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  1. The 'Just Ask for a Free Subscription' unfortunately closed quite a while ago, but it was replaced with an option for any current or new subscriber to gift a free 12mth subscription to a friend/contact/stranger. (or another way of looking at it was those thinking of getting a subscription, you can currently get two subscriptions for the price of one, so you could split the costs between you) chris
  2. I set these up manually. Will sort your account today cheers chris
  3. I don't know what to tell you. Hot mail are blocking some of the emails we send out and are sending our servers the message that the user should request our email should be white listed. Technically I think they have blocked emails going through SendGrid who is the service we use. The message coming back from Hotmail is that if it is blocked in error the user should contact them. Whether they do anything i have no idea. At this point though, that is all I have to offer. I am not in a position to find another supplier at comparable rates and then refactor and test all the code I would need to use them. Just being honest. If you want to want me to reset the email associated with your account I can do that if you DM me via the forums. Chris
  4. unfortunately the problem is not with your personal whitelist - its with Hotmails by the looks of it they are blocking it before it gets to you
  5. Only saw the one reset email go out this time. In terms of hotmail I can only advise emailing support and asking them to white list us.
  6. the emails from the forum and the main site are sent by different servers, which allows me to keep costs down.
  7. its being blocked by your provider before it even gets to you. I get the feeling in the past you may have hit the button again, but then have got the original email which is now out of date.
  8. I saw your password reset fire off and the email has been sent. If you have not got it already then that is the separate issue that your provider is blocking our emails which I can't do anything about
  9. @nicherotors at the moment, I'm out of ideas. The tracking I've put in place shows me that people are resetting passwords and then logging in ok. There are several every day using a variety of browsers and OS's. I can't think of what other logging to add that would give me more clues at the moment. Not saying you are doing anything out of the ordinary or wrong just can't think what it could be. Try the password reset again and I will give it another shot of trying to work out what the issue is
  10. @Gamester I've looked at your showroom and your models have comments against them, you've just not cleared any of them for showing on the site. (clicking the green tick) This means when you look at you models in any browser that is not logged in you don't see them and if you look and you are logged in you do see them.
  11. I can see hundreds of comments left in August so not quite sure why you would be having issues. Basically the way it works is a) if you are logged in (ie you see your name in the top right - then you can just leave comments b) if you are not logged in (weather you are a member or not) you can leave a comment if you give your email but you will be sent a confirmation email yourself - to verify you are a real person - before that comment is passed onto the model owner. Neither route should ask you to login or even sign up, although the second does offer signing up as an option. Perhaps you could post some screenshots here of what you are seeing on stage at each step? Cheers Chris
  12. It should only ask you to very your email if you are not logged in when you leave the comment. If you are logged in then you can just leave comments
  13. ok more info. I can see that the actual 'reset password' option fired twice (at the moment the only way I can see this happened is by clicking the button twice), within the same minute and one of the messages got delivered but hotmail blocked the other - that could lead to things getting out of sync, possibly. I need to run some more tests.
  14. Not sure - think we are getting close though. I can see from what you have posted here that that is indeeed the second password, which is effectively useless as your password has already been reset to the first one, which for some reason you are not seeing for some reason. Leave it with me.
  15. Do you run any sort of browser plug-ins, sometimes these can hide things thinking they are adverts? Try turning any off in the browser that is giving you problems.
  16. I just saw you try again - it looks like this time your email provider let the emails through From what it looks like the process is running 'ok' but it appears you might be shown two different passwords? The first gets recorded against you account but then you try and logon using the second, which obviously fails. At the moment I've got no idea why or how this could happen, short of some sort of page refresh happening for you for some reason. I'll continue to investigate but let me know if any of that rings any bells.
  17. Please post some links to items you think should have comments shown against them.
  18. here is the first part of the problem. We are sending emails out but your hotmail account is occasionally blocking them. (Occasionally being the key word) "The hotmail.com server blocked this message from being delivered. The recipient should contact their mail provider and ask for the domain to be unblocked"
  19. As far as I can see comments are working fine and I am unaware of any 'disappearing'. As a logged in subscriber you see ones that other people don't until you click the tick on them to make them appear. This means if you are logged in you see them and if you are not they look like they disappeared?
  20. Mmmm. The problem I have is that I can see people logging in and I can see people successfully reseting their passwords ok, it just something about you flow seems to not be working for some reason. More logging added. Please try again, and let me know the time - thats was really useful.
  21. I know you are trying to help but please can you stop testing in multiple browsers everytime, it makes it much harder for me sifting through the log files. (Its not a browser issue) so just stick to chrome. Each time I ask you to test it is because I have added more logging code, so apologies if it feels like I keep asking for the same thing. Please try again and confirm each one of these steps (once) 1. enter email and press reset button. 2. Confirm email arrives and click on link in it. 3. Confirm it shows you the password on the screen that appears. (and paste text of message that appears underneath it) 4. Copy new displayed password and paste it into the password box 5. Enter your email in the email box 6 press login 7. Confirm what you now see on screen and copy and paste URL of page here.
  22. Once you've seen the password shown on screen after clicking the link for the first time, then you CANNOT click the link in the mail (or copy and paste it) a second time - we'll you can it just will never work, as its a one-use link, so you have to make sure you make a note of the password when its first displayed. Can you try again now please. Start with reseting the password (only need do it in one browser)
  23. yes - email and password. Please can you go through the reset process again. I've added some extra debugging around your account.
  24. I just reset your password. You should get an email. Copy and paste the link into the browser (Rather than clicking it) Tell me what happens Chris
  25. don't forget to post some pictures when you've got them installed!
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