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  1. It was just my anti spam methods being over zealous and no liking your short username. This should be fixed now.
  2. Thanks I was watching it and thinking how it looks like Jimbo just sat down and reeled it out in one 25min speech. Think it’s fair to say that was not the case so don’t let his or wirelesses effortless presenting style put you off volunteering!
  3. OK something else to do during lockdown. As I can't get out and about to film interviews thought we could have a go at putting something together remotely. If you are up for it, I'd like you to film yourself (running through the questions below) and then send me the footage. I'll then edit a bunch of them together and hopefully get a few compilations out. It doesn't have to be 30 mins of content or you complete life story, like the ones I've done so far, more just 5 - 10 mins of clips so not a massive job for you Community Doc. ONLY SEND ME CONTENT YOU ARE HAPPY FOR ME TO MAKE PUBLIC PLEASE DONT Share the content anywhere else until I’ve had chance to edit and publish it. (Ie no point me publishing content thats already out there) Film yourself in landscape and cover as many of the following topics… As well as filming yourself talking include a few films clips of your collection. Shelves, work benches, specific models you might mention, runners etc It doesn’t need to be one long take for all the answers (but it can if thats easier for you) Think about what’s in the background Try and film in good light, where the light is in front of you (not behind you) Pause between sections (to give me chance to edit it If you make a mistake just carry on filming and do it again. I’ll edit it later Once filmed send them to me via https://send.firefox.com/ . (Its free and you don’t need to sign up - but you can if you want to send more content) You can send me the link via the contact button on my profile page https://www.tamiyaclub.com/member.asp?id=1 Include any photo scans if relevant to your anecdotes (I love retro photos) Don’t bother trying to zip it all up Must start with “Hello/hi my username is USERNAME, from REGION + COUNTRY and I am member numberXX” My first memory of RC is …. A few sentences about getting your first Tamiya A few sentences about the current state of your collection, size, items you are still to get. A few sentences about your favourite model from your collection. The one you would save in the event of a fire and why Any projects you’ve got planned for the lockdown period. Any ‘claim to fame?’ - winner of school competition, featured in magazine, regionals, nationals? How you discovered tamiyaclub inc A few shoutouts to any friends you’ve made through tamiyaclub.
  4. No probs. Maybe you could just stagger your uploads over a few days — that’s kind of how I hoped people would use it but it’s not really a problem either way just the luck of the draw how many the next persons publishes
  5. Its a fair point and thats why i introduced 'the stacked' method originally but back then there was a lot of people posting a lot of content, these days its a lot less. Thought it was a real shame that 'new content' was being hidden by default and 'old content' was hanging around on the home page for a week or two or even more. Its not cast in stone though so will take feedback on board and review at some point. Cheers Chris
  6. Actually I have changed it just trying something new, felt the way it was working was actually hidding a lot of new content and some old content was staying there just a bit too long. Leaving it like this for now and will review again in a couple of weeks. Adam is correct though in saying the number of new items has gone up since lock down and the free subscriptions initiative.
  7. all members of the forum will have a main site profile - this subscription will give them the ability to open up a showroom and enter competitions etc
  8. @mtbkym01 if you are a logged in, paid for, subscriber on the main site, then when you visit anyones profile page (if they are not a subscriber already) then you will see a new button on the right which says "Give Subscription". Click it. Job done. (All subscribers were emailed this info back around march 25th - let me know if you didn't get it.)
  9. @berman no problem. Look forward to seeing what you post to your showroom!
  10. Thanks to James for letting me turn his life and home upside down for the day. So hard editing a days worth of chatting down to just 25mins. Enjoy.
  11. @grimlock nope there are still a few subscribers out there with subscriptions to give away.
  12. netsmithUK


    You just don't need to manaully add <br> any more https://www.tamiyaclub.com/car.asp?cid=678 I've added some code to automatically remove them out when editing.
  13. netsmithUK


    You just don't need to manaully add <br> any more https://www.tamiyaclub.com/car.asp?cid=678
  14. Someone has just pointed out that could actually be looked at as a 2-for-1 offer, which I guess it is as its effectively 2 subscriptions for the price of one. So, if you want to subscribe you still can and then offer a friend a free subscription, or if two of you want club together and share the cost then it makes membership just £7.50 each. Hadn't thought about it like that and we've never discounted membership in 18 years but Im happy to let it run if it helps. Will need to review it though at some point to work out what the impact is on the server. Cheers Chris
  15. Sorry not sure what you are asking? You don’t see any link on your own profile you see it on every other members profile who is not a subscriber
  16. More free subscriptions... Decided to hand out some more but in a slightly different way. Each current subscriber (apart from the free ones) has the ability to hand a place out free. They should have just got an email about how to do it. So if you know a current subscriber then maybe give them a gentle nudge
  17. thanks for all this - I'll take a look
  18. Sorry all gone for now - maybe more later. @wolfdogstinkus what message does it say on screen when you clcik the reset link? Also do you get the email? If so what do you see on screen when you click the reset link? Cheers Chris
  19. yes - that means I won't be able to change the F to a f unfortunately. I know that looks simple but its just a lot more complicated that a simple change behind the scenes. At some point in the future it might be an option buts its quite a way down the priority list at the moment. Above it is how you managed to change it in the forum to something different in the first place as that shouldn't be possible and could explain some issues I've had with the site. Join date fix is on the list as is the avatar. Cheers Chris
  20. @makya thanks - feels a very small gesture in the grand scheme of things but every bit helps a little bit - hope to do more later. Have to say its only thanks to the current paying subscribers that I'm able to offer these free accounts as they are effectively covering the costs for them.
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