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    Car list updating ( need help guys )

    Database updated thanks.
  2. netsmithUK

    Avatar / Profile Picture

    At the moment, the avatar setup isn't working as it should, so the easiest way to sort it is for me to add them manually for now. If anyone wants to add or change their avatar, please PM me the avatar Please bear in mind; avatars will end up 100 x 100 pixels, so 'widescreen' pics won't look too good
  3. I need to do various updates to the site and its going to involve several server reboots over the two hour period between 1pm and 3pm gmt on Saturday 16th. Generally best avoid posting anything new during those times either to the main site or the forum as I can't guarantee it won't be effected in some way. If the sites offline for any period then please check our facebook or twitter feeds for more details Cheers Chris
  4. There appears to be a hard limit to the size of a post in the forum/server software. Once you hit that limit its really hit or miss what you are allowed to do, which is why there is variations in the problem (technically the code that is being stored for the post behind the scenes, can be quite different to how it may look visually, so it might appear you are doing two similar things and one works and one doesn't but the 'code' produced can be quite different in length.) Sorry can't see this being fixed in the short term, so the only work around is breaking long posts into smaller ones I'm afraid. Got people looking at it, so if anything changes will let you know. Chris
  5. netsmithUK

    Can't log in to main site

    Will take a look for you - and will obviously add any 'lost time' onto the end of your subscription. Chris
  6. netsmithUK

    Paid Subscription

    Max69vk Think its actually a just a badly worded message and in fact you account subscribed successfully (its just a problem with how the order in which confirmations come back from paypal - they all come through in the end, but not always in the order the system expects). Looking at you account, it seems to be a full subscriber one If you've still got problems log out and log back in again and let me know if it clears it. If not let me know
  7. netsmithUK

    Paid Subscription

    taking a look now
  8. netsmithUK

    Internal Server Error

    @Truck Norris DM'd you.
  9. netsmithUK

    Flickr image hosting service

    I guess I never officially announced it as the replacement service, but all the feedback I go was good. Guess the take up for the service was quite low, so I'm still just turning it on for those subscribers that want it. Eventually I'll point the old domain at it. As a reminder, this is picture hosting for anything you want. Its not moderated in anyway (although obviously if we receive series complaints or anything is bought to our attention that is illegal or deliberately offensive then we might need to review and take action) and it does not have to be RC related. All the pictures you upload are given easy 'copy and paste' embed codes for all the major services.
  10. netsmithUK

    Flickr image hosting service

    If you want the service turned on contact me via my profile page and I'll set it up for you
  11. netsmithUK

    Internal Server Error

    Still working on it at this very moment. May be a bit "changeable" for a little bit. That said I think I might have literally just fixed it (after the next time you login)
  12. netsmithUK

    Internal Server Error

    I've made some tweaks to the login system, which is hopefully going to sort this out. The next time you go to the main site though you will need to login one more time though which should reset things. Let me know it this doesn't sort it out for you. Chris
  13. netsmithUK

    Tamiyaclub TShirts.

    Although the weather at snetterton wasn't exactl tshirt conditions, they still sold very well. That said I've just come across some that I have left. There are Just 4, they are all LARGE, and rather smart in a darkish grey colour with black and white logos and text on them. (photo will follow shortly - i need to iron one first! - ben folded in a box for the past month) If anyone wants one they are £12.50 each plus postage. First 4 to post here gets one. Just another thought, any of you that bought a T at the event, I am thinking of having a special section of the site 'Me and my T' whereby you post pictures of yourself in your tshirt standing next to a famous landmark, road sign, famous person etc. So start wearing them and taking photos.[] Chris
  14. Try the password reminder again now. Just double checked your data and it had your name in the 'email' field for some reason
  15. OK, so are you saying its working ok now? ie when you do a password reset you receive it and it works?
  16. Please post a link to your member page on the club site. I've checked the database and can't find the email address you registered in the forum, in the main site. I can find one for you on the main site, but its a FSNet one. Have you changed it on either the forum or main site - you have to change it in both.
  17. netsmithUK

    Forum was offline a bit today.

    Thanks to those that bought it to my attention. Think the problem was due to running out of disk space the other night, although I fixed that think the forum was still in a bit of a confused state. While investigating I noticed that there was a bug fix update to the forum software out so I applied that too. Should all be good to go again now. Chris
  18. After several weeks of testing the new site just went live [ Big thanks to all the guys that helped out with the testing - your feedback was invaluable. Feel free give yourself a shoutout here ] Its a big step change from the last site I know and will take some getting used to, and it will be tweaked over the coming weeks If you see anything in the old style, please force refresh your browser caches. If it still persists please post a link to the page here (eh the map page and game page) If you get server errors anywhere than obviously post links to the pages here too. Cheers Chris
  19. Big thanks to for giving us our next subscriber prize to give away in September... Suggestions for a theme are always welcome.
  20. Whoops - sorry, thought it finished today. Will check the details and let the winner know today and then make the annoucement. Chris
  21. netsmithUK

    New site design just went live!

    @Cesco thanks for that. Will investigate. When you get that server error again please can you make a note of the URL in the address bar and roughly the time of day and let me know. It will help me track it down. Cheers Chris
  22. I see you got your entry in ok now Slight problem with disk space last night that is now resolved. There is another 12hrs for people to get their entries in Cheers Chris
  23. netsmithUK

    New site design just went live!

    Besides the issues mentioned today (and the Nokia issue above) I've nothing raised. The most testing done is in Safari on iphone, ipad and mac. Are we talking about issues with logging into the forum or the main site? The main site, is tested and I can see people logging in every day. That said if there is a reason the login fails then it stays on the same screen and a message appears on the screen. Its possible that certain plugins might interfere with the message - can you try again with all browser extensions/plugins turned off? Cheers Chris
  24. netsmithUK

    New site design just went live!

    @wandy - that is now fixed The number is a bit out (in your case 19) as a result of some of the model owners of those your favourited deleting them at some point. I'll update all those numbers at some so they are correct and keep uptodate going forward.