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  1. Exactly the same. The only difference between the two engines are three parts on the carb
  2. There is no seller protection for these payments. Many sellers may think that because there is no buyer protection, they don't have worry about the risk of reversals on these payments. Unfortunately if you are using them to sell a good or service, it is still possible for someone to use a stolen PayPal account, card or bank to make the payment. If that happens, the payment would be reversed and there is no protection for the seller. Its effectively like you giving a mate a tenner in the pub. I would not use it for someone I didnt know or could get feedback on from other sellers.
  3. Piston and liner for the FS-12S and FS-12SW should be easy enough to find one Ebay. The engine was developed by Tamiya with O.S and the O.S recoil is a direct swap.
  4. If you have any of the old parts look up The Pull Start King on facebook. James will be able to rebuild the old recoil and match the one way.
  5. The Vanning and Presto are essentially the same car. The Vanning has the role cage, the Presto a body. I have nearly finished restoring one myself. From a restoration only point of view they are great to restore. Fairly easy to get parts for and lots of the fastening are easily available. Most of it is metal and again that is easy to restore. Plastic body parts can be got via marwan and the Vanning cage powder coated looks superb along with the restored chassis. Yours looks pretty complete bar the bumper, cage and engine and in my opinion would make a great restoration project. You also have the rare alloy fuel tank cap that was an option. jealous about that! The cage will be the hardest part to find. As a runner it wasnt great but you have to remember these were very early nitro cars, years before Tamiyas first attempt. they are heavy and the original kits were underpowered. You can put a modern engine it it, modern radio gear and it will be a runner. As a first foray into nitro it might not be the best starting point though. if you break anything parts are going to be more difficult to get and that may turn you off running it. far better to find a more modern Tamiya like a TGS that is easily broken and easily fixed with plenty of body choices etc. I would still restore it though as they are beautiful done right.
  6. Not yet. I do however now know the company logo is for a Tuk Tuk company based in Bangkok. I dont expect to ever find the logo due to it being 1990 and they were not an official sponsor. Quite cool to have a program though!
  7. Heres hoping. Either way a nice item to have with the car.
  8. So I havent done much on the Mugen for a while apart from gathering a few extra parts. Work and Covid have been against me and other priorities have taken over. However! A chance encounter has led me to purchase this from the USA.....18 pages and maybe, just maybe it will have some event sponsor details inside!!
  9. Stripped an old O.S Max 10FP-B engine ready to go in the ultrasonic. Did some man cave organisation. Rebuilt a restored FS-12SW engine and stored it away. Put the rear steering rods on my Red Terra Crusher. Stripped some more of my next TGR down. Started collecting Striker parts to build another. Searched Japan for bargains!
  10. Be very careful. Have a good look about to see if the pictures are on Google anywhere. Sounds very much like a scam to me
  11. Moved from General Discussion (about RC) to Off Topic. I am keeping a very close eye on this thread if it starts to become a thread for conspiracy theories it will be locked.
  12. Hi all, Very much a long shot I think but does anyone have a set of the blue gearbox casings from the TG10 Mk2 SG kits. I’m pretty sure they were never released as a spare in blue. Thanks
  13. Hi all, Looking for one set of the 53560 Red shock bodies for the TGM-02 range, preferably in the UK but can anyone help?
  14. Hi, looks good. Shocks are just friction shocks if its a TGS and not a TGS-R, there is no oil inside. All the expensive parts like the tank and recoil look ok so a great starting point
  15. FS-12SS and FS-12SW use the same piston and liner part number 7684129. No other Tamiya engine uses the same piston and liner. However the engines were made for Tamiya by O.S and are pretty much an O.S Max 12CV-RX with a different carb, head and branding. The O.S piston and liner fit and the part number is 21253010. Still hard to get but another option. As I write this there are two Tamiya sets on Ebay
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