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  1. Update on the Turbo Burns chassis. It did look like this Now looks like this After advice from @Lavigna 1 I got the front roll bar fitted correctly. Now the chassis needs two parts, the front bumper and the rear plastic body hook (the body mount). It also needs the side skirts which are easy to make I just need to get the right material (slightly smoked grey plastic) and cut them out from the pattern. The body needs to go to my painter and then it will be pretty much finished. I will keep an eye out for any other hop ups as they come along though.
  2. After studying all the pictures it's apparent that the screw have been swapped. Ordered 100 button head allen screws the same size as the Tamiya originals. Got the radio gear from the truck cleaned up and packed into my spares box.
  3. In oven at 180 degrees for 15mins then work them off the rims
  4. When I first had the idea to make this replica TamiyaUSA had an article on their website. I downloaded the setup sheet at the time but not the pictures. Went to have a look in the week and the articles had gone! After contacting TamiyaUSA they got back to me and said they lost them during a server swap, panic now set in! After thinking about it for a while I started wondering if the site had been archived one one of the many sites that now do this and low and behold it had back in 2013. I quickly downloaded what I could. The next few pictures are small because the site didn't archive the full size pictures but this is what I am trying to replicate. The original race truck, good for cutting the air holes, body marking and the wing The engine Ofna backplate that was used instead of the electric start and also note the original heatsink head was used. Also shows the position of the Tamiya fuel filter. Shock position, body washers and the swap of the battery and RX box. This will help with positioning. Also I now know that the car ran white springs not the shock kit yellow ones. Another challenge. I also sure the RX box looks black and not grey. I might need to see if they used something else. Annoyingly there are no other pictures of the complete car. and the Ofna heavy duty Servo saver Now this photo worried me! I realised that the screws are all different. It would appear that the servo screws and at least one side of the frame have allen head screws. This will need investigating.
  5. If you have been watching one of my other build threads you will of seen I picked up a load of wheels and tyres. The job lot was like this Simply one of the best lots I have had from Ebay for a long time. I suddenly realized that one set of the Kyosho Turbo Burns rims had a set of Mugen tyres fitted. Guess what, they are the one I need for the replica car! So I sit here typing this with sore thumbs after baking off the tyres and then removing them from the rims! The older screws I needed also arrived so I can refit the servos as per the original race car
  6. During the week I have started rebuilding the chassis. Front and rear diffs were stripped, cleaned and rebuilt with new grease and then the front and rear bulkheads completed. These are now attached the the centre chassis plate and its starting to look like a TNX again! The chassis frames are the original ones from the kit, the skid plates and bumpers have been replaced. Two of the bulkheads are new, two used. The rear bumper isn't fitted yet as I need to add the rear steering rods first. The Futaba S9451 servos that replace the standard Tamiya's were fitted. The steering servo uses an Ofna HD servo saver that will be added. The gearbox was cleaned and regreased. I'm not a fan of taking these apart unless you have to and this one feels fine, nice and smooth. The outdrives though have some rust and will need some love They also come with rubber covers over the pins to stop them falling out. I usually use heatshrink on these now and will show how that works once they are fitted back on. Nice new steering rods. The chrome was really bad on the old ones and as is obvious one is bent. The fourth was missing! The engine is going to need some love! If you have followed my other threads you will know what I am going to do to it but will document it here again. More work this weekend
  7. Thanks for the comments. I did realise that they were the originals once I stripped the car down, need to edit the originals posts. Rear shock tower fits very well. I did wonder why the front sway bar was a poor fit, will rectify this weekend. The rods are easily matched on Ebay and you dont need to get RC parts however I will borrow some of my wifes gun blue and try it.
  8. Busy week in work this week but still getting a few bits done. I will post some more pictures of the car over the weekend. Found some more of the red cylinder heads on Ebay so purchased a spare, helped out another Mugen collector (Alex) with sharing the link. Quite by chance a Sanwa Contest HH servo popped up in Italy. so I purchased it for 19 euros. The observant will note that this poor little servo is a fixer upper! Lots of options to sort but the casing is the same as my period ERG ones fitted in the replica at the moment. I think I will clean it up and swap the tops. The car is for show anyway and if a proper Contest HH comes along in the future I will swap it. Whats the odds that the peel off cover is still on the label? Other jobs that have been done are: Drilled the side skirt for the exhaust outlet Cut the manifold shorter to get the exhaust to sit correctly Replaced a few screws This weekend I am planning to drill and mount the rear spoiler now the correct wing washers are here. More to come soon
  9. I have runners to keep me away from the restored cars. Mainly 1/8 scale monster trucks like the TNX and a Traxxas T-Maxx
  10. Tyres arrived today.......oh man am I happy! Put one set through the dishwasher (sorry dear!). A sneak preview 13 sets of Kyosho Turbo Burns wheels with Kyosho tyres fitted. Different hardness patterns. An absolute steal for £46.
  11. I simply wont use them myself and if an Ebay seller is using them I wont buy from them. Only way to get them to change.
  12. Small update. Still looking for parts for the Turbo Burns but whilst browsing the random auctions on Ebay found this auction for old tyres 56 tyres in total but on closer inspection of the other pics it turned out most had Kyosho Turbo Burns wheels! Now these are hard to get so £46 later the lot were mine. Now hopefully I can make a good set and then sell the rest.
  13. Oven cleaner will attack the alloy, I wouldnt use it
  14. Thanks for the comment. My end goal is to get Koji Sanada to sign the body or maybe the car when I travel to Japan in April. It needs to be as accurate as possible!
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