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  1. Great to see someone working on these.
  2. Been away with work and a holiday so progress has been slow. Originally planned to use the black chassis on the donor chassis however a brand new chassis came up on Ebay for just £9. I obviously purchased it and will paint it black for the project car. The old black chassis will now not need to be stripped off the car saving me some work!
  3. Hi all, I am after an original decal No 8 from the 58036 Decal Sheet B. Its one of the three colour decals for the rear wings. I have three reproductions from different sellers and none of the match. Apart from the damaged No 8 the rest on the sheet are perfect. Can anyone assist?
  4. I'm just after the WRC shell now. Wish I had got it years ago!
  5. Will do. I will get it all built up again and we can discuss.
  6. Same here @netsmithUK. Can make it stop only by reducing the window size right down.
  7. So the second Mugen Super Sport arrived from Japan and this afternoon I got them together to take stock The two cars together The left hand green one will yield a load of parts for the right hand car that are needed to make the replica Original Mugen Fuel Filter The correct exhaust. I actually have two now so will probably use the used one and sell on the new one to make back some money The receiver and switch covers and the black chassis plate My restored car below will lose a few bits, namely the engine, pink chassis, pink hardware and eventually the blue shocks Correct Engine (Nova 2000) with the Mugen head and the already painted body So the plan of attack is as follows: Strip down the green car, taking the parts from it I require (chassis, rx and switch cover, fuel filter) Strip down the replica and remove the parts I dont need (pink washers, pink chassis) Refurbish the black chassis and fit to the replica (Strip, sand, repaint) Buy an original Mugen Sport chassis used and fit to the green car. Sell the very rare pink chassis (its actually a limited numbered Mugen Athlete chassis) on Ebay Find someone willing to swap a blue damper set for the original Sport silver ones. Should't be too hard as loads of collectors about. Sell the OS engine from the replica and use the Novarossi Engine Sell the NIB Mugen exhaust on Ebay Sell the green Mugen Sport on Ebay Sort my decal issue. The end goal is to send the body to Mugen in Japan and try and get Koji Sanada to sign the shell.
  8. https://tamiyabase.com/parts/699-50037 https://tamiyabase.com/parts/739-50077
  9. Hi Adam

    May i ask you about the scan of the Clarion GT-R body instructions again? 
    I want to make the body correctly boxart, that's why i'd really appreciate to have a look in it.

    Many thanks in advance



  10. Found the correct Air Filter in the USA. Another item ticked off.
  11. Imagine crashing that, looks very fragile
  12. So the hunt for parts continues. I still need a set of wheels and front tyres. However, whilst browsing I found the optional EFRA exhaust for the car in Italy so purchased it. Its designed for the Mondial motor I have fitted so will be a nice upgrade.
  13. Its a Cox/Testors model. Should have a 0.49 Cox glow engine fitted in the back. Very early days of nitro and most of these were direct from the tether car ranges. They soon realised the plastic wasn't good enough for bashing away from a string. Would be a sin to change it from nitro in my view.
  14. Loads on Ebay UK. Just search for 3mm threaded rod.
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