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  1. I use O.S A3, A8 or A5 depending on temperatures.
  2. Nice. best bet for the TX and RX would be Ebay Germany. If fitted with Graupner servos you should be able to get the equivalent items there.
  3. Its isnt, its an opinion and you are entitled to it.
  4. Its not Hate Speech its an opinion. I am keeping a very close eye on your replies.
  5. So, started to have a think about how to approach this restoration. The RC10GT has had a few iterations and the older kits come with white plastic parts. Mine, being a later one has black plastic. There are also huge amounts of alloy and carbon parts available so I am going to have to sit and work out what I want it to be when finished. Did manage to scrap the body and the wheels. and having removed the exhaust I then removed the pull starter Reason I did this is that I was sending off a batch to be refurbished and this one is very lazy and has a nut holding the string in place! I dont think the Dynamite 15S engine fitted will be going back on. The original manual has a very fancy Yokomo RX fitted and I thought that would be good to replicate. No way I would find a crankcase and the fancy pull start though.....or so I though! Thank you Japan! Now you may not know but a lot of the branded engines from this period (including Tamiya) were made by Shuwa Industries and its no surprise that the Yokomo engine looks very much like a Tamiya FS-15LT. The plan is to use the Yokomo crankcase and starter with FS-15LT internals to build the engine for the RC10GT. Just need an original cylinder head. How fancy is that recoil though! Little bit more figuring out to do on the approach and then she will get stripped down.
  6. Still run by Chris and I remember the Gold SS well, I did the tyre lettering. I think the SS was just a bit of a shock to them but I bet it is still at Tamiya on display somewhere. When I see the struggles that companies like Kyosho and HPI have had pushing the brink of failure I cant help but think Tamiya know what they are doing from a business model. They famously dont make sales figures public so no idea from that point but they continue to pump out huge ranges of different product (not just RC) with no signs of stopping soon.
  7. Tamiya for me comes and goes. Life gets in the way and I have time away and pick things up again. No regrets and as mentioned its just a hobby.
  8. Doesn't surprise me at all that they wont ship. During COVID the backlog of parcels leaving Japan seems to of made Japan Post tighten up heavily on what they consider to be Dangerous Goods. Now as a CAA authorised shipper I know they are not when in the Limited Quantities specified however there does seem to be no rhyme or reason to it. Batteries have always been difficult to get out but they tightened up heavily on everything else. As a Tamiya nitro collector its become very hard to get engines (used or new), fuel tanks etc out of Japan. I have had to get creative, If its a hard to get kit ask them to remove the oil and grease and ship without. They are easily replaced in the UK and generally plenty of people will have them available to replace kit items.
  9. Looks like the kit has had a few iterations over the years. The manual is copyright 1999 but shows white plastic parts where this has black. I know it’s not the Factory Team version but would be good to know which one it is.
  10. You can never have two many projects on the go right? Enter a new project and something different. A Team Associated RC10GT 2WD Nitro Truggy. It came to me as a job lot of three cars that I purchased for a Tamiya Terra Crusher. The lot was three cars, this RC10GT a Terra Crusher and a Hobao Hyper 7. I paid £200 for all three. The Hyper 7 has gone to Ebay and the Terra Crusher will be restored. I was also going to sell on the RC10GT (and that still might happen) however I actually think it will be a good restoration project. So with all that said, here we are! Lets do the easy picture first. This is what I am aiming for. Really nice old school cool. There are a ton of period option parts for this truck and so I will be looking to try and "option" it up as I go along. However, clearly mine doesn't look like the one above, so this is my starting point. So there you have it as she stands today. Not 100% sure of the exact model number as there are a few of these so will need to narrow it down. If anybody can categorically say based on the pictures then let me know. More to come soon.
  11. Thanks for the comments. TamiyaUSA pushed hard with the development of the original TNX and the improvements in the TNX Pro (with help from Proline) eventually saw the TNX 5.2r. Sadly I think that Tamiya then (if they hadn't already) got left behind by the like of Traxxas who dominated the Monster Truck market and progression with the likes of the TMaxx and its offspring. There are two body options, the RTR factory body in Grey and a clear one for the kit version (which would normally be blue). I will at this point buy whichever I see first. ironically the dogbones are ridiculously difficult to find!
  12. Almost there, Between making the most of the weather, work and jobs from Mrs Acprc I got a bit more done on the Nitrage. A member of the TGM Facebook group gave me a set of used TNX 5.2r yellow springs for free so they went straight on. Thanks @CiganoBoxer. I also fitted the front stabilizer and then the front bumper. Fitted the fuel lines and the extra filter and loosely set up the throttle and brake linkages. these will be finished and secured once powered up electrically. Fitted the wheels from one of my shelf Nitrage's and ordered these for the Blue Bodied Nitrage from Italy. They are the same wheels I have on my TNX replica but in yellow. They will compliment the blue body well I think. Added some new cable ties to the exhaust and she is almost ready and now looks like this Pleased with the results so far. Its mainly just the electronics now. I do need a body but will keep an eye out for one and purchase whatever comes up. Lastly, the gearbox that came out of this car was stripped yesterday ready to go in the Ultrasonic. That will now become my spare.
  13. Looks great and I run a few speadsheets myself to keep track of things like Engines, engine components, Tamiya nitro kits etc. Would like to add my collection but I shudder a bit at the scale of the task!
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