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  1. I just saw you try again - it looks like this time your email provider let the emails through From what it looks like the process is running 'ok' but it appears you might be shown two different passwords? The first gets recorded against you account but then you try and logon using the second, which obviously fails. At the moment I've got no idea why or how this could happen, short of some sort of page refresh happening for you for some reason. I'll continue to investigate but let me know if any of that rings any bells.
  2. Please post some links to items you think should have comments shown against them.
  3. here is the first part of the problem. We are sending emails out but your hotmail account is occasionally blocking them. (Occasionally being the key word) "The hotmail.com server blocked this message from being delivered. The recipient should contact their mail provider and ask for the domain to be unblocked"
  4. As far as I can see comments are working fine and I am unaware of any 'disappearing'. As a logged in subscriber you see ones that other people don't until you click the tick on them to make them appear. This means if you are logged in you see them and if you are not they look like they disappeared?
  5. Mmmm. The problem I have is that I can see people logging in and I can see people successfully reseting their passwords ok, it just something about you flow seems to not be working for some reason. More logging added. Please try again, and let me know the time - thats was really useful.
  6. I know you are trying to help but please can you stop testing in multiple browsers everytime, it makes it much harder for me sifting through the log files. (Its not a browser issue) so just stick to chrome. Each time I ask you to test it is because I have added more logging code, so apologies if it feels like I keep asking for the same thing. Please try again and confirm each one of these steps (once) 1. enter email and press reset button. 2. Confirm email arrives and click on link in it. 3. Confirm it shows you the password on the screen that appears. (and paste text of message that appears underneath it) 4. Copy new displayed password and paste it into the password box 5. Enter your email in the email box 6 press login 7. Confirm what you now see on screen and copy and paste URL of page here.
  7. Once you've seen the password shown on screen after clicking the link for the first time, then you CANNOT click the link in the mail (or copy and paste it) a second time - we'll you can it just will never work, as its a one-use link, so you have to make sure you make a note of the password when its first displayed. Can you try again now please. Start with reseting the password (only need do it in one browser)
  8. yes - email and password. Please can you go through the reset process again. I've added some extra debugging around your account.
  9. I just reset your password. You should get an email. Copy and paste the link into the browser (Rather than clicking it) Tell me what happens Chris
  10. don't forget to post some pictures when you've got them installed!
  11. Already in hand thanks Not really looking on any of this as a money maker in fact part of the delay is working out the best quality at the cheapest price way of production, so those savings can be passed on to the members. You've just made me have an idea actually. Might do a quick comp for for members to design a decal to be added to the sheet. I'll fill 90% of the sheet with TC branded stuff and leave a small area to include a decal that users vote for. Would there be enough interest I wonder?
  12. Glad you like them. As I explained I’m not really comfortable with other companies producing things based on Tamiyaclub’s branding. That said plans are already well under way for a full tc decal sheet should be available real soon chris
  13. replied to the DM - as I said I can't remember any reason for coding it that way, Will take a look and see what the problem is
  14. Very Dapper. The hat finishes the outfit perfectly.
  15. Pictures pleased wherever you end up sticking them
  16. First batch of bumper stickers in the post   I've added some extra club stickers I had laying around (will continue to do so until they run out) Be sure to post a pic when you have them stuck somewhere!
  17. Re decals - for the record I've got no problem making their own for their own models. I do object to anyone that does it an tries to turn a profit, even a small one, using the clubs branding (not saying thats the case with ones mentioned above) the same goes for T-shirts etc. Basically if you don't get it from here (me) , then its not official. Cheers Chris
  18. Decals will happen at some point. Just working out the most cost effective way of doing them.
  19. If you meet me in person I'll let you have one free (perhaps if you are coming around to my great RC clearout in nottingham?) if not then I'm afriad you need to cover the cost of postage in a hard backed envelope. Postage prices are in £1.50 UK, £3.50 Rest of Europe, £4.50 rest of the world. Approx 295mm x 76mm printed on matt vinyl. Im limiting the give away to just one per envelope to help get them spread about a bit more. If you really want 2 in your envelope just add £1.00 to your payment. Message me if you need my paypal details :)
  20. I've no problem with anyone asking questions at all, its good to bring this stuff up as it makes me re-evaluate. First, to clarify: your max upload limit is only 0.83mb because you've already uploaded 49.17mb. The figure you have is the remainder from your 50mb limit. The reason for the limit was mainly a financial one, in that the server instance I have and storage in the cloud has a limit and potentially we have 10s of thousands of people uploading. That said it wasn't because of costs alone, it was the fact that as cameras got better and higher resolution, the images as they come straight off the camera could be 10's of mb big, even though they are never displayed at that resolution, when in reality compress and resized they probably only need to be 100k - in which case your 50mb storage space would go a long way. I wanted to encourage people to take that approach rather than running up extra costs for the club. That said I've just added another 25mb to everyone limit to see how it goes. TCphotos for subscribers wasn't really to solve this problem or to 'sell' more subscriptions. That really came about to give people a better place to post pictures of family, friends, babies, holidays, puppies and cats rather than in their showroom. The fact they can also use it for hosting pictures required on any forum was just an unintentional benefit. Cheers Chris
  21. Think we have to be a bit careful with saying things like "encourage to focus more on quality rather than quantity" - there has certainly been nothing to show that buly uploads are 'worse' than single uploads. Its generally just new user coming on board and uploading their collections on a new service they have just subscribed to. Once people have got over that initial stage and using the use of the site is generally just a case of 'you get a model, build it and post it' which is fine. I think what I really need to do is improve the onboarding flow for new users, that and the switching methods approach I think will be fine. (Like I said before the previous approach was not without its problems, with some great uploads just generally being missed because someone had uploaded 2 models in one period - and Im not saying that people in this thread did not click the red number indicators, they obviously did, but the vast majority of people didn't)
  22. I've implemented my auto switch mechanism, it basically switches between approaches depending on numbers of models uploaded by a single user. So will leave that for a while and see how it goes. Chris
  23. Don't worry about it, its not a rule or anything thats even written as a suggestion somewhere. You are not the first to upload a lot in one go given a shiney new empty showroom to fill Im working on an automatic way that handles the home page automatically when someone does though, so it should just become a none issue. Cheers Chris
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