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  1. Twinset - re the £135.00 SS, I wouldn't be too sad. From what I have seen modelman nows his tamiya stuff so if he has sold it for that much i think the is a pretty good chance that is all its worth. Maybe UKStyle will tell us when he gets it. Body sure does look nice though...
  2. Nope got them ok - thanks. Sorry just got a bit of a back log, everyone is being very helpful at the moment. Cheers Chris
  3. Cool Idea - i like it a loot but I am not sure if everyone would 'get it' - worth a try anyway Anyone else have any ideas on what the cars should be, we have the following levels of poster to cover starter 0+ posts new 10+ Junior 50+ Average 200+ Senior 500+ Advanced 1000+ Acccording to my scales this would make you a 'Striker', sean
  4. Just to go confirm what Theo has already explained - if you want a graphic which is a link to your showroom you just need to paste the following into your signature (url="http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom.asp?id=x")(img)http://www.tamiyaclub.com/images/logo_member2.gif(/img)(/url) but replace the 'x' with your id number and the () brackets with [] brackets.
  5. you mean one of these? http://rc-off.com/doberman.html
  6. abbreviate as much as you like - what ever makes you happy, what I was getting at is it wasn't a rule either way.
  7. watch my application for a day I can say absolutely definately .... it varies. I've got my search looking at .com and .co.uk and on some days you get batches going in every 2-3 hours on other days, weekends in particular its a lot less. There is definately no pattern to it. My guess is thier system collects new items (Any items) until it hits a certain number (1000, 10,000 etc) and then adds them as a mass. Chris
  8. I agree with micky, I like the idea of a standard set of questions or rating that people can refer to so that we are all singing off the same hymn sheet. And I agree with Theo in that this would be best used in conjunction with great photos and description. The questions should be as far as possible referring to undisputable fact and have simple yes no replies, eg Is it New in Box Has it ever been driven Are all the parts new Are all the parts original etc etc Which then begs the question, what 10 questions would you ask (Assume you are only allowed very simple asnswes (yes/no/etc) Chris
  9. Thanks Jim, But from the offset I have tried not to make this Chris'sRCSite.com. As far as possible I try and make this a club site, of which I am a member like the rest of you. I set up it originally but only the bare skeleton, without the members and great admins and others who have helped along the way it would just be a very empty shell. As long as the members keep using it, I'll keep running it
  10. Hi Sean, I wrote it just for the day you decide to pack this rc lark in and sell your NIB SS for $100.00 - I'll be waiting chris
  11. I know old habits die hard, buts really not ness. to abbreviate the spelling of Ebay anymore. New board - new rules. As long as you keep the majority of your debates to this section you can use the correct spellings If using the full spelling of ebay starts to bring the end to law and order and generally life as we know it - we may review this rule. Cheers Chris
  12. Twinset actually displays his graphic OK - so thier must be a way.
  13. With your ebay track record you probably know most of the people here already... I think most of us were just surprised you were not here earlier. We'll have to stop talking about you behind your back now.
  14. lolol - thought so. Are you a cheeky scouser I'm sure we can do a deal for a lunch box no probs. Chris
  15. Don't worry about it - Lunchbox, I just copied this message from when I replied to a while ago, thats why it sounds a bit 'abrupt' The main bit in it was the bit where I suggested contacting other members first if you want to chat with them - otherwise its a bit of a hit or miss affair. Completely unrelated - did you sell me something a long time ago, maybe a wild dagger and blackfoot? Cheers Chris
  16. The chat system was just something cheap and cheerful I thought I'd give a go. Problem was finding something better... 1. Don't want it java based as then everyone will blame me when thier machines crash and it doesn't work 2. Don't want to spend ages writing something 3. Don't want to pay for any third party software (If any members want to pay for something then let me know ) 4. no software install (ok I know it uses flash but most people have that already - don't they) 5. doesn't carry excessive advertising, popups, etc. The way I use the system is to, look under the menus to see who is on line then click on thier name and send them a message from thier details page asking them if they want a chat. Other than that I email people in advance to invite them to chat at a certain time. Sorry its not perfect but thats all there is at the moment - if you know of something that meets all five of my points then let me know and I'll have a look at it.
