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  1. I was racing back then. I knew loads of racers. None of them had or wanted one. I don’t get the appeal of this one. At all. But I’m happy for those that did want it to come back.
  2. thanks Although Tamico can't ship to Canada right now, so I'm not sure if that's the same for other German companies? Also, I thought it was a UK based company as price was given in UK pounds
  3. when that car out it was quite literally leaps and bounds ahead of anything they had brought out previously (IMHO) honestly though, I think they might wait for an anniversary release ?? I mean it'll be 30 years since it came out pretty soon :-)
  4. that's a tricky one. I like the look of the Exotek conversion, and it's actually cheaper than much of the 'upgrades' BUT. I would love to do a TCS event in the future. It may not happen, but I'm pretty sure non Tamiya parts won't be legal :-) thanks again !
  5. oooooo that's a ton of great info, thank you so much. YES, black carpet is crazy high grip. I also have a 419, so I really don't want to spend a ton of money on the 07, my thought was to run it in our 21.5 class. at that speed, a little bit of chassis flex won't be my biggest problem I'd say. Actually I might still run an old TA-04 just for a laugh, but just to know some of the things that will help me make it less frustrating is a big help. I'm going to put the Tamiya 54886( OP.1886 ) suspension kit on it for sure and I think that some of the carbon stiffeners might help a little Thanks !!
  6. hey, Just reading this as I just grabbed myself a TA07 PRO, and will be taking it to the Black Carpet in a couple of months. assuming things like toy car racing is back on. Was just wondering if you happened to have any part numbers of the stuff you listed? And thanks to OP for asking very similar questions to what I had :-)
  7. looking for parts for a TA04 pro F parts - 4155 (must be pro, with the extra linkage mount) I also could use said linkages, although I am sure I can make some :-) MC10 and MA25 part K2 belt tensioner for the PRO top deck Thanks
  8. I think I still have an RS 200 slot car with 4wd and a rubber band :-) maybe the old buggy was a Kyosho Optima ??
  9. is CAT2K old enough for retro status and events yet?? if so, it'd be great to build a new one of those again. although I don't think it's quite old enough yet. but one can dream
  10. while I'm at it, I should fit modern buggy wheels and tires. What might I need to convert to 2.2 thanks :-)
  11. For those that remember, or maybe seen it recently as shared by Mike Haswell, who remembers the article Hotting Up the Hot SHot from Model Cars magazine?? I had made some of the parts for a friend back in the day. and had always fancied doing one myself, but having never owned a runner Hot Shot, I had no excuse to try to make the parts. Well, it's looking good for me to finally pick up a HS this weekend. So, who has done this mod?? I'd love to do it in Carbon Fibre, but have no experience with such things. Love to hear what folks have done in modding their Hot Shots !
  12. I really don't get this one. I mean I know old RC cars are pretty niche to start with, but honestly, how many units did this sell BITD ? I raced 12th scale when it came out, and no one I ever raced against had one. Sure, it's a pretty thing, but (and I don't mind being proven wrong) I just cannot see this selling much at all.
  13. Hey guys and gals, I've been struggling for the longest time to find a gear part for my awesome Losi Mini LST. completely by coincidence a local racer friend got in touch saying he had some not too old Losi stuff, and included in the lot as well as 2 XXXTs and a XXX4 was a nice Mini LST. So, I snapped it up, knowing he had some extra parts as well. and wouldn't you know it, 1 extra gear was included !! So, 1 problem solved, my mini LST is back up and running. The new problem I have though, is neither of the other cars/trucks are totally complete. I for sure need bodies, and a couple of other odds and sods. So, my question is, other than of course, Ebay, anyone know any stores a=that might still carry Losi parts?? Thanks !!
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