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  1. Engine was built by Force for Tamiya and all the parts are available. Look here: http://www.force-engine.com/parts_list.asp?darea=1&dcat=9 You can use the Force part numbers for the 32 range to look them up to purchase them. Only real different parts are the heatsink head and labelling
  2. 1 simple rule: Own one each of every nitro kit Tamiya has ever produced, 12 left to get. After that Anything I like the look of.
  3. Sorry all, I feel like I am promising the earth and delivering nothing at the moment. The moderators dont have any access to accounts to help. I have emailed Chris again. Adam
  4. They are those wheels painted up in genuine Subaru wheel paint. I actually have never seen the chassis with a body on as I didnt do the body and it was for someone else. generally though the wheels work pretty good.
  5. I will email Chris directly outside of the forum and ask him to have a look, apologies for the delay.
  6. Hi @OldUser has this been addressed now? I did send a message to @netsmithUK but I am unable to access account information etc in any way as it sits outside the forum.
  7. Odd, not seen that before. Is it still doing it? I will have to bow to @netsmithUK for his thoughts otherwise.
  8. A small update. I got the 2nd 959 chassis almost completely finished now. Fitted the wheels after removing the flaked silver paint and painted the brake calipers yellow. The contrast looks pretty good I think. Wheel nuts were stripped pf paint and cleaned up on my bench polisher. Chassis now looks like this having fitted the radio deck. Also added an OS HD Air Filter to the engine. This one is going to have a red body so did a test fit to see how she looks. The body will get a really good wash then some polycarbonate cleaner. Once dry it will be touched up here and there and have the peeling decals fixed. The wipers as per the silver one are also broken and will get replaced with some nice Chinese copies. Almost there on this one now. Had a stroke of luck, picked up yet another body in Japan. Red again but will allow me to get all 4 of these back to great condition. Also found a used set of wheels and tyres. These will get the Black damaged one back on its wheels.
  9. Hard to tell, @netsmithUK will probably have some site/member analytics.
  10. Hi all, The only person who can change Avatar's is @netsmithUK Sadly that was because a minority of members were changing them to offensive pictures and clearly that couldnt continue. I don't think that we have ever developed a system that replaced it. Sadly that means every time a member decides they dont like the Avatar they uploaded 20 mins ago Netsmith has to try and keep up. It's a task!! I agree with the comments above, I dont feel the site is heavily moderated and reported posts are dealt with as notified. One trend I have seen recently though is that just because one member has a differing view doesnt mean if you report it it will be deleted or the other member scalded. I am always curious as to what "offends" people and recently its been a difference of opinion. We never publicise what we have done with regards any complaint however we do lock threads and/or tidy them up. A lot goes on in the background that you dont see but generally things tick over ok. For 57k members and 444k model pictures things are not to bad I feel but happy to take questions!! Adam (Acprc)
  11. Would be interesting to know if Tamiya do have one of everything they have ever made? I would like to think they have but I am willing to bet they dont.
  12. A small update when I wasn't expecting to do anymore! I browse the Japanese auctions daily and this caught my eye. Listed as just Tamiya body Skyline. On closer inspection it was a Factory finished body for the kit and it even had the cut out window to confirm it. £31.60 later and its mine!
  13. Hiya, I am aware of the part but never owned one.
  14. Small update on the red 959. I found a brand new Hobao fuel tank on Ebay in the USA however the seller wouldnt ship it to the UK The find coincided with a business trip to the USA so a friend purchased it and shipped it to the hotel for me. Perfect timing and as these are hard to get, a real find. Finished painting the chassis plate and rear bumper so the front and rear gearbox assy was fitted. I also then mounted the engine, the radio plate posts and the new fuel tank. With the tank fitted I could run the fuel lines. So currently the red 959 looks like this. I found an original shock repair set which will come in handy and saves me having to match up the o-rings etc. The dampers have been taken apart, drained of oil and the cleaned in the Ultrasonic. The bodies have been primed and repainted satin black and are drying as I type this. The springs are to far gone to be repaired but I have found some online. Next jobs are restoring the radio plate, fitting the servos and sorting the linkages. With that done I will be painting up the brake calipers (to make them stand out behind the black wheels, fitting the wheels and tyres and fitting the exhaust tubing. That will I think then be the chassis finished. Almost there on number two.
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