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  1. looks like this awesome project is coming closer to completion now. Following with great interest and admiration !
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/327633474533912 If you do Facebook, have a look. Or give it a try to compare. I like it. Others might not.
  3. I race a hopped up 08, and 07. Middle length works best for me on both, but I race indoors on Black carpet. Most 08 racers have done the steering mod : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4748128365202216&set=p.4748128365202216&type=3 Hopefully the picture shows up. that's the biggest single improvement I've found for the car over the stock setup M03/04 servo saver. My local club runs a quite competitive Mini class, and this season it has been won by M03, M05, M07, and M08 All of those chassis can be made to work just fine at our track. the 04 and 06 don't work as well for whatever reason. Personally I find the 08 works best on flowing tracks, and the 07 is a bit better if we do a tighter layout. The difference between front and rear drive I guess
  4. I've been trying to find a nice RWD M chassis to mount a spare MK2 Escort body on for a while. Today, I found it !! Now, I have to decide on how to paint the Escort.... I'm thinking like one of my many MK2s that I owned IRL. Red Velvet Metallic 1300 Sport probably the best choice, however the arches on the Tamiya body lends itself much more to doing a race replica, although Rothmans seems too obvious, so, I'm not sure yet.
  5. just report it, the mods will see the report, and we can delete it for you Thanks
  6. As per the title, which I know is super vague, but I'm really looking to expand my on road collection, but my main issue right now is the high postage costs, but not great exchange rate if I buy from outside of Canada. So, I know that limits my options, so I'm leaving what I would look for very open. To narrow down somewhat, top of my WANTED list is anything TRF, anything TA04. Prefer race spec stuff, but let's see what's available in Canada. Feel free to reply or PM me Thanks
  7. personally, I am mainly going with the run it stock, until a part breaks, then upgrade it. With a few exceptions. I have not had any issues with the stock drive shafts so far, and I've put more than a silver can through them, but like I say, if they break, at that point I'll upgrade. I have changed out the shocks. Went with the Tamiya Alloy ones (54991), but I would bet any Yeah Racing or similar would be plenty good. I changed out the plastic links. Less flex, or friction, plus looks better. I added the Yeah Racing skid plates. Couple of reasons. The look good, and sort of protect, but adds a little more weight right down low, which helps stability. I changed out the wheels and tires, widened the stance a little. also added Tamiya Aluminum Spur Gear Mount (54970) and Motor Mount Bridge Spacer (54971) for a little extra strength in the drive train. had mine out in the snow yesterday, glad it's waterproof ! it doesn't like powder, but anything else it handles great !
  8. I enjoy mine a lot. Stock, I find it quite good for scale stuff. I locked the front diff, but left the rear open. I run an old Sport Tuned black can motor in mine, with a crawler specific speedo, which gives me good low down torque and control over the very low speeds. I have added a few hop ups. don't need any of them at the low speeds I running at, but it looks great ! The Tamiya alloy shocks are for sure an improvement though !
  9. today I learned that not all 1060s are created equally ! glad this one got figured out for you :-)
  10. I have a CC02, (LWB right enough, so it's maybe not as pronounced looking) but can confirm, the rear shaft does run at the angle. It's never bound up or anything, works just fine. Also. Hi @TWINSET :-)
  11. Today has been good so far. I built and fitted the nice Tamiya Aluminum shocks to my CC02, so that completes the upgrades I've done this month to that one. I also fitted a whole bunch of Yeah Racing parts to my CC02, mostly the steering stuff, which seems to help with that particular weakness of that chassis. I did also get some CVD front drive shafts, so those are on too, as well as some wheel hub extenders, and some Carson wheels and pre glued tires that look great. Makes the truck sit wider, which looks awesome, however the tires hit the arches of the Pajero body, which is less awesome. Not sure if I should trim the body, but for now I will just run it standard width again Then, I got my Optima Turbo kit opened up. Will start that probably after dinner, but no rush on it, probably will finish it mid week super fun day :-)
  12. since this topic has been brought back, I thought I'd comment. First, I spied a Mad Dog in those videos, tell Stevie I said hi ! Also. I used to race my Custom Special indoors BITD, on polished wood, or the big games hall in EK I would run front 2 inch wheels all round. The balance and slide was lovely. I think actually Kyosho Kit tires worked as good as anything ! Lastly, I did send you a PM a while ago, not sure you ever saw it Thanks
  13. Wonder how easy it would be to do a J├Ągermeister livery on one of these bodies?? That one was stunning looking I thought
  14. It really is pretty much all on @netsmithUK the mods do see reported posts, but the site stuff is all him, and he does it in his spare time. as for active members, I'd bet many of us come and go as our interests change over the years.
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