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  1. No none spare. Also look for the TB Evo 2 rear uprights on the F Parts tree Part number 0005854. Black but exactly the same part pretty much.
  2. If only I knew the release date of the Nissan!
  3. Just as an FYI for you if you didn't know most bearings have a standard size reference that can be used instead of the Tamiya size. For example: I just needed some 1280 rubber shielded bearings for my TNS chassis restoration. In the bearing world they have the code MR128 2RS so always worth checking what is offered. You can buy 100 MR128's for 32p each or 1 1280 listed in RC parts for £1.59. Now 100 is extreme for that size but do a little homework and you will save in the long run. This is all the bearing sellers are doing, buying in bulk and making up kits or selling in 10's etc. The most common size 1150's (MR115-2RS) with blue rubber shields can be had for just 29p each if you buy 100 at a time.
  4. Thanks for the comment on the thread, appreciate it. For me I think its all about gap filling and cost saving. The kits are all XBG and were only issued ready built. There is about a year between the release date of the last TG-10 Mk1 and the first TNS chassis car. The TNS buggy range came two years later. I think it was simply a case of using mostly stock parts to create a kit that filled the nitro chassis gap for Tamiya until the TG-10 Mk2 came along. The TNS range stopped about a year after the TG-10 Mk2 came out. The TNS chassis kits evolved and quickly moved from the old TGS engines and switched to the newer FD engines provided by Force. These engines also powered the TNS buggies and the TNX 5.2 and Nitrage. It probably meant sense for Tamiya to have more from Force to keep the costs down. They could also at that point discontinue the older FS-12S and FS-12SW engines. The TNS range of cars I think was woefully unloved. Not that many in Japan or the USA come up for sale and I think Europe was the main market for them. The buggies are pretty similar with most appearing in the UK and Germany. The French distributor T2M did a yellow body version of the Mad Spirit and these do seem to have made it into the UK. I have one here https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=133723&id=4 Tamiya has four ready built kits in its lineup that can still be purchased and three are TNS chassis. All four however are listed as production pause on the website.https://www.tamiya.com/japan/products/list.html?genre_item=205005 There are only three nitro kits that are possible to order and all three show as No Stock https://tamiyashop.jp/shop/c/c205010/ The last new Nitro kit was 84423 released late December 2015 which I think shows the Japanese market for them at the moment. There is no getting away from the fact that brushless motors have given the speed without the noise or dirty fiddling.
  5. A lot of the Japanese Yahoo sellers have started to sell on Ebay as well as Yahoo. You can find the same kits on both for sale. It doesn't look like they have done any research on prices though as they are wildly (in most cases) over priced. Prices (for nitro) in Japan are starting to fall again but the Yahoo drop shipping market has been affected by Japan Post no longer shipping anything with an engine, new , used or otherwise. Plenty of cars in Japan have instantly lost a market for sales. As ever though I can't blame the sellers because if someone is willing to buy at that price then the seller has done a good job. Most of it I bet, wont sell.
  6. Made some progress. A load of new screws turned up! and the extra bearings I needed for the front and rear gearbox Noticed something about one of the front shocks! I think I have a spare damper shaft to fix it Tank went back onto the centre radio tub and looks much better Front gearbox fitted to the chassis along with a new bumper and the same with the rear gearbox Centre Tub fitted, just some wiring to complete and all put together with black screws, just like the kit pictures I have. One screw needs to be finished off, thats deliberate. Shocks to do this weekend along with taking the engine to bits. The engine usually needs a few tools and these are what I use. This is a picture from my TGS restoration and I wont need a new backplate gasket for the FD range of cars. Need to order some new yellow springs and then I will be well on the way to finishing the chassis.
  7. Similar. I guess its closer to antiquing metal but its just a commercially available metal blackening solution.
  8. I like the motor work
  9. Got the two U shaped bars for attaching the suspension bars done this morning. used a chemical blackening solution to get them looking like new again. Before and after This method is so much better than paint and gives old parts a nice factory new look.
  10. Same suspension as the early TB Evolution
  11. Started building up sub assemblies. New screws and seal on the fuel tank lid, brake assy rebuilt and the front and rear diffs opened, checked and regreased. Gearbox housings cleaned up ok and will go back on the car and the radio gear went back in the new centre tub. A while ago I reproduced the European CE mark that Tamiya add to all XBG kits imported to Europe. I also added one to the tub Progress. Lots of news screws ordered and one of the front arms had cracked badly so a new set is also on the way.
  12. Cleaned up the brake disc, centre drive shaft and brake rod with a Micromesh polishing stick. and the first batch of plastic parts finished and drying.
  13. Plastic parts have started to go through the Ultrasonic. Only difference is I use standard dish soap on them with water not parts cleaner. The servos and RX have been cleaned by hand and then the servos have been tested. All work fine The tank was hand washed to remove loose dirt and has now gone in denture cleaner for 24hrs.
  14. Got the first few ultrasonic batches done. Fresh water and machine cleaner on the metal parts. 30 mins at 50 degrees. From this: To this Parts out, rinsed and dried. some of these, like the U shaped pins will be chemically blackened again before refitting. Screws went through the same process with the shocks. Diffs went in again Now I need to sort the screws and check them over. As I expected looks like the base screws will be replaced. I don't throw them away though, they go in a box for cars that get sold off in case I need any for them. Diffs will be stripped, checked and regreased. Shocks will be stripped and rebuilt. Already looks like I need at least one yellow spring. Also put all the new bits in a box ready for rebuild. Bumpers, chassis plate, wheels, tyres, radio box and engine head. Plastic parts to go through the Ultrasonic today
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