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  1. Its not for everyone, that why we have the two tiers. Apart supporting the site financially so that all tiers can enjoy the service, you can find most of the differences here https://www.tamiyaclub.com/why.asp Cheers Chris
  2. If you are a subscriber to the main site then you just need to ask and I set it up for you
  3. We generally follow standard UI guidelines so the button is ''Warning' red and also to the left of the default options. Also clicking it does not reset your password. \following the inswtructions thqt you get in the enail that results actually resets it. So, if you click in error just ignore the email thqt arrives
  4. Its historic. I wrote all the code for the main sitefrom scratch years before the forum existed. Rather than write a forum from scratch I pay for a service. Main site is all Microsoft, forum is independant code base and database that runs on PHP. Its not a small job to get them talking to each other in a secure way. I do revisit it from time to time.
  5. Give me a bit of time to sort it out. I'll give you both your options to give a free subscription away back. Chris
  6. Re-Bugged, although it could have been the other way around? 3/25/2020 If thats not the case then it is possible that you still got your normal renewal email because I'd not anticipated that particular scenario (ie a subscriber gifting to another existing subscriber) Chris
  7. Hi BusDriver, I think the issue is that you are on a 'gifted' solution yourself from March last year? Subscribers that are given free subscriptions then cannot give free subscriptions to other members for obvious reasons
  8. It only works once for each user - so have you given a free subscription away already? If so you won't see the option again.
  9. While there are still subscribers that havn't used their free voucher yet, the other option if two of you who want subscription could just club together so £7.50 each and basically get 2 full subscriptions between you - thats literally 2 pence a day! Chris
  10. Some of you might know there was an ongoing problem for some users with password resets on the main site. Im pretty sure this was down certain email systems (mainly hotmail, outlook/live.com I think) deciding that we were a spam server. It was inconsistant so sometimes they would let emails through and sometimes they wouldn't. Tried all sorts and couldn't get it resolved 100%. Yesterday I just finished moving ALL the mail sent from the main site over to Amazons mail services. As you can appreciate this was no small job, but I got it to a point where I was confident enough in my testing to release it last night. So if you have had problems resetting your password on the main site in the past you might want to give it another go this morning. NB: This is the password reset for the main tamiyaclub.com site. Your password in the forum and the process to reset that will remain unchanged. I am looking at trying to unify the two though at some point.
  11. Working on this right now - wooo hooo
  12. Excellent thanks - helps a lot. watch this space
  13. didn't anyone prepare an update list for me - got a little time today and it would help a lot. Thanks
  14. I’ll set you up and you’ll get an email with instructions
  15. It came second to constructing a couple of beds, several sets of drawers and a couple of wardrobes. Its on the list though, so hang tight. If you want to pull together a single list of model number, name, chassis type for all the new ones, to save me digging though all the posts that would help a lot. Thanks
  16. Thanks. Don't forget if you do subscribe you then get a free subscription to give away to a friend
  17. The 'Just Ask for a Free Subscription' unfortunately closed quite a while ago, but it was replaced with an option for any current or new subscriber to gift a free 12mth subscription to a friend/contact/stranger. (or another way of looking at it was those thinking of getting a subscription, you can currently get two subscriptions for the price of one, so you could split the costs between you) chris
  18. I set these up manually. Will sort your account today cheers chris
  19. I don't know what to tell you. Hot mail are blocking some of the emails we send out and are sending our servers the message that the user should request our email should be white listed. Technically I think they have blocked emails going through SendGrid who is the service we use. The message coming back from Hotmail is that if it is blocked in error the user should contact them. Whether they do anything i have no idea. At this point though, that is all I have to offer. I am not in a position to find another supplier at comparable rates and then refactor and test all the code I would need to use them. Just being honest. If you want to want me to reset the email associated with your account I can do that if you DM me via the forums. Chris
  20. unfortunately the problem is not with your personal whitelist - its with Hotmails by the looks of it they are blocking it before it gets to you
  21. Only saw the one reset email go out this time. In terms of hotmail I can only advise emailing support and asking them to white list us.
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