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  1. No time like the present so started stripping the car down. Looks like it has had a fairly hard life but nothing that can't be remedied. A nice collection of used plastic parts The carbon upper deck will be cleaned and then polished using my dual action car polisher, I will of course document the result here. A collection of parts to restore Some of the larger parts to restore, the car was fitted with some nice Futaba corless metal geared S9404 servos. These might get sold off as they make around £25 used. I will of course clean and test them. There was also a 40Mhz 3 channel Futaba RX. This will definitely be sold. Diffs will be stripped and rebuilt, shocks will either go back on after restoration or the car will have new TRF Dampers. Not sure yet. The engine is stuck on the chassis at the moment. It's not unusual that the screws seize into the alloy mounts and so they will need more work. The engine that is on the car is the Novarossi/Rex C12. Its extensively the same engine as the Tamiya CX-12 but just has a different head and a Rex branded crankcase. This one will go into my engine stock to be restored in the future. The screws are then sorted into two pots and the ones that are in the right hand pot I know I have new. The rest will be double checked and then replaced. New screws already being sorted. I never throw anything away until the car is done. No surprises yet!
  2. Hi, Yes these aren't the original ones. I do think the originals look a bit like plastic CVA's so I will probably put a nice new set of TRF dampers on.
  3. Way back in April 2018 I purchased a Tamiya 1/8 nitro that had been listed in Japan. It was listed as a TGX chassis but this was incorrect it was actually a TGR. This is what I purchased. After the car arrived I removed and sold the body (it was the wrong colour and I already had one) the wheels and tyres and the exhaust. The chassis on the car was bent and had taken a large and heavy front end collision. This meant I had to find a new chassis plate. Roll on to Feb this year and I finally found one in the USA. With this in my possession the rebuild can now start. Since 2018 I had picked up any cheap parts for the car that I saw and now have most of the plastic parts ready to go along with wheels, tyres etc. I also have the correct Tamiya FS-15RB engine and manifold. The correct exhaust is almost impossible to find but I will keep looking. I also have the correct body, the very expensive and rare 1/8 TS020 body. This will go to @jonboy1 for painting and it should look something like this (the real car) when done So, guess what I will be working on whilst I work from home and cant go into the factory?
  4. acprc


    I just had a go as well. Seems to be adding random spaces in between lines. One for you @netsmithUK
  5. Love these cars and in my humble opinion they are vastly underrated as runners. They do tend to bottom out a bit but otherwise very good. I have the complete set in my collection (plus a few extras!). Parts are pretty much still available but factory painted bodies are thin on the ground. The unpainted shells are still easily got. The usual items that break on these are: Engine pullcord, easily got but nearly always broken The fuel nipple on the top of the fuel tank snaps off easily, be very careful pulling old tubing off! The rubber O-rings on the suspension break down and will probably need replacing The springs that the above o-ring goes through can get damaged if the car has a hit at high speed. Missing screws! They are a pain to strip and lots of bits tend to be missing or left off. Look forward to more pictures.
  6. With all the COVID-19 issues at work and making sure my team of 30 are ok its not left much time for RC this week. The engine parts came for the GS11 motor and so I built it up and fitted it into the car. The chassis now looks like this I have two parts to do and its finished. It still needs an Acoms battery box and the iconic red Kyosho air filter. The engine came up nicely in the end All the linkages are now in place. The new body will go to @jonboy1 when he is ready for it and then she will be pretty much done. I matched up the reusable ty-wrap and picked up some on Ebay so will change the one on the chassis when they arrive. Debating about painting the tyres and I still need to polish the fuel tank cap. Small jobs that will get done this week.
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M3-M4-M5-M6-POZI-STAINLESS-STEEL-PAN-HEAD-MACHINE-SCREWS-PHILLIPS-SCREW-6-60mm/372986772362?hash=item56d7be7b8a:m:mZNRHZtWOIaaPOo4Y0CNAfg Paint them black
  8. Spent an hour or so on Saturday cutting the old engine casing open with my Dremel. I managed to recover the crankshaft and polished it up. That will save me approx £30. The piston and liner have had it. Won a piston and liner in France for approx £3, I already have the con rod and ordered a new gudgeon pin. I think that's all I need now to get the engine finished.
  9. Thanks to the help of @speedy_w_beans the RX battery pack I need will soon be on its way from the USA. Whilst the TNX may never run in real anger its nice to have the little bits to make the build stand out.
  10. Its the piece from the MCE kit, I never used it. I think it did have longer bolts but M3 replacements should be easy enough to size up. Yes I will sell it. Yours posted for the same amount you sent me previously for the screws etc.
  11. So the truck now looks like this I still have a few things to sort and I am sure I would have more if I had better close up pictures. Make the wing for the rear of the body Cut out the air hole in the windscreen Cut the body mounts down to size Find some accurate race numbers and the Tamiya logo for the wing I'm ok with the body washers size wise but they could be whiter (these are more a natural nylon colour) so will keep looking Find another set of the MIP CVD's Get someone in the USA who can help purchase the RX battery pack. Almost there!
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