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  1. Hi all, Looking for one set of the 53560 Red shock bodies for the TGM-02 range, preferably in the UK but can anyone help?
  2. Hi, looks good. Shocks are just friction shocks if its a TGS and not a TGS-R, there is no oil inside. All the expensive parts like the tank and recoil look ok so a great starting point
  3. FS-12SS and FS-12SW use the same piston and liner part number 7684129. No other Tamiya engine uses the same piston and liner. However the engines were made for Tamiya by O.S and are pretty much an O.S Max 12CV-RX with a different carb, head and branding. The O.S piston and liner fit and the part number is 21253010. Still hard to get but another option. As I write this there are two Tamiya sets on Ebay
  4. I have uploaded the parts list for the Ford Focus kit number 43512. Use that with the Tamiya manual. Most of the bodies from the TT-01 car range will fit with no issue. The wider bodies might need the rear wheels extending. 43512 Parts List.pdf
  5. Hi, Engine in yours is the FS-12SS. Piston and cylinder part number is 7684129 and that and the FS-12SW (extensively the same engine) is the only piston and liner that will fit from Tamiya. The piston from the O.S CV-12RX will also fit as its the same engine with a few tweaks. O.S made the engine for Tamiya. The O.S part number is 21253010. Backplate gasket is 7684139 and is common across quite a few engines. 7684011 will also fit. Also, the backplate gasket from the O.S works and that is 21214000. Looking forward to update I have done quite a few of these so shout if you need help.
  6. Sadly not the same but interested none the less! Drop me a message if interested in selling these ones.
  7. Hi all, looking for a couple of Fuel tanks as fitted to the TGM-02 Terra Crusher series nitro trucks. Please get in touch if you have any spare. Thanks Adam
  8. Watching with interest. I highly doubt the picture or price is real.
  9. The spur's are usually black so probably an aftermarket part and clearly the driveshaft is. With the small front bumper it looks like the chassis could of been a TG-10 mini unless the last owner just added a rear at the front to sell it.
  10. Nope on the drive shaft. Is the spur gear plastic or metal, hard to tell
  11. Interesting central drive shaft and spur gear
  12. Do a search on EBay for 3x50. There are a few other Tamiya and non Tamiya options.
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