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  1. Struggling to get the competition on the site at the mo (working from a hotel after being part of recent flooding!) but I'll give you theme here now so you can start your prep. The theme is "Wrapping Paper" - that can be festive, or the type you use when shipping or receiving rc packages. Your image, as always, must have a strong and obvious RC connection. It can be something wrapped, being unwrapped, used as a background, models bursting through, inspired paint jobs, RC themed wrapping paper or you can choose your own idea. Entries will close at the end of December and voting will be the first couple of weeks inJan 2020. Only one photo allowed in entry. Subscribers only. Full rules on the actual competition page shortly. First Prize: NIB Top Force, Second:NIB Comical Hornet! - Many thanks to Stellamodels.com.hk for sponsoring !
  2. Look forward to seeing the finished pics BTW there is another competition to be announced in the next few days - two great prizes this time!
  3. Hi guys - lets cut out the 'testing the bad word filters' please. None of them are perfect, but there is a reason they are there and I'm happy to live with occasional false red flags. Cheers Chris
  4. Not seen one of these before https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=80988
  5. Its long gone now - forgot who I traded it to. I only rediscovered it because I got a reminder I originally posted it to my showroom about 15 years ago!
  6. Ha that’s exactly why I bought it. Always seemed a lot of soft plastic to have nitro in it though
  7. I bought this a long time ago with a view to converting it to electric but never got around to it so sold it on. Think it was stamped 'Testors' and was made in the 1970s but that is as much as I know. Thinking back to it, I'm not 100% sure it even had steering? It was quite large though. Any ideas?
  8. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=110483 Came across this while looking at old posts, The Garbo Romax. Knowing nothing about them I search google and googles top 2 recommendations were that I should go and look on Tamiyaclub! https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=68799
  9. @speedy_w_beans - Basically I want to get the club back to where it started, the more I use facebook, instagram and twitter - it make me realise, as much as I love them for continual feeds of all sorts of contents, they are not the the places to really show your models and archive your collections with like minded people. Facebook is basically post it and forget it - great for a quick bit of feedback maybe, but terrible to ever go back and look or search for something later, and virtually impossible to then explore other sensibly related content. I want to do a lot more work around reducing subscription costs The showrooms, making them a real reference place for the owners and those visiting finishing the TC app I've had in the pipeline for quite a while now Beefing up the server and storage required We've not increased subscriptions since we started charging and we've been fortunate that the income has basically always balanced the outgoings - adverts were just me exploring different funding models, possibly actually leading to more people paying a lot less. I wont be be raising pricing for subscribers and never will. We all owe them for funding the club all this time It's not a problem, I only posted the thread so people didn't panic if they suddenly saw an advert. I've got a few more options to try and the club is not going anywhere, even if nothing changes. Cheers Chris
  10. I'll read more into the options and maybe give it another go another day, but to be honest, i don't really like the looks of it
  11. OK - its terrible. I've turned it off. This was my mobile view of the home page. Apart from the logo and the menu none of the content was mine. Can't believe anyone runs this junk.
  12. I think I've turned that type of advert off now, but because of the way caching works it might still appear for a few minutes. Thats what happens when you let google do something 'automatically'
  13. ha - well thats a bit rubbish. Give me a few minutes to see what my options are.
  14. Mmmm - logged into the main site, so your name appears in the top right hand corner like this?
  15. @Superluminal were you logged into the main site? (and did you need maths tuition? )
  16. The thing I'm trying is just Google Adsense, which is supposed to make logical placements based on content, but in all honesty I think it would struggle with our content to find a match. Its all part of the test, if it doesn't work or it looks really bad etc I just wont do it. I've not worked so long on the site for google to come in and screw things up. Like you said though, as a member or a subscriber, just login once and assuming you have cookies turned on you'll never see them anyway.
  17. And feel free to use adblockers, no hard feelings I personally use "uBlock Origin"
  18. Hi All Lets take it as read that some people will be outraged that I might have adverts appearing on the site and that I should give everything away for free, my time, my money, my first born child etc. Back in the real world I keep looking for ways to take the site forward and keep it growing. This costs money. TC was born out of an era of mega pop up ads jumping out of your when every you visited any website and that was one of the reasons we never did it and went down the subscriber route, which has got us this far but now I want to take it up a notch. All that said I don't like ads any more than any of you, so from the get go, if you are a logged in member of the forum or the main site (regardless of wether you are a subscriber or not) you should never see any of these adverts. The simple process of logging in will turn them off. The only people that will see them, are new visitors (or unlogged in members) If you do see any appearing then, don't panic, just shout out here, as that is a bug rather than my intention. Just to be clear on that. LOG-IN MEANS NO ADVERTS. Its quite possible it will not happen anyway, as, for security purposes, we host the site behind Cloudflare which acts as a firewall among other things and if that doesn't play nice with google I will always pick security over a few adverts. Cheers Chris
  19. Im narrowing the problem down but its a tricky one. Forum software looks like its all ok but there is a problem with how it interacts with the firewall it sits behind. I'm just working through different settings to see what has the right effect. Chris
  20. Entries are now closed and VOTING IS NOW OPEN!! If you have entered please remember that you must vote, in order to be able to win yourself. Also to win people have to vote for you, so best shout about your entry everywhere you can, forums, facebook, twitter https://www.tamiyaclub.com/awards.asp
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