 47466 1/10 RC XB Super Storm Dragon 58692 - unimog 406 cc-02 Item 47470 - Top Force Evo 2021 If so, can someone supply the chassis types for those missing them. If not please list the things I've missed and inc chassis types and I'll get it sorted
  8. Done http://tcphotos.net/Superluminal and go through password reset routine.
  9. Done http://tcphotos.net/billyb and go through password reset routine.
  10. This is a great thread - congrats on maintaining it so well! Im here because I've recently had someone contact me about a 100mph+ Grasshopper (yes, grasshopper) I have to admit I'm a 'little' sceptical that his timings are accurate so I told them to get some GPS data and video and come and see you guys. Chris
  11. Its not for everyone, that why we have the two tiers. Apart supporting the site financially so that all tiers can enjoy the service, you can find most of the differences here https://www.tamiyaclub.com/why.asp Cheers Chris
  12. If you are a subscriber to the main site then you just need to ask and I set it up for you
  13. We generally follow standard UI guidelines so the button is ''Warning' red and also to the left of the default options. Also clicking it does not reset your password. \following the inswtructions thqt you get in the enail that results actually resets it. So, if you click in error just ignore the email thqt arrives
  14. Its historic. I wrote all the code for the main sitefrom scratch years before the forum existed. Rather than write a forum from scratch I pay for a service. Main site is all Microsoft, forum is independant code base and database that runs on PHP. Its not a small job to get them talking to each other in a secure way. I do revisit it from time to time.
  15. Give me a bit of time to sort it out. I'll give you both your options to give a free subscription away back. Chris
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