  17. I think the wheels and tires are very hard to find - as they are not shared with any other model Cheers
  18. you can just type them in if you know what they are, other than that click on the smiling face icon above where you type you comments and you can then just click on the one you want - it inserts the appropriate text for you Chris
  19. Inspired by Snollan's great NIB SS find a month or so ago - I decided that there are still bargains to be had on ebay if you are quick enough. So being a web developer I sat down and wrote an applcation which searches ebay every 30-60 secs for new items on ebay [using whatever search criteria you normally specify when doing the searches manually]. If it spots that new items have been published it gives you a visual and audible alert. I've shown it to a couple of people and they can testify it works - when visiting new items you are always within the vist 3 viewers. Its not perfect, - naturally you need to be online to use it. (sods law the best stuff comes up when you are off line ) and by the fact my showrrom is not full of great stuff you can tell its not bagging me 100's of bargains but thats down to the fact that stuff i'm interested in justain't coming up while i'm online.I've have seen quite a few things that others might have liked and passed. - you need to be near your computer for lengths of time to get the most from it. (no problem if you are online all day like me) - great bargains really have to be BIN (which seem to be fewer and fewer) Just wandered if anyone thought this might be a marketable application. Problem is the more copies you sell the less of an advantage it is for anyone that buys it. Maybe I could rent it out - no more than two users at one time, each with the option of using it for a month - but then its a gamble, which month do you use it for? etc etc etc These are just my sunday night ramblings - anyone got any ideas on what I should do with it or interest in this? Let me know Cheers Chris
  20. If you are wondering how to contribute scanned manuals or decals to the site, firstly - thanks very much they will be greatfully recieved and secondly if you could scan them to the following specifications that would be great: 100% scale 150 dpi Descreen option on - if your scanner has it Scan media set to PRINT - again if your scanner has it All files in jpeg format with compression set to 75% (each page should be around 300-500k) Name each page as 01.jpg, 02.jpg, 03.jpg etc. Put all scans into one folder called modelNumber-Model_Name eg. 58016-Sand_Scorcher Then zip the folder and send it through to info@tamiyaclub.com Many thanks Chris
  21. Please note changing your password on Tamiyaclub does not change it on these forums. If you want the automatic login to work you will need to edit you password in your profile on the forum as well as on the club site. Sorry its a pain but thats how it works for now.
  22. Hi All, Just been to look at a really great looking Sand Scorcher, but there was a number of bits on it that I just hadn't seen before - can anyone shed any light on them... 1. Most of the metal bits were a matt 'gold' colour (uprights, gear box etc) - not done by the builder as i say he still had some of the parts NIP in his spares box 2. The rear cage was a highly polished metal one, again I an sure it wasn;t home made as it looked exactly like the plastic one but in shiney metal. 3. The radio box looked new, it was definately Tamiya as it was embossed on the plastic, only thing was it was very 'frosted' to the point where by you could hardly see through it. Didn't look like an age issue more like it was bought like that. Anyone seen any of these before? The whole thing came with a new unpainted body (nose cone had been cut away a little for some reason - clearence?)Thought I was on to a real bargain, but unfortunately although the bloke wasn't a collector and didn't know squat about the web he had been told by a friend or a friend of a friend that it was worth £150.00... so i'm thinking about it - it did look a little special though. Cheers Chris
  23. What do all these terms mean to you - looking through the showrooms it seems we have quite a wide range of definitions of these terms - what do you think they stand for. Just to start the ball rolling I think there are the following breaks... NIB/New in Box - exactly as it says - original package, with everything there as the day it was sold. New built - Built from entirely new parts (Should we distinguish between those built from new parts and those built straight out of the box) If a new built is run - how many test drives are allowed before it becomes something else? Runner - a regularly used model Just a few thoughts...
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