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  1. Whats a "Brown Out"? Never heard that term before?
  2. Some things in life are as reliable as clockwork. When I saw your Facebook post I knew this would be here tonight. Added!
  3. I really need to dig mine out and finish a few things off.
  4. You go away for two mins and all "badword" breaks loose! I am currently in the USA with work for a week so just playing catch up with the 6 reports in my inbox!! You folks need to learn how to play nice together. @Nicadraus no need for a thread my friend, just report it to the admin team and if we think its justified we will do something about it. Now I am sure you all have kits to build and Tamiya to run?
  5. Hi, not blocked at all. You posted in a site section area not a public one. Anyone posting in this area is automatically moderated. As we get lots of accidental posts in this area I hadnt noticed a new one creep in till today. The backend of the forum can sometimes look a bit messy with posts awaiting approval and or in the wrong place. Sorry for the delay replying though. In answer to your question Chris is actively looking for new sponsors to replace Fusion but Model Shops in general are becoming a dying breed sadly. I will catch up with Chris to see how things are going.
  6. LOL, sadly I am just ridiculous busy. Hope you got the reply.
  7. LOL, I knew this post would be there tonight! I need to work out how to handle 56014 as we already have it listed and I have asked Chris to add the TRF421 Chassis and the XM-01. Will update the model numbers when done but all added otherwise.
  8. acprc


    On it and Chris is actively looking for new opportunities.
  9. The site has never been about separating subscribers and non-subscribers but all about bringing together like minded Tamiya enthusiasts. I'm the 4th ever member and have been here right from its inception to where we are today. The challenge as ever is how do you keep the huge hosting costs in check? We have nearly 60k members and just shy of half a million pictures hosted here and that takes some financial backing to support. The subscriber process is simply to allow the site to continue by generating enough capital to pay the bills. Of course, if you were offered the option to subscribe at a cost but got no benefit over the non-subscribers nobody would pay so the showroom, competitions etc all add to the benefits. Its a shame that Fusion have ceased trading and I know Chris is working on possible replacements to fill the void. As ever though these businesses are also challenged with cost and dont always want to offer a discount or prizes etc. For me personally its a simple depository to store my collection and its a small amount to pay for that. The moderation and admin takes quite a lot of my time and Chris and I work hard on things like scammers (I know it doesn't feel like it) keeping model numbers up to date, avatars, account issues etc. My admin role gifts me a subscription however everything else is my own time to keep the site going. Not in it for the glory, just have 250 Tamiya to give a home....
  10. Hi Dave, The backplate gasket is discontinued however the Traxxas 4013 gasket works fine. For the exhaust gasket you should be able to get them on Ebay. Any 12-15 muffler gasket should work.
  11. Hiya, please try again. My inbox hits the quota quickly due to the admin function and it had just tipped over. Cleared it again. Need to chat via PM as I cant discuss account details and passwords etc in open forum.
  12. Hi Felix, Drop me a PM please. I will have a look.
  13. Yep, reported before. I have removed the account.
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