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  1. I took away the ability to edit usernames literally a decade ago. Four main reasons, 1. Editing them to something not suitable. I fully accept thats 'not suitable' to my standards which I make no apologies for. Always tried to keep this a family friendly place and have manually vetted every signup since day one. You really would not believe what some people think is acceptable (and this is no judgement on them, just not what I want on a club I am responsible for) I don't have a mechanism or time for checking them again everytime someone wants to edit theirs. 2 People were using them to be 'funny' and changing them to effectively get little messages to appear on various parts of the site they were not supposed to, eg changing their name to something that should really be something for the forum. I don't really have the time to monitior and react to that sort of thing. 3. Old code, some of the older parts of the system used username to link various bits of data (I know a terrible idea but it was a long time ago) so changing names can make bad things happen to the system. I'm gradually removing these bits of code, but its a slow, low priority job I'm afraid. 4. Main site and forum are effectively two separate systems so the usernames are set in both at sign up, but as with passwords, not linked after that and I don't want them getting out of sync. Sorry no easy answer on this one. Chris
  2. Figured we are going to have quite a few members sitting at home with time on their hands, so to help fill that time, I'm giving away 10 free subscriptions to Tamiyaclub.com so that you can nicely catalogue your collections online. Just post a comment here (with your username) if you want one of these accounts - You must have an existing free account already to take advantage of this. If you are already a subscriber or think this might be interesting to anyone you know, please share the message with them. Cheers Chris
  3. Sorry not really sure.. the forum looks at the data stored in the photo (exif data stored when the photo originally shot in most cases) then auto corrects rotation. It could be whatever pc software software you are using to rotate the image isn’t updating this data even though the photo looks correct?
  4. if you are saying that when sorted by category you don't see all the categories in the listing, then that should just mean that particular user has now models listed in that category (ie it only shows the ones they have) https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom.asp?id=2692&ob= &s=c
  5. Can you send me a link to the page you are looking at. thanks
  6. Yes its just emails at the moment. I'll have a think if I can add and indicator of some sort though - no promises.
  7. Booom - all up-to-date again. May take overnight before they appear as options when adding new models to your showroom
  8. Nope, its just logistically its all taken longer than expected. Editing one right at the very moment.
  9. Complete listing here https://www.tamiyaclub.com/awards_last.asp
  10. re - not being able to message me, I think that might have just been that I've never deleted anything so my inbox was over flowing. If someone could try again it would be much appreciated
  11. hi @Falcon#5 I've set you up on tcphotos.net, with the same email you have on the forum. If you go there and go through the reset password process you should be good to go. Chris
  12. I've reset this to a max of 15mb per photo now, so let me know if it now works for you.
  13. will look into that - in the meantime I've added you to tcphotos service with the same username and the email you have registered on this forum. visit tcphotos.net and go to log in then do the password reminder service and you should be good to go.
  14. Not sure why that is either ! Im getting messages some through as far as I can see. Can you talk me through the steps you are taking (screen shots would be ace) or if you've not got the time try sending me a message from the button on my profile on the main site. Chris
  15. Not intentionally. I did have to reinstall it the other day because of problems so its possible I reset something. Will take a look and rectify if that is the case
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