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  1. Hey Willy Haven't chatted with you in a while, sorry that it's this news that has me replying to one of your threads. R.I.P. Jimmy mate.
  2. I got this for sale: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=88564&id=2 I know not quite what you are looking for, but thought it might interest you.
  3. about the race stuff from those days, seems very much like the UK and the US were quite different then. UK was 5 minutes and 6 cells, so efficiency was all important. ALso, durability. Both of these factors really helped RC-10 also, Losi didn't really take off in the UK the same as it did in US. I think SRM brought Losi into the UK, and they didn't really get too much early success I did try both the original Losi car and a PRO SE, but personally wrong car, wrong time.
  4. yeah, that was my take on it anyway. what I want to do is find an old roller and replicate the one I raced. We used to chop down the sidewalls of the tub, drill a LOT of holes in the chassis, and also shorten the wheel base about 10mm. I have a picture of my car somewhere, but a few house moves and clearouts of stuff, means I can't find it and so re-doing my paint scheme from my old man memory might be near impossible
  5. I was asking this same question on RC-10 Talk. I don't get why guys who don't race, or if they do race started long after the original RC10 was gone from the scene, would want one of these cars. And this is from a guy who raced one, and so maybe that colours my view on it. But I think anyone who has a passing interest in racing rc cars, wants one of these as when it came out, it really was THE car for a fairly long time.
  6. I was 15 when I got my first RC-10, and having built 3 or 4 Tamiyas, and a couple of Kyoshos before that, it was certainly a challenge, but NOTHING compared to the first CATs that followed soon afterward
  7. I was with the guy who had this conversation with Roger on Sunday, and the way I picked up what Roger meant was that he was humbled that something that he had designed was still able to create a stir so many years after it came out. I guess he designed a car to do a job at the time, which it did and then some, but as a race car it has been long since superseded, yet still remains important to so many of us. personally I was racing before the RC-10 came out. I'm sure many (especially UK) guys remember reading all about this first new off road car coming out soon from Associated, it was in Model Cars magazine a LONG TIME before it came out. I got one as soon as I could, and made many A finals, including a few wins, with it. My pre-order is in, I'll buy 1 locally as well if there is the quantity to do so. quick story for those still reading: Back in 1995 I was visiting Florida, stumbled upon a consignment store that did only RC stuff, cars, planes, boats RC gear. 1 wall was all used cars. 90% of which were RC-10s in various states of disrepair, but the owner said he could barely give these away !
  8. I just hope it means there will be clubs putting on some vintage races. I'm off to build an old Schumacher Cougar from a pile of parts I have, just in case my local club decides to do it. (Keeping my pre-ordered RC-10 for a rainy day)
  9. http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXDPNE&P=7 If that is indeed the correct price, then the news just got even better
  10. very happy to see this car new in a box again and thanks Dan for getting those cool pictures, wish I could of come with you
  11. excellent, thank you ! Never used those guys, although I have used Play Asia (a long time ago) weirdly though I can't even pre order. will keep checking though, many thanks for searching that out !!
  12. Hi guys, this will seem an odd request, but here it is anyway I'm am trying to get one of these : http://www.vg247.com/2012/12/03/soul-sacrifice-dated-ps-vita-bundle-limited-edition-console-revealed/ as far as I'm aware, it's only going to be available in Japan (released March 2013 I believe) does anyone know how, or where to buy such a thing? I'm in Canada, so I'm not sure where to turn to buy one. Maybe someone in Japan would be able to recommend a store to buy from that would ship? thanks Stu
  13. any showroom entries with these on? Look good, although would need a 2.2 (2.1?) front rim to match
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