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  1. My advice would be: Make notes where appropriate. Ask questions and use them to check understanding Get copies of work instructions or standard work to review in your own time at your leisure when you have less pressure.
  2. Hi all, So haven't updated this one for a while. I have been away with work and also had some difficulties with parts, mainly the shock springs. As mentioned previously Tamiya never made these in Silver as a replacement part (like the deck and shock caps) and I have had to get some made specially for the car. They are coming from China, so whilst I wait I sorted out the other shock parts. As they are today Stripped down The yellow springs will go in my TGM parts spares box, ideal for a runner. On the Gold Edition these caps need to be silver and Tamiya have never released them in Silver to buy. So just like the chassis into the Oven Cleaner they go. and then after 30 mins they are washed, cleaned and then rubbed down with 600, 1500 and 2500 grit wet and dry. Once back on the shocks they look ok, maybe some polish needed. as for the car, minus the shocks she is a little low but looking good and without body Just awaiting the new springs to finish and fit the shocks now and she is more or less done. Finished pictures soon.
  3. acprc

    Tamiya TGS XBG Nitro restoration

    Thanks, unlikely I will see another any time soon but a nice addition to the collection
  4. acprc

    Tamiya TGS XBG Nitro restoration

    So today the project was finished. Body came back yesterday and she looks stunning! I hope you liked the thread. Thats all for now on this one.
  5. I buy Tamiya nitro engine screws in bulk from Ebay. I pay £2.89 for 200. Exactly like the originals. I have 2.6mm x 6, 2.6mm x 8 and also Cap head cylinder heads screws in 2.6mm x 12. I have also purchased 3mm zinc washers before and they are exactly the same as the Tamiya ones.
  6. The basic chassis is almost done now. I have just prepped and sprayed the engine heatsink and then the engine can be fitted back onto the chassis. After that it is just the dampers. The caps need to be turned silver like the chassis and silver springs sourced and fitted. Getting there!
  7. So after working the chassis plate through various grits I finished at 2500. I didnt want it polished but more matt looking like the original. Bear in mind this part has never been released by Tamiya and I have never seen one I am happy how it came out. With the chassis done I started to build her back up. More work today but coming along nicely.
  8. Got the pressure plate on the gearbox swapped over, new v old and started to clean the engine. Following the same procedure in my TGS thread.
  9. As the sun was out I thought I would have a go at starting the chassis plate. As mentioned before the Gold Edition uses a silver chassis plate. Tamiya have never released it in silver, you can only get TNX 5.2r chassis plates anodized blue. Took the old used plate Covered it in spray oven cleaner Left it for 20 mins and then scrubbed it. Blue foam! Both sides scrubbed and then rinsed off left me with this and 30 mins with 400 grit wet and dry left me at this point Just needs fine sanding and polishing now. Tyres arrived from Japan so fitted one wheel in
  10. There is something about them, I love mine
  11. Few more bits done: Carrying handle was sanded down, zinc primed and then repainted. New top nuts fitted Gearbox was cleaned. I tend not to take them apart unless something doesn't sound right or feels right when turning the spur. Re-greased as well. The plate that holds the clutch is damaged. Whilst purely cosmetic it is annoying me and will be replaced. and the front and rear diffs were checked and regreased.
  12. acprc

    Display case idea

    LOL, I actually have the 58216 Escort missing but will get it sooner or later. These were the important ones. The Celica bootlid is signed by the original co-driver. The SS and Super Champ are needing the bodies doing and the Audi Quattro needs the body doing as well.Slowly getting on top of the collection and will try and get all of the cars painted in 2019. There are so many that need painting, around 30.