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  1. I really like my CC02 I only locked the rear diff on mine, left the front open. so far anyway. In typical Tamiya fashion, I spent more on hop ups than the actual kit.... geared a 55turn motor nice and low, changed out the wheels and tires, and some other bits and bobs, and it works pretty well now. It's the car I drive the most out of all that I currently own, probably because I can run it pretty much anywhere. I went with the pre painted Merc version.
  2. I'm an old school racer. So, for me it's about the stuff I raced BITD, which included Kyosho, Schumacher, Mardave, Yokomo, Losi, Tamiya and Hirobo. Not much else floats my boat I'm afraid
  3. as a fellow Hirobo fan (Current Rock N City and Hilux owner, also past Zerda owner and racer) I just wanted to say how much I've loved this thread. So much awesome work and huge amounts of time have gone into it very well done !!
  4. So, Update on these tires. I did find someone with a couple of extra sets, not sure if they want it publicized that they have some, so watch here in case they update, or PM me. Worth noting, they were shipped when they said they would, and arrived very quickly. Although they have been shipped to a friend who happened to live much closer, so I don't actually have them in my own hands just yet.
  5. Yeah. But I’ve no luck contacting him despite trying all the ways I can think of.
  6. I’m in Canada. Did you maybe have a link for the one you got? I can just order directly thanks
  7. Has anyone put a wing on the car in place of the spare tire? mine arrives this week. Just thinking about things I want to do in the build. thanks
  8. it's the same person So far has not replied to me on ebay or now here, but fingers crossed. thanks !
  9. also known as final Winter (hopefully) I'm racing this weekend, so trying to paint a body in the cold didn't go at all well. No matter, they get beat up pretty quickly anyway
  10. Thanks everyone. I did message the guy, eBay has this thing where they don’t let you send any contact info to get in touch directly, so I’ll wait and see if he replies. Failing that I’ll keep looking for folks selling them.
  11. Any links? I couldn’t find any, but that might be because I can only see stuff available to me in Canada thanks.
  12. Hi all Recently picked up a very nice Blazin' Blazer, but the tires are a little cracked. I seem to remember picking up a set of tires for my Wild Willy a couple or three years ago, but for the life of me I can't remember from where. Anyone know where I could find a set these days? Thanks !
  13. looks like this awesome project is coming closer to completion now. Following with great interest and admiration !
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