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  1. We allow the use of our brand at work by individual items not the brand overall.
  2. Sadly I can't change avatars. Its something only @netsmithUK can do currently.
  3. Quality Manager for a Caterpillar Engine Plant in the UK
  4. Exactly this with Tamiya nitro, especially 1/8 scale parts. prices have gone through the roof.
  5. What does it say at the top of the Conversation? Like this one I have had with a member
  6. LOL, The total quantity actually fluctuates within 10 or so at any given time. I generally only list kits I need for my collection on the site when completed. For example I have one of each of the Tamiya TGM-02 Terra Crusher variants listed on the site but 4 more that are not listed. I started collecting in 97/98 with a Grasshopper and it was that search for parts that found Robys Old Tamiya board and eventually Netsmith (Chris). The rest is history. I would imagine over 1000 RC have been through my hands since then.
  7. 262, My name is Adam and I have a problem
  8. Yep, another vote for boiling water. heat it up with that then try and get it back to shape. Once done drop into cold water to "set" it.
  9. Sadly I agree. I struggle to run my on road collection without travelling away from my home
  10. Stick and fork in me...I think I'm done! Got the radio gear all set up, cleaned up a genuine Tamiya fuel filter and fitted it and then fitted the undercowl. and today she looks like this Happy how it has come out.
  11. So a nice big update on the TGX. With the good weather last week I got the wheels done. First a good wash and keyed with a scotch pad Then build layers of Tamiya white primer Then Subaru Impreza Gold wheel paint and 4 coats of laquer and then some tyres, tyre decals and OZ Racing wheel decals The engine that was going back in the car was rebuilt with new gaskets etc where needed and the Hop-up heatsink head fitted. Fitted one of my reproduction labels to the pullstart, looks so much better. I then put the engine on the old chassis plate with a slave tank and exhaust and got it running and tuned. This way the nice clean chassis wasnt affected or the nice clean tank. All good so back in the car. Also got the second engine restored and fitted the used manifold that had come on the car. The restored car will have the new one however my sandblaster made this one look quite good. This FS-15LT doesnt have as much compression but will now be a handy spare engine. and so today the car looks like this. I have added the bodyclips in the correct position for the Subaru Impreza 99 body that will go on it in the future. and lastly one of the Facebook TGX group members is making reproduction aftermarket rear foam bumpers. Tamiya never made these originally but he has replicated a Japanese hop-up. I fitted one to the car. So the list of jobs is rapidly reducing. Cut and fit the protective undertray, clean up the cables and set up the radio gear. Clean the transmitter up and thats about it.
  12. So a bit of an update. Been a busy week with Mrs Acprc away on a course but did manage to make some progress.....and then some steps back! To explain... I couldn't find a used Spektrum DX4C at a decent price so ended up buying a new Sanwa MX-6 Its a nice unit and although it uses the 2.4ghx FH-E frequency (makes the choice of RX more limited) seems to be doing what I need. Fitted the RX to the runner, roughly set up the front brake system and took her out for a spin. Got her started run the Nitrage around for a few mins and the engine stopped. Couldnt get her to restart as the electric starter was just spinning. Thats not right I though and opened up the engine to find the starting pin jammed. The FR-21FX and the Tamiya FD engines are all made by Force for Tamiya and they use a small pin with a spring behind it to engage the starter shaft. This one had jammed in and so I could no longer turn the engine over. Long story short I had to strip the engine down, push out the pin using the hole on the back of the pocket and then rebuild it. In the mean time I took an engine out of the other Nitrage's I own and used that. The car now runs but no video yet. Then....typically a good used Spektrum DX4C came up on Ebay so I got that as well. Really like the way these fit in my hand. Plus RX's are plentiful and cheaper. So just need to fine tune the engine now, get the front brake set up dialed in and she will be done. I wonder if the brake servo is up to the job so that may have to be changed.
  13. Yep Mini-4WD releases. I am interested to see how robust the tracks are. I'm planning to get them an a nitro chassis!
  14. Got it, can't change it. Talking to @netsmithUK to see what can be done
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