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  1. Hi, I would pay good money for a solution that removes paint easily. I have a stack of bodies that I would like to remove the paint from but simply cant invest the time that it normally takes. With regards the Gel I would recommend a test on something you can afford to damage first!
  2. Managed to make more progress on the 959. Got the fuel lines run and fitted the silicone exhaust tubing. It's quite hard to find pictures of a new kit and Google shows both clear and black tubing. For the moment I have gone with clear and white ty-wraps however I think this may change. Normally I would Google the part numbers and look at the pictures but parts are so scarce there arent any. I think I will probably replace the white tywraps with black. Refurbished and fitted a period OS Air Filter and fitted the RX. There should be two black rubber bands that hold the RX and the battery box in place but as you can see below they are perished. I think I have matched some in white so will get them and then dye them black with clothes dye. The tyres were treated to some Gummi Pfledge to soften the rubber then the wheels were touched up in places to make them look overall silver. The Pirelli logos were then painted up using a Pilot white fine paint pen. The wheels nuts were tidied up and repainted black. Then the wheels were fitted A few small things to do to finish the chassis as mentioned but she is 99% finished and now looks like this. Body work continues. Almost done for the first of 4 of these.
  3. So yesterday the new 3D printed gears arrived. They look superb in the carbon reinforced nylon @jonboy1 had got the 3D design work spot on and snuggly the gears went onto the Diff and were bolted down This then allowed me to add the new brake disc, fit the centre diff supports and get the centre diff on the chassis. This was attached to the chassis with new screws adding the driveshafts as I went. Of course with the driveshafts etc in the engine could be aligned and bolted down. So the car now looks like this This weekend I am hoping to get the linkages on and the exhaust tubing all done. Too many projects, too little time but progress on the old girl!
  4. Thanks, its getting there. some more challenges on the chassis though! Engine was soaked in a mixture of diesel and acetone. still didnt budge. Heatsink was indeed heated with a blowtorch, just enough to make the metal less brittle when you bend it.
  5. So a long overdue update on Rusty! Work and life have slowed things down a bit but managed to get a few things done. After quite a bit of work i had to admit defeat on the original engine. Not total defeat as I will explain but the engine will never run again. Having soaked the engine for a week I set about dismantling it with a view to clean the parts and then assess them. The engine stripped down pretty well but despite every trick I know the piston, liner and crank would not break free and unsieze them selves. The engine was very rusty inside so I have taken the view to recover what I can and work from there. I also do have a number of FR-32 parts so will see what I can build. Sometimes they are just to far gone! Engine head has been saved. It was sanded, the bent top fin re positioned and then painted with high temp paint. I use heat and a spacer to bend the fins as they are easily snapped. The spacer stops the fin below from bending etc. Happy with how that has come out and looks presentable again for a runner. It did look like this The rest of the engine was then recovered. Carb, backplate, screws, flywheel, clutch and clutch bell. The clutch bell and flywheel have cleaned up ok. The clutch bell was then chemically re -blackened. I then raided my spares box and found a crankcase and replaced the bearings in that with new ones and purchased a used crankshaft on ebay. The crankshaft was cleaned up and fitted. The Tamiya labels from the original engine were removed and added to my new build crankcase (it wasnt a Tamiya branded crankcase) and the carb after cleaning was fitted. The flywheel and flywheel nut from Rusty went on but cant yet be tightened up. The engine now looks like this So some engine progress but nothing on the chassis yet. I have got a used exhaust and have been getting together some other parts ready to strip Rusty down. More to come soon hopefully. The next thing I need is a new Piston and Liner
  6. So some progress on the 959. I have now got the 3D printed gear stl from @jonboy1. Once again I am indebted to him for doing this work for me in his own time, it makes these restorations possible. The gear stl has now been sent to be 3D printed in Carbon reinforced nylon. Lead time is about 4 weeks. With the gear back I will then be able to mount the centre diff, central driveshafts, add the engine and put the throttle linkages in place. The original black body still needs some 3D work so I have decided to pull one of the bodies off the other Porsche 959 in the restoration queue. Its complete but dirty and needs some work. The body has a few rsuty screws that will be replaced and the wipers are broken The wipers are part of the bodyset so unlikely to find originals. I did find some chinese 1/8 scale ones that might just work so will do some trimming of them to see what they are like. Small bits of progress but a light at the end of the tunnel for this one. 3 more to go!
  7. Needle nose pliers and build things in a clear plastic bag. Put your hands and the part in. If it springs off it only makes it to the bag.
  8. @netsmithUK can you review please?
  9. To be honest I am surprised at the $23M figure. I expected that to be more but then production value v sales value will be different.
  10. I have locked the thread now as it appears we all love each other. If the original poster @Ironfather would like to elaborate please DM me directly.
  11. Please DM me as whilst I may of not had a look at the reported post it may of been addressed by another Moderator. You won’t always get an individual targeted reply telling you what we have or haven’t done though. Offence is an interesting problem we deal with as lots of people take offence with very innocent things. Send me a message and I will take a look
  12. Thanks all for the replies so far. I think myself, the other Mods and @netsmithUK would agree the site is a friendly place to be. We know we arent always as attentive as members would like us to be and we are working on that however with regards the original post it would appear we all love each other. Play nice...and remember Adam
  13. Hi, Is this a general observation, something from a post or someone said something to you via DM please? It would appear you have only posted three times including this one and having reviewed the other two I see nothing untoward. Generally I feel the tone of the replies on the site is good and we do keep an eye on replies where we can. We do however rely on members to report posts they find inappropriate. One thing I would remember is English isn't everyone's first language and there are cultural differences as well. We do bear that in mind but also remind people that a reply could be phrased differently sometimes. On balance based on the member count we have (coming up to 56k), things are pretty smooth and we dont feel overly moderated due to comments.
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